9 Easy Ways to Professional Website Maintenance

Did you know that WordPress is a CMS that regularly updates? This update is used as maintenance so that a website continues to function properly.

Well, how to make a WordPress website is easy. However, just knowing how to make it without maintenance is not enough. Website maintenance is an action to ensure that all website components are still running according to their functions and needs.

Just like caring for your own home, website maintenance needs to be done regularly. Types of website maintenance based on the period are divided into three, namely:

  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Maintenance Every Quarter

How are some ways? Come on, find the answer below!

9 Easy Ways to Professional Website Maintenance

The needs of each person in creating a website are different. However, even though the needs of the website owner vary, all of them require maintenance.

If you take care of your home, you can directly hold the property you need. But, what about the website?

So, so that you don’t get dizzy, here we provide 9 easy ways to maintain a professional website!

Weekly Maintenance

Website maintenance should be done within a certain period. Not once a year, or never at all. At least, do it every week.

This is done to prevent ‘savings problems’ that can build up because you never monitor your website.

1. Make sure all pages and links are still functioning

How do you feel when you access a website and what appears on the screen is a broken page? Maybe the sentence that comes to your mind is: How unprofessional this website manager is!

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Well, of course, you don’t want to disappoint your website visitors, right? Therefore, do check pages and website links every week.

Make sure all the pages on your website display the information they should. Here’s how to check it:

  • Install the Broken Link Checker plugin to find broken page links.
  • Perform the plugin settings Broken Link Checker.
  • Fix or remove broken URLs.

2. Check all website component updates

An important thing that is often forgotten by website owners is updating all components of the website. They, maybe even you, sometimes think the website will be fine even without being updated.

If you think your website is still safe even without updating, don’t be surprised if malware suddenly attacks. Not only malware but also various disturbances that can harm your website.

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Maybe, the effects of these updates are not visible and maybe not felt for you. So that the impression, it’s just trivial.

However, the name of an update, even though it is small, will make all website components work better. Therefore, be diligent in checking your update notifications.

3. Delete all spam comments

As far as you know, maybe spam comments are just comments that are not relevant to the content of the content. As a result, considering them lightly, you choose to let them fill in your comments page.

Unfortunately, spam comments are not that simple. Ignoring it is the wrong way. Any bad person can hide behind spammy comments to lead website visitors to malicious pages.

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It’s easy, they just have to put a link in your comment column. Waiting for the hook to be greeted by visitors or even yourself.

In addition, leaving spammy comments posted on your website will give the impression to visitors that you are too cool. So, regularly delete all spam comments on your website.

Monthly Maintenance

Surely you have a specific goal from creating a website. Whether it’s making sales, having a blog that is accessed by many people, or other purposes. However, there may be times when a strategy to increase traffic, sales, or whatever doesn’t work.

Well, monthly website maintenance needs to be done to help you get analysis results that represent reality. Not too fast, but not too slow either.

To make it clearer, let’s look at the following 3 ways to maintain a website every month.

4. Review SEO performance

SEO is key if you want your website to be easily found on Google. People trust the search results that appear on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Having good SEO performance not only boosts website rankings but also increases traffic. The more a website is in the top ranking, the more likely it is to be clicked on.

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Have you checked your website traffic? Are you satisfied with the results?

We recommend that you do not become complacent or maybe even despair because the traffic is not increasing. Maneuver by applying SEO tips and tricks that are guaranteed to work.

5. Review content on the website

One of the things you consider in creating content is trends. Unfortunately, no trend is everlasting. Trends can also change quickly.

Sometimes, when creating content, you get stuck in your comfort zone. It feels suitable and comfortable with the topic that is trending right now. In fact, later or even tomorrow, that topic may not be glimpsed anymore.

In fact, content that is relevant to user needs greatly affects SEO performance. That’s because what people are looking for is information, not your website.

Therefore, regularly update content by placing relevant information. Even though it takes a long time, this is a professional way to do website maintenance.

6. Test the loading speed of website pages 

Everyone doesn’t like to wait, including you. People won’t waste time waiting for web pages that don’t display information.

Maybe there are website owners who think, well, it doesn’t matter for long, there must be people who want to be patient. In fact, 57% of people choose to leave a website that has a page-load of more than 3 seconds.

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With a slow page load, your website will easily sink into the search pages on Google. That’s because Google thinks your website is giving you a bad user experience. Automatically, the website’s SEO performance is in freefall.

So, are you aware that the loading speed of website pages is quite important? If so, use the platform to test the page load of your website. Then so that the loading speed of your website pages is getting maximal, install a plugin that supports it.

Maintenance Every Quarter

This maintenance is done every three months. Why did you have to wait three months? Not just every day?

Not everything can be done in a short time. If you force yourself to want to do it all at once, you will definitely get a headache.

Well, here is the website maintenance that you need to do at least once every three months.

7. Check all active contact info

Have you ever called someone and what you hear on the other end of the phone is, “The number you are calling is not registered”? You also check the return number records, try to call again, but get the same response.

As a result, the information you want to ask or say fails to convey. And as it turns out, the culprit is that the person you are trying to contact has changed their number.

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Wow, it’s a shame not if valuable information never arrives because contact info is not updated? Therefore, it is important to check all the contact information listed on your website.

Make sure anyone can reach you through the address listed on your website. If there are any changes, please update your contact information immediately. Sounds trivial, but can inundate you with various disadvantages if you choose to oversimplify it.

8. Improve and update the design structure

The website can be likened to home. Houses can indeed stand for a long time, even if they are hit by wind and rain. But if allowed to continue, slowly but surely there will be a leaky roof, mossy walls, and other components that begin to crumble.

Well, it’s the same with the website. No matter how good and cool your design is, it’s useless if you never do maintenance.

Why? Similar to content, design has its own trends. This is due to the changing user experience of internet users.

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For example, you used to enjoy the appearance of an all-white and bright website. But over time, this appearance gave rise to a new problem: complaints of tired eyes. Finally, the dark mode trend was born that made websites and their content more friendly to the eye.

That’s just one example, you know. What is clear, doing website maintenance by improving the design structure is important. Therefore, follow the info about navigation, display colors, and responsive design that is updated with Google trends.

If necessary, update the appearance of your website. But, don’t forget to also provide a temporary page so visitors know that your website is being maintained.

9. Check the duration of your domain’s active period

Because you are busy taking care of SEO, website structure, content, and others, you will forget about the duration of your domain’s active period. As a result, you have to be willing when people can’t access your website. Even worse, your domain will disappear automatically.

It would be a shame not if the business that you built painstakingly collapsed because you forgot the expiration date of the website? So, before you lose it all, make sure to check the duration of your domain’s active period when doing website maintenance.

Have a Professional Website

Now you know how to maintain a website professionally. Easy, right?

However, you can make professional website maintenance easier if you use WordPress hosting, you know! You will have a member area to manage the website without the need to understand technical matters.

Do not get there, you will also get automatic updates to feature so that your website is kept up to date automatically. In fact, the staging option also allows you to test new displays and features without fearing that it will affect the web version that visitors are accessing, aka live web.

So how? More confident about starting your own professional website? Don’t worry anymore, let’s create your website right away!

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