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Has it ever occurred to you that you wanted to share some files from your smartphone to the computer, but you could no longer share files because you do not have a USB cable? Or if you don’t have an internet connection, you’ve probably shared files using slow and problematic Bluetooth.

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Also, if you have a WiFi adapter on your smartphone and your PC, you can connect two devices directly and share files. Today I am giving you a multi platform application called Feem through which you can send files from your smartphone to your PC and from PC to mobile.

Imp Is a multiplatform application that allows you to share files between your smartphone and your PC without using any cable, internet or any other device. In this case, all you need is a smartphone with WiFi and a laptop or desktop PC. In fact, it works exactly the way WiFi Direct does. Its features are discussed below.


Official Download @ Imp

Feem’s features at a glance

Imp It has some great features, the three most notable of which are mentioned below:

  • Super speed
  • Unlimited file transfer
  • Irresistible security

Below is a brief discussion of each feature of Feem.

Super speed

You can receive and send large files through Feem in a very short time and fast. Feem receives and sends files 50 times faster than Bluetooth and works almost twice as fast as Dropbox.

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Unlimited file transfer

You can share and receive files of any size through Feem. Files of any size, no matter how large the file size, you can easily receive and share through it without any internet charge.

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Irresistible security

You can transfer sensitive files in your collection via LAN, in which case you do not need to upload files to any cloud storage. As a result, it is not possible for anyone to hack your file. Also, via TLS Imp Encrypts all your local transfers so no one can steal data.

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Download and install

As mentioned earlier, Feem is a multi-platform application that supports almost all popular operating systems, as well as all popular smartphone operating systems.

Regardless of the operating system you use on your computer, you can run the Feem app on all operating systems. So from below we can see now which operating system Feem supports.

Also, all popular smartphones support Feem in the operating system, below we can see now which smartphone operating systems Feem supports.

The Feem application for your computer and smartphone Download from here And like all other apps, install it.

How to transfer files

Hopefully you have downloaded and installed the installation file according to the operating system of your computer / laptop and smartphone. I know that all of you can install, but if anyone still can’t, let the tournament know and help as much as possible.

Once installed on your computer / laptop and smartphone, run the application, then you will see an interface like below.

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Next, install the application on the device with which you want to share files, now I will show you how to share files from Linux to Android and from Android to Linux.

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As I said before, you need to have a WiFi device in both WiFi routers. If your computer / laptop and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi router or hotspot Imp Will be connected automatically.

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Once connected you will see the interface like the picture below and through the chat box below you will be asked to send the file of your choice of chatting.

To share files Click on the “Send File” option at the bottom, select the desired file from the file manager and click on the Open button. Sending diameter files is very simple. And because of its simple user interface, anyone can use this app without any help by installing the app.

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How to get good transfer speed

To get better transfer speeds, you need to turn on the hotspot of your smart phone and connect it to a computer or laptop, then you will get much higher speed than before.

Feem as an alternative to other file sharing and the difference between them and Feem

There are many more file sharing applications, however Imp There are some differences with other apps. The main difference between Feem and other applications is its fast file transfer speed and secure file transfer.

Feem works as a great alternative to the unique file sharing

You can easily understand the difference between the above mentioned apps.

Best LAN Messenger

Another great feature of the Feem application is the chatting option. This will allow you to chat with the person from whom you will receive or give the file. As a result, you will be able to inform about your favorite file through massage and exchange greetings.

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So far today, if you have any questions, ask at Tunement, Join Tune, Share Tune, and stay with Techtunes.

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