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How are you all? Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. I hope you understand what I will share with you today by looking at the title of my tune.

Yes, you got it right, today I will show you how to connect your phone to PC wirelessly. Then let’s come to the real word without delay.

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AirMore Cross Platform is an application that allows you to connect your smartphone to a computer and transfer files without the help of any cable. As a result, you no longer have to worry about finding the cable. All you have to do is open your computer’s web browser and go to AirMore’s web site and open the AirMore app installed on your smartphone and show it on the web site. Scanning the barcode will automatically connect you. Below we will learn about all the features of AirMore.

Features of AirMore at a glance

  • Media management
  • Advantages of communication
  • Practical feature
  • Assurance of security

A detailed description of all the features is discussed below.

Media management

You have all the media on your device AirMore With the help of which you can manage, below the type of media is discussed in detail.

  • Music: You can use this app to quickly and easily transfer your music files from mobile to PC. You can also organize, delete, move, etc. your music files.
  • Video: You can transfer video files from your mobile to PC and take video files from PC to your mobile. You can also play video files directly in your browser.
  • Photo: You can see all your photos in a more beautiful way, through the slide show function you can see your photos in a faster and clearer way. Also, you can easily import, export and delete photos.
  • App Manager: With AirMore’s powerful app manager feature, you can take full control by installing and uninstalling apps on your Android phone. This allows you to easily delete malware files. Also, you can backup the installed app and share it with your friends.
  • Documents: You can add different types of files through AirMore, such as: Text, Word, Excel, Epub and PDF. Moreover, you can transfer documents to any file or folder through the drag and drop feature.

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Advantages of communication

You can view all kinds of communication data of your device directly on your PC, such as call list, message, contract etc. The details are discussed below.

  • Call list: With this app you can view, edit and backup all the data in your call log in the browser.
  • Contract: You can add, edit and delete your contracts with this feature. You can also take your experience one step further with bigger skin and better views.
  • Massage: With AirMore you can send, forward and delete messages with one click. Also, group chat can be done more quickly through the browser.

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Practical feature

Here you will find some unstable features, such as: screenshot, real time display, etc. The details are discussed below.

  • Screenshot: With just one click you can take your skinshort. And you can save this skinshort or copy it to the clipboard and send it to someone else.
  • File Manager: AirMore It has a powerful file manager that allows you to quickly access your files. You can also create, move and delete new files at your convenience. It also has some more features which are discussed below.
  • Real time display With this feature you can see the skin on your mobile on your PC. If you want to see your photos on a big screen, or enjoy mobile games on PC, you can do it with one click with the help of AirMore app.

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Assurance of security

Transferring files through it is 100% secure, as it provides file transfer services using WiFi and HTTPs technology. The details are discussed below.

  • Through WiFi Using wireless technology, you can securely transfer your Android and iOS files from PC to mobile and from mobile to PC. In this case, you need to give permission to AirMore app to access your files.
  • Via HTTPs AirMore shares files through HTTPs supported web sites while transferring your files. AirMore file transfer is the same as Facebook and Dropbox file transfer because both use the same technology to provide your services, so feel free to transfer files.

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The way AirMore Transfer files with

First you need to have a smartphone and PC internet connection. Then, if you are using an Android smartphone Go to this link and download the app Or if you use an iOS smartphone Download the app with this link Install it as per the rules.

Once the app is installed on your smartphone, 80% of your work is complete, because you do not need to install any software for your PC. Just scan the barcode and your smartphone will automatically connect to the PC.

And file transfer is very easy, anyone can use this app to transfer files. However, I will show you how to transfer files from PC to smartphone and from smartphone to PC.

We hope you have already installed it. Once installed, open the AirMore app, when you open it you will see the following interface.

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Now, AirMore Web Go to this link, go to the link and you will see the following interface. Now you can scan the barcode shown on the skin of the computer from your smartphone using the AirMore app, you will see the interface like the picture shown below. techtunes 7d5ab68ed1a0787eec7ce6bf87aab05c

Once scanned, your smartphone and PC will automatically connect, and when connected, you’ll see the following interface.

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Now you can see all the information in the file on your phone and you can see the file according to the category of your content from the left side panel.

Now we will discuss how to transfer files. First show how to transfer files from your smartphone to PC. Left click the mouse on the file or folder you want to transfer to PC and you will see the following interface.

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You can easily download your desired file by clicking on the place marked in red above.

And now show how to transfer files from your PC to smartphone. For that you have to select the “Import” option from the browser, if you select this option you will see two new options – Import Files and Import Folder. If you transfer files, select Import Files and if you transfer folders, select Import Folder. Notice the image below.

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You can easily transfer your desired files and folders from PC to smartphone.

Some words

AirMore Just as there are many good aspects to the app, there are also some bad aspects. So the good side of it is simple user interface, cross platform support and no need to install any additional apps on PC which I personally like very much.

The downside is that you can’t transfer files without an internet connection, and your file transfer speed depends on your internet speed. This means that the higher your internet speed, the higher the transfer speed.

So far today, if you have any questions, ask at Tunement, Join Tune, Share Tune, and stay with Techtunes.

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