9 Benefits Of Cash Account That You Need To Know

Mobile banking services of Bangladesh Postal Department are cash. Competing with market leader bKash, this mobile banking service is providing all the extraordinary opportunities. Especially using the cash app, it is possible to make good use of all the offers and benefits of cash. Here are 9 benefits of a cash account that you need to know.

Account opening is easy

Quite easily to any number on any mobile operator in the country Cash account Self registration can be done. The process of creating a cash account is quite simple as it is a postal service. Cash account can be launched by setting up PIN in just two steps. This facility of cash account opening can be enjoyed by dialing cash USSD code * 16 #.

Again, it is very easy to create a cash account using the app. After opening the account, by scanning both the sides of the NID card and updating the KYC, the cash account becomes active.

Send money free!

Send money of any amount from Cash app is completely free. This means that there is no charge for sending money from one cash number to another. As a result Send money cost There is no need to think about this in case of sending money in cash.

To send money from cash app:

  • Enter the Cash app and select Send Money
  • Enter the phone number and amount of money in the cash account of the person you want to send money to
  • Provide a one word reference
  • Complete the send money process by providing cash PIN number

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Cash out charge is low

Cash out charge on other mobile banking accounts, e.g. Development account Much less than If you cash out using the cash app, a charge of Tk 11.49 per thousand is applicable. If you cash out using USSD code, you will be charged a cash out charge of Tk 14.94 per thousand. Compared to other popular mobile banking services, the cash out charge is much lower.

Cash out charge of Rs 9.99 per thousand is shown in various advertisements This cash out charge of Rs 9.99 per thousand is actually a cash out charge without VAT. In fact the cash cash out charge is mentioned above.

Discounts and offers

There are always different types of discounts and offers in cash. Some of the notable cash offers and discounts that are currently running are:

  • Up to 50% Cashback on Mobile Recharge at Grameenphone, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, Banglalink
  • 10% discount on NOVOAIR
  • Up to 75% discount on Go Zayaan
  • Up to 50% discount on subscription to Charki streaming service
  • Instant cashback up to 30% on cash payments at Ovai
  • For the first time in Lanka Bangla, 10% cashback on bill payment

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In addition to these offers and discounts, you can learn about different types of regular deals in the cash app. You can find out about the ongoing offers by entering the Cash app and tapping on the notification bell in the top right corner.

Bill pay free

Cash Mobile Banking’s “Bill Pay” service allows you to pay bills for electricity, gas, water, internet, telephone and many other services at no extra cost. Since cash bill pay is completely free, there is no need to calculate any additional cost in case of bill payment.

Again, since there is an opportunity to pay the bill from the mobile, you don’t have to stand in line and pay the bill, which is a great advantage. Bills of various non-government organizations including various government services can also be paid through cash without any additional fee.


Many users are unaware of the profit or interest that accrues on a cash account balance. Profits will be available for cash balances ranging from Rs 1,000 to a maximum of Rs 300,000. If there is a fixed balance in the cash account at the end of each month, a certain amount of profit can be obtained from cash at the end of the year. To get a profit based on cash balance, you need to have the “Profit” feature of Cash Account enabled. However, if you do not want to take this interest, you can keep it off.

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Covid-19 test fee paid

Covid-19 test fee can be paid in cash at low cost. Covid-19 can be tested by paying cash bill for only 100 rupees. On the other hand, passengers traveling abroad can pay a fee of Rs 1,500 for Covid-19 test. Both the app and the USSD code, the Covid-19 test fee can be made major.

Note that this service is currently only available in Dhaka and Chittagong. The cash authority said the service would be available across the country in phases.

Cash Islamic Account

Want to do mobile banking in accordance with Islamic restrictions? Any cash customer can enjoy the benefits of Cash Islamic Account. Cash can be easily converted to an Islamic account by tapping on the account type.

The above mentioned profit feature will not be available in cash Islamic accounts. Cash Islamic account has the opportunity to use all the features of Cash from the normal app. Cash Islamic account status, transaction limit, applicable fees can be enjoyed just like a normal account.

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Cash app

Cash app

Not to mention the cash app in all of the cash services. The user interface of Cash app is very smooth. When you enter the cash app, you will see all the features neatly arranged. There is a nice feature to view the balance at the top of the app.

The bottom menu of the app has four tabs called Home, Transactions, People, My Cash which contains all the necessary information and features of the cash app. The user interface of the cash app is so basic that anyone using it for the first time will have no problem using the cash app.

Do you use cash? How about cash services?

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