100 Free High PR PDF Submission Sites List 2021 [Dofollow Links]

PDF submission is a technique to promote your content for those who want something in PDF, PPT, or DOC formats. You submit the URL of your document through a form and it’s converted into an affiliate link so you can make money off any purchases made from that link.

PDFs are great because they look professional and don’t take up too much room when downloading on someone’s phone. PDF submissions sites are also more likely to rank highly because they’re willing to accept PDFs from any type of site. PDF submission sites are a great way to boost your PDF rankings on Google as well!

This PDF Submission Sites list is the best resource for both beginners and advanced website owners. This list can easily be used to boost your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) by linking out to other high Page Rank websites in your niche or industry.

Most people overlook the power of dofollow PDF submission links but their potential is great! By submitting a PDF to a high Page Rank website, your target site’s PR is going to increase.

What is PDF Submission or Sharing?

PDF Submission knew as sharing is a service, where a document can be uploaded to the site, and then the PDF file is then shared on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many more. This helps to increase the Page Rank, thus increasing the search engine ranking for your submitted URL.

PDF submission is a technique to promote your content for those who want something in PDF, PPT, or DOC formats. You submit the URL of your document through a form and it’s converted into an affiliate link so you can make money off any purchases made from that link.

PDF submissions are designed with SEO considerations in mind: they’ve generated automatically as HTML documents when submitted by users on our site; this means higher rankings for relevant search terms! If you have great written material such as eBooks, white papers, case studies, etc., consider publishing them online pdf format because people will be able to find these items much easier than if published only offline.

Why PDF Submission Sites are Important?

PDF Submission Sites are important because your content will receive more exposure and people can find it easier. People have been using this tactic for years with great success which is why it’s still being used in the 21st century. What makes PDFs so powerful, is that they’ve always had a high ROI or return on investment (PDF submissions often generate automatically as HTML documents when submitted by users on our site; this means higher rankings for relevant search terms!). Keep in mind, when you use a link to share a PDF to someone else’s site then your own search engine ranking will go up!

Choosing the right file type for your submission is key to attracting more views and rankings. Using a PDF or PPT presentation can attract traffic from sites like SlideShare, allowing you to climb the ranks of SERP.

How to create a PDF File?

1) Open your Adobe Acrobat application.

2) Click Create PDF.

3) Select the location (Folder where you would like to save pdf document).

4) Type the name of the document, and select ‘Save’.

5) You may be prompted to enter your authorization keys for authoring, editing or printing the PDF.

6) Once all fields are filled out click ‘Save’.

7); The Application will now prompt you for additional information while saving a document such as adding metadata and owners; selected these options according to your preference.

8)’Creator’ is where you type in Your Name

9)’ Author’ is where you type in Your Title/company

10)’Subject’ is what the title would be in the search results.

11)’Keywords’ is where you type in Keywords related to Your Title/Company. (these are all SEO friendly, so use them wisely)

12) After choosing your options click ‘Save’.

13) The Application will now convert your document into a PDF document and save it automatically in the location you specified, in the folder where you specified.

File Format for PDF Submission Sites

It can be hard to come up with content for your PDF, but don’t worry! There are many ways you can make it more interesting. Try using an image or pictures from a relevant source. Your description should also sound natural – avoid stuffing keywords into the text and use fresh words instead of just repeating what other people have said before (or in this article).

Benefits of PDF Submission Sites

Here we’re sharing some benefits of PDF Submission sites:

Increase Domain Authority & Rating

Yeah, if you bookmark high DA Do Follow pages and comment on them regularly to show that they’re important, your site will receive some link juice from those sites which can boost your domain authority.

The PDF Submission tells search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. They increase your authority and credibility, improving both the ranking on keywords related to your business as well as domain authority.

Get Direct Traffic on Website

If you have created a blog or website related to your business, then you can use the PDF Submission method to get direct traffic from search engines. Search engine spiders crawl websites and blogs also. By giving them a PDF document, they understand that your content is valuable and important. So they will follow links from your website/blog to other domains that are PDF-Friendly.

Improve Organic Search Traffic

The social bookmarks help search engines algorithms to understand that your content is valuable. They increase your authority and credibility, which in turn improves the ranking of keywords related to your business. Many SEO marketers believe that PDF Submission sites only provide backlinks but these links may also improve organic rankings for webpages.

Improve your Keywords Organic Rank

Once you start publishing good content, there are many ways to give it a boost. Want some free traffic? Instead of paying for ads that may or may not work, increase your organic website traffic by bookmarking posts and indexing pages yourself. This adds keyword tags so people can easily find related articles with search terms and helps build better backlinks which will help rank higher in the SERPS!

