How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Complete Guideline

As you are an affiliate marketer, you will get a commission by marketing and selling other people’s products. That is, you have no product, the product belongs to someone else. You will sell his product, in return, you will receive a commission of that product. Nowadays, every marketer heard the words “Amazon Affiliate Marketing” and “Niche Site”.

It is a very popular sales strategy to increase product sales online. And Amazon is not far behind. They have created a program to increase the sales of the products on their site. It is one of the oldest affiliate programs online. They have been successfully managing it for almost a decade. And since you are following my blog, I can assume that you have some idea about this. If you are interested in Amazon Affiliate Marketing but do not have a detailed idea about it then this article is for you. Let’s get started.

What is Amazon?

Who doesn’t know Amazon? Then for those who don’t know, Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website. On July 4, 1994, Amazon launched in Washington, DC. The founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. Initially, Amazon only sells books through its website, but now it sells all kinds of daily necessities. But do you know how many products are sold every day?

More than 2 crores !!! It is said to be the largest e-commerce website in the world.

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

In Simple, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a process where you promote one or more of Amazon’s products online on your website or blog. If you drive a customer through your promotion, you will get a commission from there. How much commission?? that depends on your sales volume.

For example, The sale price of a TV on Amazon is 5,000$. Now you have a website where you tell your audience that this TV is pretty good. You gave details about that TV on the website. Then if someone from your website goes to Amazon and buys that TV, you will get a commission amount from there. Let’s say it’s 4%, that is, if someone buys a product for 5,000, you will get 2০০$ from there.

There are thousands of affiliate programs online – why Amazon?

There is no such online e-commerce website with so many collections of products like Amazon. In other words, the number of their products is huge, so there is more opportunity to promote.

আম্যাজন এর লোগো

Have you ever noticed the Amazon logo? See, an arrow is seen from A to Z. This means they have everything from A to Z.

You can promote and sell whatever you like in billions of products. Some items are not available Associates, except for those.

Amazon is one of the most trusted brands online. People should not think of being cheated before buying anything here. They will not go anywhere with people’s money. So if you like a product, people will buy it if the budget matches, don’t worry.

And the most interesting thing about Amazon is that the product you’re promoting is not just a commission if you sell it. If you send Mr. Tom to Amazon to buy a Doll, Amazon will give you commission even if he buys shrimp without buying Doll. Amazon will also give you a commission if he buys the whole month’s product within 24 hours.

This means that if you send someone to Amazon, whatever they buy within 24 hours, you will get a commission.

How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, you can do amazon affiliate marketing in 3 ways. However, it is best to work with niche sites and you’ll have the opportunity to earn more profit.

What is an Amazon Niche Site?

In this model, you have to create a website, which can be called a niche site. Niche means small category. For example, sports and outdoor are very big categories, but badminton is a niche. Niche sites can be of different types, Travel, Tech, Health These are known as Broad Niche. Hiking in travel, camping, Tech, mobile, camera, headphones can be a sub-niche.

Again some are multi-niche websites. This type of website reviews all categories of products including kitchen, travel, home improvement. However, after the recent EAT update on Google (Expertise + Authority + Trustworthiness), many experts are saying to avoid creating multi-niche sites.

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You need to have one or more main buying keywords for a niche site, these will be your trump cards. Search volume for the main keyword must be at least 720. The maximum earning of your entire site will be through this keyword.

In addition, you can use 4-5 secondary buying keywords. These keywords search volumes start from one and a half hundred and above which you can be happy.

There will be some individual product review keywords. For example – “iPhone eleven Plus Review” can be an individual product review keyword. It’s not mandatory. I feel comfortable using more informational keyword targeted content than such keywords.

Here are some examples of niche sites –


You can also do Amazon affiliate marketing through YouTube. If your video quality is not guaranteed, then it is better not to do Amazon’s work through YouTube. Because when Amazon reviews the channel, if the account is banned due to low-quality video, there is nothing to do.

But if you can make good quality videos with quality voice over or talk in front of the camera yourself, then you are most welcome.

Amazon Store

In this way, you will have a website just like an e-commerce store. You can show Amazon products here, people can take the product cart just like a normal e-commerce site. When he goes to the payment page, he will be redirected to Amazon’s payment page. He will pay there and you will get the commission.

Basically, the Amazon Store website has to deal with paid traffic. So if you are not a boss in paid targeting, you should not work with this type of site. I don’t have first hand experience with such a site, so I can’t give too much information.

Of the methods I mentioned above, the easiest and best way is to make a niche site. This is how I do it and this is how Maximum Amazon Affiliate Marketer works.

What is passive income?

Those who are rambling in the online marketing community may be familiar with the term “passive income“. It is possible to make passive income from Amazon affiliates.

But what does passive income mean? If you want to know the meaning of passive income, you need to know about “active income” first.

