The Best 100+ Infographic Submission Sites 2021

The infographic is a visual image that contains data like charts and other information. An infographic can reach a huge audience than content if it is created correctly and shared with the top 100+ Infographic Submission Sites 2021

Infographics are very popular these days because they contain all the necessary info in an easy-to-digest format. This makes them perfect for social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. People share infographics on their feeds to educate their friends or promote brands/products

The popularity of infographics has led to many companies providing free tools for making them or doing it yourself by following step-by-step instructions from Us.

What is an Infographic?

An infographic is a visual representation of information, data, or knowledge. It can use different types of visual representations like charts, graphs, maps, etc. Infographics are also known as infographics or information graphics. They are a visual medium that is instantly comprehensible and interesting to people.

Why should you create an Infographic?

A study found that when a user opens your website, and there is a lot of important information in the form of content then it will take up to 10 minutes for them to read through everything. There are many chances that they’ll give up before finishing all the text! However, if you have an infographic on hand containing some or all this same info but formatted nicely with images, you grab their attention from the start! In fact, because infographics require less time investment than reading paragraphs and pages worth of information (which can also be confusing), people tend to like what’s presented more often.

Create an infographic about what you do or sell. Submit it to relevant subreddits, so people can find out more about what you’re offering and invest time in learning about your product/service.

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What are the benefits of creating an Infographic?

A popular misconception is that search engines understand images, not content. However, infographics are an excellent way to create a large number of high-quality backlinks in the shortest time possible with less work than traditional methods like guest posting. Infographic submission sites such as Visualistan and Flippity offer great opportunities for marketers who want their infographic to go viral while finding new clients on LinkedIn or other social media platforms where they can be found by people looking for someone just like them!

Infographics are the most interesting way to tell you what’s going on. Rather than reading through a long article, it is more fun and informative to view an infographic that breaks things down in one easy-to-follow diagram or chart with lots of color graphics.

Infographics can be used for any type of subject matter such as finance, history, art – anything really! I like how infographics make broad topics very clear even when they’re complicated or if there’s just not enough time available to read about them all at once.”

Top 10 Infographic Submission Sites for 2021

Here are some sites you can use for submitting your infographics in order to get a huge number of views :

1. Reddit

DA: 91

Alexa Rank: 14

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.

Reddit is a popular social media platform that allows users to submit links of content that other members can upvote or downvote. If you have created an awesome infographic then it’s worth submitting your work on Reddit! Your infographic will reach more than 83k people and comply with the guidelines for submission in each subreddit.

So first read them carefully before submitting your infographic.

2. Mashable Infographics

DA: 93

Alexa Rank: 1471

Mashable is the leading independent news site for all things digital culture. The website also has an older demographic that would be interested in your infographic as well, and they have a weekly newsletter with over 3000 subscribers! Potentially, you could reach out to them after they publish your infographic and propose some kind of partnership. Click here for the submission.


DA: 85

Alexa Rank: 23294 is a picture-based social network where you can find users who are interested in data visualization and infographics. At, there are thousands of professionals from all over the world to help you with your ideas for an infographic design or ask about the tools they use.

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4. Daily Infographic

DA: 79

Alexa Rank: 110927

The daily infographic is all about awesome infographics from around the web. They are a visual content site, and they’re always looking for fresh new graphics to feature on their site. You can submit your infographic here.


DA: 95

Alexa Rank: 183

Slideshare is a content-sharing platform. They are known for presenting high-quality and engaging marketing content from top brands as well as up-and-coming businesses. So why not get your brand in front of an audience of more than 25 million people who have come to SlideShare to discover new ideas and find answers to their questions?

6. Infographic Journal

DA: 54

Alexa Rank: 304558

Their mission is “to make information accessible and enjoyable for everyone.” They curate the best infographics they can find, so if you have an interesting design then why not submit it?

It’s important to submit your infographic as soon as possible if you want it featured in an article on the Daily Infographic website. The cost varies for each level of submission, but Express takes only one day and is $25 while Features will be seen by thousands of more people at a rate of 7 days and costs $75.

7. Fast Company Design Magazine

DA: 93

Alexa Rank: 3096

Fast Company is a global business brand that offers management tips, news, and ideas about the creative company of tomorrow. They regularly publish some cool infographics and have over 2 million social media fans on Facebook so it’s worth submitting your work here too!

The infographic can be submitted at any time and to anyone with the email address listed. They are accepting infographics that are either informative or valuable in order for your submission to successfully get published.

8. Infographics Archive

DA: 54

Alexa Rank: 508,774

Infographic archive is a comprehensive resource for finding the best infographics, designed to help you easily find what you’re looking for and save time. Marketing Makers use infographics as one of their main marketing strategies so any submissions will be featured on this website for other users to easily search through.

Infographics archive is a paid infographic submission site. The standard fee for submitting an infographic ranges from $19.99 to as much as $29.99, depending on the length of time you want your work promoted and how many times it will be featured in their archives (usually 5). For more information visit Infographic’s website!

9. Cool Infographics

DA: 69

Alexa Rank: 335,185

Cool Infographics is a visual guide to the Internet with new and interesting infographics that are created by designers of all levels. This site gives you a chance to be able to reach thousands of more people with your infographic because they get over one million page views per month!

Infographics archive is a paid infographic submission site. The standard fee for submitting an infographic ranges from $19.99 to as much as $29.99, depending on the length of time you want your work promoted and how many times it will be featured in their archives (usually 5). For more information visit Infographic’s website!


DA: 94

Alexa Rank: 78

Pinterest is a photo-sharing website that also allows users to create their own boards to share the images they like. You can search for “infographics” on Pinterest and it will give you thousands of results, so your infographic has an amazing chance of being pinned and becoming viral.

Pinterest is the best way to showcase your latest infographic. The site has a huge audience and you can submit any graphic or photo for free, no matter what size it may be!

The Top 100+Infographics Submission Sites List for 2020-2021

S. No.Infographic SiteDAPAMozRank


Conclusion paragraph: If you’re looking for a way to increase your backlinks and user engagement, infographic submission is the best thing to do. We’ve compiled a list of sites that allow infographics submissions and are willing to add them as well if we find any other high-quality ones, not on this list. It’s worth noting that some sites have stringent guidelines so be sure to read through their terms before submitting an infographic – but most will take anything you give them!

What types of infographics would you like us to compile? Let us know in the comments below.

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