Be aware of its means to avoid Facebook hacking

Hacking a Facebook account is a common occurrence. We regularly hear about the hacking of the IDs of family or friends. Now the question is why Facebook ID is hacked? And who or what and how to hack Facebook ID? In this post we will try to find the answers to those questions.

Let’s find out the main ways to hack Facebook account. In addition to the means to hack your Facebook account, we will learn more about how to protect your Facebook account from these.


Most Facebook accounts are hacked through phishing. In case of hacking Facebook account through phishing, webpage is used to look exactly like Facebook. In order to see these real phishing webpage login information of Facebook account, i.e. email / phone and password is requested. After providing these two important information of login on Facebook, the provided information reaches the hacker. Hacker saves login information for use.

If you forget to provide Facebook login information on a phishing page in this way, the security of the account is immediately lost.

The biggest problem with account hacking by phishing is that a user does not know that his account has been hacked. Unless the hacker is changing or posting some information about the account, it is difficult to understand that the Facebook account has been hacked through phishing.

Although Facebook phishing is a serious problem, keeping your Facebook account safe from phishing is not a difficult task. To avoid phishing, do not click on the link of any tempting offer message or email. Email addresses sent by Facebook authorities include, these domains.

You can see any important information about the Facebook account by entering the Facebook app or So do not provide password or login information without clicking on any link and checking the address of that link.

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Key-logging is another fancy hacking method in the technology world. Even a tech expert can struggle to understand the existence of a key-logging virus. A key-logging program basically saves all the information typed on any device, such as computer, mobile or tablet.

This saved information is stolen and passed on to hackers, including bank details, passwords or other confidential information. Most of the time the key-logger virus enters the computer during the installation of any software or via email.

Since key-logger is an invisible virus, its existence is difficult to detect. Your device has been infected with the key-logger virus for a long time, but you never know. Always use two-step verification to avoid key-logger. Even if the hacker gets your login info, it is unique Two-factor authentication Cannot provide code, so your information will be secure at least somewhat.

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Don’t forget to install system updates on any device. System updates contain the latest viruses and malware to prevent security updates, so it is not advisable to avoid system updates. If you want, you can use encryption software, which will encrypt every letter typed on the keyboard. You can also use antivirus software on your computer. Most key-logger viruses can be avoided by refraining from installing cracked or pirated software.

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Password Manager

Currently almost all smartphones have the option to save the password, so that the user does not have to provide the password manually. Although this password manager does not require you to provide a password every time you login, you should be careful to enjoy this benefit for security reasons.

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Logging into a Facebook account from a public network can be a victim of sidejacking. Sidejacking is mainly due to carelessness. In the case of a sidejacking attack, a hacker steals the user’s access to the website, allowing the hacker to disguise the user during the session.

Sidejacking is also known by various names, such as session hacking, cookie hacking, etc. This invalid entry is mainly due to stolen cookies. To be safe from this, refrain from logging in to Facebook or any other online account from another’s computer or device.


Also, before you let someone else use your phone or PC, think about whether you can trust them. Sometimes another person may install the virus on your PC or phone due to ignorance.

Banglatech has a dedicated post about how to understand and what to do if Facebook account is hacked. The post discusses the issues that can be noticed if the Facebook account is hacked. This post also discusses the reasons for hacking a Facebook account.

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What have we learned from all this Facebook hacking? Very easy! Mobile phones should never be handed over to anyone without caution. It is better not to use public networks, avoid them if possible. Being caught by a hacker can lead to serious privacy violations. In that case, take the necessary steps.

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