Active Income

To put it bluntly, active income means “remuneration for the work you do.” Let’s say you work in graphics design. After completing a job in 3 hours, you get paid 30 Dollars, this is your active income. In addition, the remuneration you receive at the end of the month working in your office also Active Income. Most of our income is active income.

Some disadvantages of active income

  • Active income is not flexible
  • You need to be dependent on others to get paid.
  • Active income is limited and specified amounts.

Passive income

Passive income is a kind of earning system in which you don’t have to always stick to”. As a practical example, you build a house and then divide it into 5 rooms for 5 renters. You don’t have to do much more than collect rental money to earn.

This is an excellent example of passive income offline. Affiliate marketing, online courses, ebooks, stock photos, etc. are also popular among the various passive income systems online.

Some benefits of passive income

  • You have to pay a certain amount of time, talent, money, and labor until the source of income is started, then you just have to maintain it.
  • You don’t always have to be linked with it.
  • Complete freedom of time and money is available.
  • You can earn more with less effort than active income.
  • You don’t have to depend on anyone.

Although no one knows where the word passive income originated from, many people think that the famous affiliate marketer Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, a famous website for passive income.

Who can do “Amazon Affiliate Marketing”?

This is a very important point, for whom is “Amazon Affiliate Marketing”? Can you do it? It is normal to think of such questions. Because just scattering screenshots of income around, which is enough to confuse newcomers.

Before building a career in Amazon Affiliate Marketing you need to be sure if you really want to do it. Because Amazon affiliate marketing is not a method that you can learn to earn thousands of dollars at the end of the first month. This is a long process and in some cases, money is also needed here. However, if you have some personal experience, this cost can be greatly reduced for you.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is primarily for those who are interested in online and digital marketing. I believe that anyone can make a good income through Amazon Affiliate Marketing with enough interest, a lot of desire to learn, and a fair amount of knowledge of English.

What to know

The most important thing for Amazon affiliate marketing is SEO. Having a little idea about SEO means you are half ahead of anyone. Another important thing is to know English. However, it is not mandatory. If you are good at English, you can write your own content/article and this can help you reduce the cost.

Since you will have a website for Amazon affiliate marketing, it is better to have a basic idea about website design.

What amount of time you have to give

At the beginning of the article, I made it clear that Amazon affiliate marketing is not a way to make thousands of dollars in a short time. If you want to build a career in affiliate marketing, you have to stick to it. In my opinion, for an income of-300-500 from a site through affiliate marketing, you should spend 3-4 hours a day for a minimum of 1 year.

In my personal experience, you have to wait 3-4 months for the first earning from a website (it is more / less in some cases) then it is possible to scale up this income and take it to-300-500 in 6-7 months.

Amazon Commission Structure

If you sell any Amazon product through your website, you will get a% commission from there. This is the income of Amazon Affiliate Marketer. However, the commission of all products is not the same. Let’s look at the picture below

Amazon commission
This is the% of commission according to the product category.
Suppose you promote furniture items including sofas, cushions, office chairs on your website.  An audience went through your website and bought a sofa worth 200$ from Amazon. Then you will get 18$ commissions at 6%. You can know more details from here.

What things do you need to create an Amazon Niche site?

  • Perfect Niche Research
  • Doing keyword research
  • Buying domain-hosting
  • Website design
  • Product selection
  • Publish reviews/content
  • Do SEO to rank the website on Google or other search engines.

To create a niche site on an Amazon affiliate, you need to select a niche at the beginning. You should select a perfect niche that is not so competitive. Baby Strollers, Fishing These are considered super competitive niches. Try to find the niche of some uncommon and low competition.

You should give more time to do niche research in the beginning. One of the things I personally focus on during niche research is that not to use seasonal niche. In other words, if your niche or topic is seasonal, then you can make a good income from the site at a certain time of the year.

For example, Americans do hiking in the summer. So hiking is a seasonal niche. If you are working with this niche you can more money in the summer season. But in other seasons of the year, you cant earn much like summer.
You have to select the niche and get the domain and hosting from a good company. My choice in this regard is Namecheap (you can contact me if you need help buying domain hosting) domain. You should design the site beautifully and SEO-friendly. If you want you can buy a premium theme from Theme Forest. I use the Elementor on my website. However, you can also work on a free theme.
Next, you need to find the product you want to work on your niche.
Right after that, keyword research, finding low competitive keywords will come. This is not a very easy task, it is true, but not impossible. Try to find keywords that are low competitive and have fair search volume. In this case, you can take the help of an expert if you want, or you can outsource this part.

Next, publish a review article on low/medium competitive keywords. Focus on the info article too. This will help you to bring much organic from Google.

Lastly, Do proper on-page and off-page SEO to rank your website in a better position on Google.

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