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Are you looking for a text messaging app that is free and secure? If you are looking for an open source text messaging application like this, then today’s tune has been made for you.

One of the most popular ways to stay connected to a person or your family or friends is to text. However, even if the text message is already on your mobile, it may not be your choice. Because if the Built-in SMS App on your Android mobile is made by Google, then in this case it may not be your choice. The text messaging apps that we see on smartphones right now are usually Google apps. And maybe that’s why you don’t like the built-in SMS app on your mobile.

Interestingly, there are now a lot of secure and open source applications that you can choose from instead of those apps on your mobile. Today’s tune lists the 6 best free and open source software for Android phones.

১. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is one of the most popular open source mobile messenger applications for Android phones. You do not even have to pay to use this app. That is, this app is completely free. So if you want an application that is completely free, then Signal Private Messenger app can be a great alternative application for you. An application that does not charge you for sending messages.

The Signal Private Messenger app allows you to have conversations, group chats, send photos, make voice calls and make video calls. With this you can change a lot of things inside the Signal Private Messenger app, including Emoji. In addition to this app you will get an additional benefit from other apps, and that is the Read Receipts setting. I really like that setting.

The Signal app is a completely open-source software. The Signals app is peer-reviewed and not blocked by any major tech company. And that’s why the credibility of this app is much higher in terms of privacy. Because this app is open source, anyone can see the code of this app and if any app violates any privacy, it can be handed over to any developer. This app will allow you to securely communicate with the Internet through powerful end-to-end encryption protocols.

Although WhatsApp allows us to exchange messages in an end-to-end encryption process, WhatsApp is not an open source software. And because the Signal Private Messenger app communicates your messages in an end-to-end encryption process, no one else will be able to intercept your messages or conversations.

Where you go, what you do, who you’re talking to, etc. But Signal doesn’t do any business.

Signal Private Messenger

Official Download @ Signal Private Messenger



The QKSMS app is a user-friendly and fast messaging app for Android phones. This app supports SMS, MMS and group chat and it keeps your chatting in an end-to-end encryption process with data protection.

It is a free and open source software. There are no ads in this app and there are no hidden features in this app that could harm your privacy. Since the QKSMS app is an open source software, it cannot contain any hidden programming.

The QKSMS app is unique from other apps because it allows you to track the messages you send so that they can be delivered correctly. With this app you can back up your conversations. So if something happens, you can get back to the messages you sent and not lose them.

Also, this app will let you schedule your sent messages. That is, you can write a message now and set it to be sent at any time or day. In this case, it may be best to send someone a happy birthday message. Many times we don’t remember to send birthday greetings to our close friends. In this case, if you have already written a message and scheduled it as Schedule Message, then the automatic message will be sent to that specific day and time.


Official Download @ QKSMS

. Wickr Me

Wickr Me – Private Messenger

Like all other apps, the Wickr Me app is a privacy-focused app for encrypting text messages you send, video calls or file sharing. This free app is open source software, so this app can’t hide anything from you and use it on its own. Because this app is in open source air, any developer will understand its coding. And in this case, if there is any such hidden program in this app, then everyone will understand.

There is no problem with any kind of advertising on this messaging platform. In addition, there is no hidden feature in this app, by which they will use your information to make money like a spy. This app is further advanced in terms of your security of security because they do not store the messages you send to any of their central servers and never keep them permanently.

The Wickr Me app features “secret chat” through an end-to-end encryption process. You do not even need your mobile number or email address to register with this app. Which is why I really like this app so much.

The Wickr Me app has the option to send messages via Self-Destruct Timer. That is, if you send a message to a person, you can set the duration of that message. In that case if the person cannot read the message within that time, then after that time the message will be automatically deleted. In that case, the message will be deleted from your device and its device. Although this feature is seen in almost all Secure messaging apps today, it can be said to be an additional feature for the Wickr Me app.

Wickr Me

Official Download @ Wickr Me

৪. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is another ad free and open source Android Texting software. This app lets you send pictures, make audio recordings and send videos. Also the thing that you will like the most when using this app is that you can save a number with different names in an unlimited way. That is, you are texting one person, and you can write the other person’s name there. You can also create different themes for each person, and you can do it completely on your own.

Pulse SMS is one of the best free Scheduler app among Android applications. An app that lets you send a message for a later date. That is, you can now write down a message and set it to be sent any day later.

This app is much better than the default SMS app on your mobile. Where you can get all the messages in one place through this app. For example, you will be able to view messages from Unread messages that you have not yet read. You can also save a message in an archive if you want and view it later. All in all, in terms of various features, I think this app will be better than the text messaging app in the default way on your mobile.

Pulse SMS is connected to a complete Google voice, which allows you to send a message from your Gmail or phone using Gmail. Even if the person is not available at the moment, you can use it to make phone calls instead of SMS.

Pulse SMS

Official Download @ Pulse SMS

৫. Simple SMS Messenger

Simple SMS Messenger

Simple SMS Messenger is an open source software. This very small application lets you send and receive messages on your Android device. This messaging app also has a search function, which will help you to find a message very quickly.

It is completely ad-free and allows you to add different media to your texts. You can send a photo, video or a voice message to a person using this app. The Simple SMS Messenger app lets you create groups with other users and send messages between those groups. With the help of this app, you can add some of your required numbers to the Black List and you can also block messages from them.

This app is also capable of sending MMS or Multimedia Message. The app also supports both static or static images, animated GIF images and images taken from your device or downloaded from the Internet.

Simple SMS Messenger

Official Download @ Simple SMS Messenger

৬. Element


Element (formerly Riot.im) is a free and open source messaging app. The app has encrypted features for messaging like all other apps. This app protects you from all unwanted ads and your data mining, while it protects all your messages with end-to-end encryption.

Also, this app is based on Matrix Open Source Framework and has its own hosting and support to give maximum protection and ownership of your data. Since this app supports Self Hosting, you will have complete control of all your data. This app also supports PFS or Perfect Forward Secrecy and Two-step verification. Through which the security of your account will be strong enough.

This messaging app will let you manage your messages more efficiently than ever before. You can use this app to make voice calls or share your screen. This way you can use the Element app to share your files and securely while chatting in Real Time. So, if you are looking for a free alternative app like the WhatsApp, then the Element app might be a great choice for you.

Also, the Element app lets you synchronize your data across multiple devices. In this case, your messages will be completely saved instantly and you will get them back at any time from where you left off. For example, when you go to send a message to someone, you suddenly cut off the app without sending the message to him. In this case, due to the synchronize facility in the app, those articles will be stored there in that condition.


Official Download @ Element

Keep texting with these free and open source SMS apps

You can use any one of the 6 free and open source Android applications mentioned in today’s tune. Depending on your preference, you can use Signal Private Messenger, Simple SMS Messenger or any of the four apps listed in this tune.

I hope you have found one of these useful apps for your Android phone today. And if not, you can choose an alternative app. Especially if you have a more specific need, such as the option to bulk or bulk text message. However, if you use the applications mentioned in this tune today, it will take your messaging experience one step further than before.

Then you can use these applications as you like.

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