Website Branding & Promotion

PDF submission helps to improve the branding and promotion of your website, blog, or any other web content. Imagine if the PDFs you submit in authoritative directories are shared on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. This will certainly go viral on the internet and your business will get a lot of free publicity.

Website Traffic & Search Engine Ranking Boost

When you’ve got backlinks pointing at your site, you’re giving search engines a reason to rank you and your site on the first page. As more people come to your website, you’ll get even more links and followers, and so on. This is how PDF Submission can help you generate higher traffic!

Guidelines for Making a Successful PDF Submission

The PDF submission is a document that marketers and bloggers often have to create. There are some guidelines for making a successful PDF submission. The first guideline is always to make sure the file name is formatted so it can be easily searched on Google Drive or Dropbox. The second guideline is to keep the file size of your PDF as small as possible, but still large enough to include all necessary information. A third guideline would be to make sure you use fonts that are not too heavy or difficult to read in order for readers with disabilities not to have any trouble reading them. A fourth guideline would be to include links within your document so viewers can click back and forth between pages without having to save multiple copies of files on their computer hard drive. And finally, the fifth guideline would be to make sure your PDF submission is formatted correctly. The bottom line: the purpose of the PDF submission is for it to serve as a long-lasting resource that readers can refer back to whenever they need information.

Lists of Top 100 PDF Submission Sites 2021

It can be tricky to find a PDF submission site, but luckily we’ve compiled some of the best sites for you.

It’s hard enough finding good websites with free membership and allowing users to submit their own content without too many restrictions. Finding one that is also designated as “PDF submissions” or otherwise allows text in addition to pictures makes it even more difficult! Thankfully, our team has done all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about whether they are on this list.

S No SiteName Domain Authority Page Authority Moz Rank Update
1 slideshare.net 96 96 7.02 30-Dec
2 issuu.com 94 84 6.27 30-Dec
3 scribd.com 93 94 6.88 30-Dec
4 calameo.com 91 91 7.02 30-Dec
5 lulu.com 90 92 7.18 30-Dec
6 mediafire.com 89 91 6.7 30-Dec
7 box.com 87 90 6.4 30-Dec
8 smashwords.com 86 89 6.51 30-Dec
9 .4shared.com 85 88 6.11 30-Dec
10 zoho.com 85 87 6.52 30-Dec
11 rapidshare.com 83 77 6.16 30-Dec
12 sendspace.com 82 85 6.3 30-Dec
13 box.net 81 84 5.87 30-Dec
14 wattpad.com 81 84 6.49 30-Dec
15 docstoc.com 77 81 5.87 30-Dec
16 gamefront.com 77 79 6.87 30-Dec
17 yudu.com 75 72 6.88 30-Dec
18 keepandshare.com 74 77 6.15 30-Dec
19 letitbit.net 73 53 4.56 30-Dec
20 depositfiles.com 72 58 5.58 30-Dec
21 feedbooks.com 72 77 6.02 30-Dec
22 authorstream.com 72 77 6.49 30-Dec
23 manybooks.net 70 67 5.73 30-Dec
24 sliderocket.com 70 75 6.27 30-Dec
25 mininova.org 68 73 5.86 30-Dec
26 filefactory.com 68 73 5.88 30-Dec
27 free-ebooks.net 68 73 6.22 30-Dec
28 en.pdf24.org 67 33 2.71 30-Dec
29 thinkfree.com 67 72 6.13 30-Dec
30 zshare.net 67 73 5.68 30-Dec
31 esnips.com 66 72 5.49 30-Dec
32 hotfile.com 66 60 4.83 30-Dec
33 divshare.com 66 72 5.76 30-Dec
34 isohunt.com 65 64 5.52 30-Dec
35 rapidshare.de 64 66 6 30-Dec
36 fileden.com 64 70 5.66 30-Dec
37 slideboom.com 62 68 6.49 30-Dec
38 datafilehost.com 62 69 6.71 30-Dec
39 officelive.com 61 66 5.45 30-Dec
40 edocr.com 61 67 5.69 30-Dec
41 2shared.com 60 66 6.26 30-Dec
42 speedyshare.com 60 67 5.52 30-Dec
43 tizag.com 59 65 5.59 30-Dec
44 ziddu.com 59 66 5.67 30-Dec
45 uploading.com 58 63 5.29 30-Dec
46 ioffer.com 58 65 5.94 30-Dec
47 badongo.com 58 65 5.4 30-Dec
48 memoware.com 58 63 5.65 30-Dec
49 freepdfhosting.com 57 39 3.5 30-Dec
50 uploaded.to 56 54 4.63 30-Dec
51 filestube.com 55 63 5.2 30-Dec
52 easy-share.com 55 62 5 30-Dec
53 crocko.com 55 62 6.56 30-Dec
54 libraryelf.com 55 63 6.02 30-Dec
55 slideserve.com 54 61 6.03 30-Dec
56 huddle.net 53 60 5.18 30-Dec
57 freecomputerbooks.com 52 52 5.6 30-Dec
58 senduit.com 52 60 6.07 30-Dec
59 gigasize.com 51 60 6.17 30-Dec
60 e-library.net 51 52 5 30-Dec
61 mirrorcreator.com 50 58 6.04 30-Dec
62 yourfilelink.com 49 57 6.66 30-Dec
63 turboupload.com 49 58 5.45 30-Dec
64 powershow.com 49 58 6.06 30-Dec
65 ifile.it 48 50 4.09 30-Dec
66 wikiupload.com 48 57 6.05 30-Dec
67 pdfcast.org 47 45 3.38 30-Dec
68 torrentportal.com 45 53 5.32 30-Dec
69 examcollection.com 45 51 5.73 30-Dec
70 megafileupload.com 44 53 5.81 30-Dec
71 files.com 44 53 5.59 30-Dec
72 myplick.com 43 50 4.65 30-Dec
73 fliiby.com 43 51 4.18 30-Dec
74 uploadingit.com 43 51 4.01 30-Dec
75 glasscubes.com 43 52 5.61 30-Dec
76 bigupload.com 42 50 5.39 30-Dec
77 knowfree.net 41 48 4.91 30-Dec
78 filecloud.io 41 44 3.24 30-Dec
79 yudufreedom.com 40 45 5.45 30-Dec
80 hdoxtop.com 40 50 6.12 30-Dec
81 leokrut.com 39 46 6.29 30-Dec
82 snipfiles.com 38 48 6.62 30-Dec
83 hwisdomebooks.com 37 47 5.33 30-Dec
84 wepapers.com 37 47 4.89 30-Dec
85 host-a.net 37 46 7.09 30-Dec
86 slingfile.com 36 43 4.44 30-Dec
87 slideworld.com 35 45 5.83 30-Dec
88 gazhoo.com 32 40 4.18 30-Dec
89 bitroad.net 32 43 3.32 30-Dec
90 docuter.com 32 43 4.58 30-Dec
91 bookswealth.com 31 40 6.13 30-Dec
92 kewlshare.com 29 40 3.14 30-Dec
93 midupload.com 25 35 4.06 30-Dec
94 ebooks-uk.com 22 35 5.17 30-Dec
95 pdf-submission-site.info 22 35 5.17 30-Dec
96 doocu.co 21 31 4.04 30-Dec
97 free-pdf-ebook.com 15 28 3.07 30-Dec
98 wupload.in 15 28 3.2 30-Dec
99 persianupload.net 14 28 4.4 30-Dec
100 paperbackswap.com 1 1 0 30-Dec

