BKash Cash Out Rules (App / * 247 # and Agent / ATM)

Yours Development account Or the balance deposited in the bKash wallet can be easily cashed out from the ATM of the agent or partner bank. Bikash can be cashed out from agents and ATMs using apps and USSD codes. Let’s find out more about the rules for cashing out bKash from agents and ATMs.

Cash out from the agent

Cash out can be obtained from any development agent nearby. In case of cash out from the agent, 1.75% of the development rate will be charged. However Dear Agent Number Cash out at the rate of 1.49% (up to Rs. 25,000).

Now let’s find out how to cash out bKash using USSD code and bKash app.

Cash out using * 247 #

If there is sufficient balance in the bKash account, cash out, i.e. money can be withdrawn from the bKash agent. To cash out from bKash agent by dialing * 247 # from bKash account:

  • Go to the development agent
  • Inform the development agent about the cash out
  • Find out the development number of the agent and inform the agent about the amount of cash out
  • Dial * 247 #
  • To select “Cash Out” type 5 and reply
  • Then type 1 to cash out from the agent and reply
  • Enter the agent’s number and reply
  • Then provide the amount of money you want to cash out
  • Then provide the development pin

Extra caution is required when cashing out by dialing * 247 #. Because if the agent’s number is wrong, your money may go elsewhere which will be financially detrimental to you.

That’s why it’s safest to cash out by scanning the QR code using the bKash app. Or if you have an agent’s number saved on your phone, you can also input the agent’s number from the contact list.

Rules for cashing out development

Cash out using bKash app

To cash out using bKash app:

  • Go to the nearest development agent
  • Report cash out
  • Find out the development number of the agent and inform the agent about the amount of cash out
  • Enter the bKash app and select Cash Out / Cash Out
  • Then enter the agent’s number or scan from the QR code development app in the agent’s store
  • Enter the cash out amount
  • Provide development PIN
  • To complete the cash out, tap and hold on the text “Tap and hold”.

Properly following the procedure mentioned above will complete your cash out process. Then get your cash out money from the agent.

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Cash out from ATM

BKash can be cashed out from Partner Bank’s ATM booth. The banks from which bKash cash can be withdrawn from ATMs are:

  • Basic Bank Limited
  • First Security Islami Bank Limited
  • IFIC Bank Limited
  • Jamuna Bank Limited
  • Midland Bank Limited
  • Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited
  • Social Islami Bank Limited

BKash can be cashed out from the ATMs of the mentioned banks. A security code will be required first to cash out bKash from the bank’s ATM. Let’s learn step by step how to cash out bKash from ATM.

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Rules for getting security code from the app

  • Enter the bKash app and tap on Cash Out
  • Then select ATM / ATM option
  • Provide your bKash account PIN
  • Tap and hold

Then you will get a security code via SMS on the phone. Do not share this code with anyone.

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Rules for getting code by dialing * 247 #

  • Dial * 247 #
  • To select “Cash Out” type 5 and reply
  • Then reply by typing 2 to cash out from ATM
  • Provide development PIN

Then you will get a security code (OTP) on the phone, which can be used for the next 5 minutes and only 1 time.

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Rules for withdrawing money from ATMs

To cash out bKash from Partner Bank ATM:

  • Press the “bKash Cash Out” button at the bottom left of the ATM screen
  • Select language
  • Enter the amount of money you want to cash out
  • Provide the security code received via SMS
  • Verify that the information provided is correct
  • Then collect the money and receipt

If you successfully cash out, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your phone.

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