Development Send Money Rules (Free Send Money Tips!)

Quickly send money from one place to another Development Its “Send Money” feature is a very popular service. Money can be sent instantly to any bKash user by using bKash Send Money. Let’s find out in detail about how to make Bikash Sand Money.

Development send money cost

The charge will be applicable in case of sending more than a certain amount to any development number. If you send money up to 100 rupees, no send money fee will be applicable. From Tk 100.01 to Tk 25,000, a send money fee of Tk 5 will be applicable for development send money.

If the above mentioned limit is exceeded, it will cost 10 taka send money fee to send any amount of money. On the other hand, send money up to Tk 25,000 to bKash favorite number is completely free. All in all, a maximum of Tk 25,000 can be sent to your favorite number every month without any cost.

From Tk 25,001 to Tk 50,000, if you send money to bKash favorite number, a fee of Tk 5 will be applicable. If you send money above Rs. 50,000 to bKash favorite number, then Rs. 10 fee will be applicable. 👉 BKash rules for setting favorite numbers

Rules for making development money

BKash Send Money can be made using bKash USSD menu and bKash app. Let’s find out the rules for making money.

Rules for sending money using * 246 #

Send money can be easily made using bKash USSD menu. To send bKash send money by dialing bKash USSD code, * 246 #

  • Enter the bKash mobile menu by dialing * 246 #
  • Write 1 to “Send Money” and reply
  • Enter the bKash number to which you want to send money
  • Enter the amount of money you want to send
  • Then leave a message as a reference (optional)
  • Complete the Send Money process by providing your Development PIN

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If properly sent to Bikash Send Money, both sender (sender) and receiver (receiver) will receive confirmation SMS (or notification in app) about send money. 3 How much does bKash cash out and send money cost? (2022 update)

Rules for sending money using bKash app

Sending money can be done in a much easier way using bKash app. To send money using bKash app:

  • Enter the bKash app by providing the bKash PIN
  • Tap on “Send Money / Send Money” option
  • Select or type the number you want to send money to
  • Then enter the amount of money you want to send money
  • Then if you want to write a note under the Reference option, write it
  • Proceed by providing the development pin number
  • Then tap and confirm send money

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Rules for sending money to non-development users

bkash bag

People who do not use bKash can also be sent to bKash. To send money to non-development user:

  • Enter the bKash app and select Send Money
  • Enter the number of the person you want to send money to or select
  • Enter the amount of money you want to send
  • Confirm development send money by providing PIN

Then the non-bKash user will receive an SMS with the bKash app download link. The person using the link in the SMS If you open a bKash account The money sent will be credited to the development balance of that person.

👉 BKash account opening rules (with bonus!)

The person also has the option to cancel the send money request before opening a bKash account. If you cancel after sending bKash send money, the balance sent money will be credited to your bKash account again.

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