FAQ-Top PDF Submission Sites

What is the right way of adding link bookmarking in PDF submission Sites?

PDF files are a reliable and versatile way to present content. PDFs can have text, graphics, charts – anything you would put on a page for presentation purposes in the real world. They’re also an easy template that most people with access to Adobe Acrobat Pro from Netcentric Technologies should be able to use reliably without too much instruction or practice beforehand since there is usually some sort of tutorial available online. One thing I like about them is they make headings into bookmarks which makes finding what you need quick and efficient!

What is The Process of PDF Submission?

When you submit a PDF or PPT document for review, it is best to register an account on the site in order to make future submissions easier.
Step 1 – Go to the website and find the login page, then sign up. You can choose the third-party option because most of these submission sites have log-in facilities like Gmail or Facebook so it’s super easy for you!
Step 2- Once you have signed in, upload your PDF, PPT, or DOC files.

For a smoother submission process, make sure to register for an account on the site (in case you don’t already have one).

For more efficient and streamlined submissions, be sure to create an account.

What’s the essence of PDF submission sites?

The essence of PDF submission sites is to provide an online publication with easy access to submissions, which will eventually lead to flourishing the success of the submissions.

Therefore, you must first take into consideration the page of the submission site that you are going to utilize for posting your paper. Be sure to read its guidelines because each one is unique and has specific requirements from its writers. Some web journals permit you to publish it in different languages, however, others might only accept English submissions. Thus, you should take note of this detail and be sure to follow all the requirements that they have.

How to create a fillable PDF in Google Docs

There are three ways to create a PDF in Google Docs. Using the file menu, click “Export as pdf.” In the sidebar, go to “Share.” Finally, you can use the toolbar at the top of your document.

When exporting from Google Docs to pdf you have two options: full conversion and text-only conversion. Full conversion will remove any formatting that is embedded within your document while the text-only conversion will not touch any formatting except for font type preview and size changes. You can switch between these format types by clicking on either side of the button as seen below when creating or editing a new tab display with just text or in edit mode when adding multiple documents into one sheet such as copying and pasting.


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