Bangladeshi freelancing site ‘Kajkhunji’ came with all the great benefits

Another popular profession of the present time Freelancing Or freelance. Many young Bangladeshis are working successfully in various freelancing sites or marketplaces by capitalizing on their skills and creativity. But many newcomers to the crowd of freelance marketplaces, large and small Freelancer Can’t figure out which marketplace he will start working on, which marketplace will be good for him, what job will he get at all েবে think about this.

The good news, however, is that (, a freelancing platform in mother tongue Bengali, has been launched for online professionals in Bangladesh.

What is a freelance marketplace?

Marketplaces or freelancing sites are basically a means of connecting between buyers and freelancers or Website Acts as. This means that buyers from different parts of the world are looking for experienced and skilled freelancers to do the work they need.

That is, a buyer posts a job / project for a specific job. Out of the many freelancers in different parts of the world who are interested in doing that work, he finds a qualified freelancer to do his job and hires him. In many cases, in addition to job postings, buyers look for freelancers’ profile information or in other ways to find qualified freelancers for their job.

A freelancer receives a fixed amount of money from a buyer for a given job. In short, the freelancing site or marketplace is the means by which a buyer can get his required work done with a freelancer for a fixed fee.

What is the benefit of working in the domestic marketplace?

Almost every marketplace has some differences in the type of work, payment method. Many small and big countries Freelancing site From there, freelancers get various jobs according to their skills. However, in the crowd of various freelancing sites, new freelancers often do not understand which one to start working on. There are also many skilled freelancers who are proficient in a particular subject but do not have a good command of English so they cannot do the job due to lack of communication despite knowing how to do the job.

Besides, there are many freelancing sites where Bangladeshi payment gateways do not support freelancers to withdraw money, so they have to bring money in some other way by charging a lot of money. This results in the loss of a large amount of foreign exchange every year.

There are many businessmen in our country who hire different people to do a lot of work in their daily life. E.g. Graphics designPoster Design, Photography, Data entry etc. But many a times employers, that is, those who give jobs, do not find anyone they like, so their work is not done well.

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There are a lot of dishonest people out there who start making excuses after getting their work done. This will be given today, tomorrow, in the afternoon. As a result, the freelancer’s time and labor were wasted, and secondly, the hatred towards freelancing was created.

Therefore, with the solution of thousands of such problems, a freelancing platform “Kajkhunji” has been launched in the country. The main feature of this site is that it is made entirely in Bengali language. And all the employers here, that is, those who will give jobs, are Bangladeshis, so there will be no problem of communication.

By working here you can gradually learn English and prepare yourself for the international market. Even if you don’t know good English right now, you can use your skills. So it will have two benefits for you. One, you can get the job right now according to skill. Second, you can become financially well-off and acquire other skills such as communicative English from a training institute.

The advantage of working on a job search platform

1. Communication

2. Payment guarantee

3. Gig Publish

Bangladeshi freelancing site 'Kajkhunji' came with all the great benefits


The first thing that comes to our mind is freelancing site Upwork, Fiber, Etc. But in order to get a job or work in those sites, we must have good skills in English. Almost all the buyers there are foreigners, with whom we must speak English.

There are many freelancers in our country who can’t speak English but they have enough skills in that subject which makes English language a barrier between their skills and work. or kajkhunji website is in complete mother tongue Bengali. Everyone here is Bangladeshi so there will be no problem with communication.

Payment facility

A freelancer will be able to take his money through Bangladeshi Payment Gateway. Jobseeker usually holds the payment request for 48-62 hours so that if the employer finds any problem in the work done by him, he can get it done again with that freelancer. And finding work, they process payments through transparent means. A freelancer can see in advance how much money will be credited to his account after completing a job. So you can finish a job or milestone and understand its payment and move on to the next job.

You can withdraw money from job search like mobile financial services Development, Cash, Rocket Etc. and on banking channels. PayPal, Pioneer Or other foreign services will not be needed here.

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Gig Publish

Usually a successful freelancer does not make money just by doing projects / jobs. He earns a lot of money by selling his gig or service which we do Fiber gig I can see if I notice. So the most popular feature is the job search freelancing platform.

Here a freelancer can post in the form of a gig in advance any work that he has already done or is skilled in that job. By doing this a buyer / employer can easily buy this service / gig of his. In addition, if the employer wants, he can chat with the freelancer in advance about this service / gig.

Freelancing sites are now one of the largest markets in the world, with billions of dollars being traded. Freelancers also bring a large amount of foreign currency to our country.

The job search team is dreaming that their Bangladeshi freelancing site will one day compete in the world market. Those already Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr Working on sites like this or wanting to start, if everyone is a little active on these sites as well as Bangladeshi freelancing sites, then the creators of the site hope that this will be positive for the local platform. It may also be a good solution to the unemployment problem. Please visit And the life of free profession started in Bengali language.

Have you ever worked in a Bangladeshi freelancing site? Let us know your experience in the comments!

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