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Hello Techtunes folks, how are you all? Is there any other way to stay good with the new topics and services of Techtunes? And in order to keep up with this ever new topic and trend of service, today I came up with a brand new topic with you. And through this tune you will be able to know all the new information.

In this tune, I will discuss five free English translation websites of Quran. By using these web sites you can understand the meaning of Arabic Quran in English.

All of us who practice Islam know that the Qur’an (the holy book of Islam) which Allah has revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). There are 114 surahs in the Qur’an, such as: Al-Fatiha (Introduction), Al-Baqara (Bakna-Basur), Al-Imran (Imran’s Family), An-Nisa (Women), Al-Maeda (Table of Food), Al- There are An’am (domesticated animals) and many more Surahs.

We also know that the Qur’an was revealed in Arabic because the mother tongue of the greatest human being in history, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was Arabic. However, most of us who do not know Arabic find it difficult to fully understand what is being said in the Qur’an. And through the Qur’an we can know about Allah. If you, like me, do not understand the meaning of the Qur’an, then you can easily understand the Qur’an through the web sites mentioned in this tune.

Now, all you have to do is go to these web sites and on this web site you will find 30 paras or 114 suras of Quran together. On these web sites you can read Quran in Arabic as well as its meaning in English. Moreover, you can listen to the audio of Quran recitation through this website. And so as soon as you listen to the audio of the Qur’an, you can see the meaning of that verse from the English translation.

The following are the web sites where you can find translations of the Qur’an in English:

1. Quran Wow

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Quran Wow As you can see from the name, this is a Quran web site, where you can read the translation of Quran in English. Besides English, you can read translations of Quran in Bengali and many other languages. Moreover, you can listen to the audio of each verse.

On this web site, you will find all the paragraphs of the Quran together. However, by default, Al-Fatiha (Introduction) Surah will be loaded and you can track the number of verses you are reading by right-clicking on each verse. And on this web site you can see the Arabic Quran by default and its English translation on the right side.

Also, you can search using other languages ​​including Arabic, Bengali or English by clicking on the search bar. And the most important thing is the bookmark feature because it allows you to save the last verse you read and continue reading from there. You can read Quran by changing language, display mode, Quran font, color scheme etc. by clicking on the setting icon above.

2. Clear Quran

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Clear Quran Is another website for English translation of Quran. On this web site, you can not only read the translation of Quran in English but also listen to the audio of English translation. Also, you can download apps, audio and text files for offline reading.

Before reading the translation of the Quran, you can read by selecting different modes. The mods that you will find on this web site are: Edition God, Edition Allah, Videos, and Scenic Videos. And you can read all the surahs of Quran in English translation.

You can also switch from one surah to another from the drop down menu at the top. However, if you want to read Quran in Arabic and English from this web site, then click on the Arabic / English button from the top menu. In addition to these, you can enjoy many more features including listening to Quran recitation, recitation of verses, auto scroll.

3. The Noble Quran

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The Noble Quran Is another free web site for reading Quran translation in English. When you visit this website, you will find that the best thing is that the quick links of 114 suras are very beautifully arranged.

You can open any surah directly from here and read simultaneously in Arabic and English. Through this website you will be able to listen to the audio of the verse you are reading which was not on the previous Quran web site. You can also read the recitations of different writers in different languages ​​of the world including English and Bengali by clicking on the setting icon in the upper right corner.

4. Quranful

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Quranful As soon as you visit the web site Quran Wow You will see the same interface as the web site, and using this web site you will be able to read Arabic Quran as well as English translation.

After visiting this web site, you will see the name of the surah at the top of the home page. Clicking on it will bring up the drop down menu of all suras. From there you can easily go from one surah to another. You can also read Quran verses as well as play Quran audio at the same time.

And when you go to Settings, you can change the display mode (Arabic, English, Arabic-English as well). You can also change the Arabic recitation and read the Quran easily.

5. Noble Quran

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Noble Quran Is an online platform where you can read translations of Quran in English. On the left side of this website you will find a list of Surahs of the whole Quran. You can also easily scroll through different suras.

You can also read Daily Hadith, Islamic books and sermons of various Imams from this website. And if you just want to read Quran in English then you can read from this web site. Because whenever you open any surah, you can see the translation of Quran in English. This way you can easily read the whole Qur’an and know about Allah, which you may not have known before.

Last word

I will tell you, you must read Quran from Mushaf (printed Quran). However, if you do not understand the Arabic Quran then you can read the English meaning of the Quran using the above web site. Remember that all these English translations have been done by people (great scholars) and their translation will be exactly like what Allah says but not. . So as soon as you read any translation, you need to know the explanation from a good scholar, otherwise you may misunderstand the Qur’an.

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