10 Minute School Affiliate Program

There are numerous ways to earn money through affiliate marketing. You can earn money from Bangladesh by affiliate marketing of different products of different websites. E-commerce platform Daraj has been around for quite some time Daraj Affiliate Marketing Coming with the opportunity to make money from the program. Online coaching and education site 10 Minute School also has the opportunity to earn money by affiliate marketing.

If you are an affiliate marketer, the 10 Minute School Affiliate Program can help you earn money. For those who want to earn money by affiliate marketing on local platforms, 10 minute school affiliate program is an ideal choice.

10 Minute School is a popular online education platform that currently offers a variety of courses. By marketing these courses you can get 15% to 20% commission from the cell. Again, there is no problem in withdrawing payment, payment can be taken easily.

Let’s find out what a 10 minute school affiliate program is, details about ways to earn money from this affiliate program.

What is a 10 minute school affiliate program?

What is affiliate marketing?Almost all of you already know about that. However, for those who do not know, I say: helping others to sell through product or service promotion, the means of earning commission on the product sold is called affiliate marketing.

The online education platform 10 Minute School has been working for a long time to spread education easily in Bangladesh. The 10 Minute School has played a vital role in promoting online education in the country. The school is offering 10 minutes of free educational videos, audio, e-books, etc. as well as various types of paid chords and PDF books.

If you participate in the 10 minute school affiliate program, you will be able to sell by running the promotion of those products, you will be able to earn commission from that cell. After opening an account to join the affiliate program, a unique URL or link is provided to run the promotion of each product. The campaign is run by posting this link through various mediums. If someone buys a product using the link of the shared post, they get 15% to 20% commission from there.

Course category

It is possible to earn money by promoting different products in different categories in 10 minute school affiliate program. There are different categories of 10 minute school paid courses, e.g.

  • Spoken English video course
  • Spoken English PDF book
  • Academic courses for students
  • BCS preparation course
  • Freelancing courses
  • Freelancing pdf book
  • Courses on Web Design and Web Development
  • Mobile, Wedding Photography
  • Cartoon drawing and photography
  • Microsoft PowerPoint course

In addition to these courses, the 10 minute school sells a variety of other products. You can earn 10 minutes from school by affiliate marketing of almost every product.

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Affiliate Program Terms

When joining a 10 minute school affiliate program as an affiliate partner, it is important to adhere to certain topics. If you want to earn money from affiliate program, it is mandatory to follow these rules. Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension of your affiliate account by the Ten Minute School authorities. The terms of income from the 10 Minute School Affiliate Program are as follows:

  • Promotional content may not be used for personal purposes
  • No false or misleading information can be used for product promotion
  • An affiliate partner cannot sell or engage in pirated products
  • Failure to bring a sale of at least Rs.100 within first 14 days of affiliate partnership may result in cancellation of affiliate account
  • An affiliate cannot spam another affiliate’s promotional post
  • Use of 10 minutes school name or logo is prohibited in creating affiliate partner group, page or account
  • Of course an affiliate has its own real identity (e.g. NID card According to your identity) or using your own platform to do affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing will be canceled in case of fake affiliate marketing
  • Anyone who clicks on the affiliate link will be considered as a seller within 24 hours of purchasing a product and will receive an affiliate commission.

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Proceeds from the 10 Minute School Affiliate Program

There are several simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for a 10-minute school affiliate program. First you need to open an affiliate account. The product link is then spread through various means to generate sales and commission based on the product sold.

Join the affiliate program

Ways to earn money from the Ten Minute School Affiliate Program

It is very easy to open an affiliate account and apply for joining. No degree or course is required to join the 10 Minute School Affiliate Program. However, from time to time the school organizes courses on digital marketing and other subjects for the affiliates for 10 minutes.

Ten minute school On the website Anyone can fill out the form and apply to join the 10 Minute School Affiliate Program. However, if you are not ready to do affiliate marketing, it is better not to open an account immediately. Because one of the conditions of the 10 minute school affiliate program is to sell the product for at least 100 rupees in the first 14 days, otherwise the account may be declared canceled.

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Running promotions

Once the 10 minute school affiliate account is opened, you will get a unique link or URL for each product. Earnings can be made only if you generate sales by sharing these links through different means. This means that if someone purchases a product using your unique link, you will receive an affiliate commission.

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If you have enough followers on social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc., you can run campaigns through these. You can also use your own website to run campaigns. Even if someone buys a product using the affiliate link provided in the private message, the commission will be received from that product. Facebook page Oh GroupThe best place for affiliate marketing.

Although it is difficult to sell at first, affiliate marketing continues to grow on its own over time. As an affiliate, your job is to promote the product in front of the right audience. The cell will grow over time.


Anyone using your affiliate link can get 15% to 20% commission after purchasing the product. According to the information provided by 10 Minute School, the affiliates of 10 Minute School earn an average of five to twenty five thousand rupees per month. An affiliate can view his earnings account on his affiliate dashboard. Money earned through affiliate marketing can be easily raised through development.

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