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Hello friends, hope you are well. Nowadays everyone wants to keep it a secret whether it is a massage or not. Then why don’t you keep yourself a secret. If you want to give a message to anyone, keeping yourself or your number secret, then read the whole tune. This way you can have fun with your friend if you want. So let’s start without further ado.

If you want to send a message keeping your number secret, you need an app that you can get in the Play Store. That’s why go to Play Store and tap BD GO SMS in the search bar. Then you will see an app like below.

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This is a Bangladeshi app, so if you can download the app, give it five stars in the app. Once installed, open the app. After opening, you will see a page like below.

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After coming to this page, click on the Next button below. Then a login page will open in front of you.

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After the login page comes, we will register as it is new in the app. Click the Signup button below.

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Enter your name first here. Then enter the mobile number on your mobile and enter a strong password and enter that password again. When everything is correct, click on the Sign up button.

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Then you will get a warning like above. You can read it well and click on I Agree button.

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A message will be sent to the number with which you have opened the account. Enter the number in the message correctly here and click the Submit button. Then your account will be opened.

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On this page you will see different options. If you look at the upper right side of it, you will see that points are given. You need to send a message through these points. You will be deducted two points for sending a message. You can send a message to anyone as long as you have points. Once the point is over, you can no longer. So at the end of this tune it will be said how to earn income again after the end of the point. So now let’s know how to send a message. For that, click on the send icon on the page.

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Here are some options for sending a message. First you will be asked for the number of the person to whom you want to send the message. Enter the number in the number option then type your message in the box below. If the message is correct at the end of all, click on the SEND button.

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Here is a report of your message. Click the DONE button to view the report. Then your message will go to the Kangit number given by you in a while. Now if you want to see all the messages you have sent, click on the three dots at the top of the page. Then you will have many options in front of you.

techtunes 2fe620e6a5be95cd88b54bf758b37bf1

From here you click on History option. Then you will see a page like below.

techtunes 7a2bde63fdc4f8da1ffe71bac854b750

There are two options, the first is to view the messages you send and the second is to view the messages from others. Since we will see the sent messages, we will click on the Outgoing SMS button.

techtunes 8923e3b9451a0f5722630d0b444e15fe

Here you can see everything you sent the message to. And if you want to delete the messages from here, click the Clear All Logs button below. Then all the messages will be deleted. Now let’s find out how to earn points.

To earn points, first you have to click on the three dot button at the top of the page. Then you will see many options as before.

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Click on the Get Points option here. Then you will see a page like below.

techtunes 28116efa6133f04db5445205bbdfa6de

There are many options for earning points. From here you will get 65 points free every day. For that click on the 75+ button with the Daily bonus option below. Then you will see that 75 points have been added to your points. You can also earn points from here by spin. For that, click on the Spin button in the numbers. Then your spin will keep spinning and at the end what you get will be added to the points. You can also earn money by watching videos if you want. Click on the 5+ option along with the video rewarded option at the very bottom, then you will see the video. And after watching the video, 5 points will be added to your point.

Hope you like the tune, if you like it, click on Joss. And follow us to get good quality tunes.

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