How to overcome 404 Not Found on WordPress

The 404 not found error can occur on your WordPress website itself. This problem often arises when your website is in the process of transferring to a different location. In general, WordPress 404 is not found to occur because of an incorrect permalinks configuration on the WordPress website. You too can experience it at unexpected times. This time we will discuss how to solve 404 not found in easy steps. 

How to Overcome the 404 Not Found WordPress 

Before starting the steps to solve the 404 not found, make sure that you have access to the WordPress admin dashboard of your website. Once you have access to the WordPress admin, just follow the guide to overcoming the 404 not found below so that your website returns to normal.

Overcoming WordPress 404 Not Found by Resetting Permalinks

  •  Login to the WordPress Dashboard

Please login to the WordPress admin dashboard. The default login page can be accessed via HTTP: //  Enter your username and password, then click the Log In button.

overcoming wordpress 404 not found

  • Access Settings> Permalinks

On the left side of the dashboard, please select Settings> Permalinks.

error 404

  • Choose a Different General Radio Button Settings

Here you need to select the URL type in Common Settings. Please select a different type from the one you are currently using. After that, please click the Save Changes button to continue.

tombol simpan

In this URL example, the Day and name types are already in use, so you need to select  Post name  (which is not already in use).

pilih url

  • Select Back to Previous Common Settings

In this step, you need to revert the changes that were made. To do this, please select the radio button for the URL type in Common Settings which was previously used on the website. Then click the Save Changes button.

simpan perubahan

(In this example, the URL type chosen is Post name and then returns to the Day and name type )

ubah kembali url


If everything is done, according to the 404 not found troubleshooting steps in this tutorial, the links on your WordPress website should be back to normal. You can access the website and select other links or menus that have been created. The 404 pages not found error should no longer appear. This is a fairly simple way to Fix Errors in WordPress by restoring the corrupted link.

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