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Have you ever thought that 20-30 years ago today, you would have a smartphone like the current one, through which you can instantly talk to people in any country? Have you ever wondered if you can easily exchange photos and videos with someone using apps like WhatsApp or Messenger?

Perhaps no such thought came to the imagination at that time. But now it is a common thing to send pictures to someone using WhatsApp. You may not have thought at that time that you can use the mobile phone of the future to chat with someone directly for free. Now using these means, wherever the person is, if his device has an internet connection, you can talk to him in a video call with one click. Have you ever thought about these technologies now? Or did any man think about it?

You probably had no idea at the time that you would be able to browse the internet, just watch a video, just by moving your finger around the phone. Thirty years ago, however, these words seemed like a fairy tale. But now all these things have become possible in front of our eyes. Even in front of us every day new technologies are being discovered in the world.

Current technology of smartphones

Current technology of smartphones

Technology is evolving faster than the way we are changing ourselves today. But looking at all this, do you think that the technology of smart-phone has reached the extreme limit now?

In this case, I can tell you that it is not at all. Today’s smartphones are much more feature-rich than the mobile phones we used a few years ago. In fact, there is a stark difference between the mobile of that time and the smart phone of the present age. Although there is always a feature to talk with the starting mobile and the current mobile, but there is a huge difference between the mobile phone then and the current mobile phone when it comes to talking.

However, the example of the difference between the current smartphone and the previous smartphone will tell you your own experience.

Do you want to know what mobile phone technology would be like 35-40 years from now? And if the answer is yes, then this tune must be watched carefully till the end. And if you haven’t followed me yet, be sure to follow me by clicking the follow button above to inspire me. And if you’ve already followed me, thank you very much.

In today’s tune I am going to tell you what the smartphones we will be using 35-40 years from today will be like.

১. Flexible screen smartphone

Flexible screen smartphone

No matter how much we use expensive smartphones or less expensive smartphones, there is always a risk of our mobile screen breaking. And it is out of this fear that we must be careful when dealing with mobile phones. But what if you don’t have that fear in the future and your fear is gone? Surely in this case the subject will be much more interesting to you.

In the future, the screen of your mobile will become Flexible. In other words, in this case, the screen of your mobile can be folded. You will find this feature in many smartphones in the near future. And what will you get in the future, now there are many such smartphones in the market, which can be folded into several parts. Many smart phone manufacturers are currently using this technology, and in the future you will be able to fold these phones like paper.

It will use nano membrane. And these are usually called Morph phones. You can read them like a bracelet in your hand, and you can talk straight.

২. Holographic 3D mobile phone

Holographic 3D mobile phone

You may have seen 3D videos in all Hollywood movies. Where holographic is created using a holographic 3D device. Technology allows us to enjoy holographic, and the person I’m talking to is right in front of me. And scientists have been trying for years to create such devices.

The problem with creating a holographic device is that it is possible to create a holographic with a large device, but creating a holographic with a current phone is very challenging. Because nowadays smartphones are much smaller in size and much super slim. But some time ago RMIT University made a super slim smartphone holographic device. And it was a great discovery for holographic technology.

However, more research is being done on this at present. Maybe in the near future it will come to the market for the common man. And with it, you can project a 3D model of an object to life with your phone. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

৩. Smartphone as a best friend

Smartphone as a best friend

We also see that with the current technology evolving day by day, the friends around us are moving away from us and we are not able to spend much time with our friends. With the advancement of technology, people are becoming more and more isolated. Although technology allows us to talk live with each other, we still know why we are moving away from each other. However, you can say that this is a disadvantage or advantage of technology. But what if technology becomes your friend?

There are many people today who spend most of their time on the phone. But I’m not talking about being dependent on the phone here. But I’m talking about a phone that will understand you. Scientists are working on this issue.

In the near future, there may be the discovery of a phone that will be an AI robotic phone. This means that whenever you buy and start using this phone, it will continue to do everything according to your needs. In this case, this phone will try to understand what kind of people you are and what you like or dislike, using the usage patterns according to your likes and dislikes. Even when you use that smart phone, it will become so smart that this phone can also help you to diagnose any of your work.

AI smartphone

It may even entertain you when it sees you sorry. This means that this phone will make you feel like a friend. You may have realized that this is possible through the use of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. Scientists have been working on the personalization of the phone for almost a decade. And when this feature starts coming to your phone, that phone will teach you to feel like a friend.

But you also have to keep in mind that an electronic device can’t really be your friend. Because that device will make you think like a machine. She will not think, or say, that she will not be able to think as emotionally as your true car friend.

However, nowadays in smartphones we can use Google Assistant to run a lot of voice commands at will. In this case, if we have already set our favorite song, then next to the voice command only play my favorite song, Google Assistant will play our favorite song. But in the future, technology may come along that, considering our mental state, the artificial intelligence in the mobile will continue to play the audio of our choice.

৪. Nano-tec battery

Nano-tec battery

This technology is very real and in the next few days this technology may come to us in a new way. Think about how long it takes to charge the smart phone you are currently using. In this case, your answer may be 1 hour or 20 to 30 minutes if your phone has fast charging facility. Even if your smartphone has fast charging facility, but this time is still there.

These phones do not have a single battery, but they have multiple batteries. Wherever a charger is used it is charged simultaneously. And that’s why flowers can be charged very quickly. But in spite of being charged so fast, it takes half an hour to 45 minutes. And after paying this charge, your phone runs very well for a day or a day and a half. But think about it, was it like that before?

Ordinary phones used to take about three hours to charge. One thing you must understand from this is that we have come a long way in battery technology. But in the future, such technology is coming, which can charge your smartphone in 5 minutes. And the batteries that will last longer than the current batteries. And all this is going to happen in our mobile in the future by using nano battery technology.

৫. Mind control

Mind control smartphone

Since this project is the most advanced, I have placed it at the very end of today’s list. If we talk about the early days, then we had to go to the phone to make a phone call. That is, in the beginning, to talk on the telephone, we had to go to the telephone and talk about its connected telephone. Later, with the advancement of technology, people could talk about the receiver of the telephone from around the house. But now you can talk about your phone anywhere in the world.

The current situation is that you control the phone using your hand at will. You can even control your phone by your words. Where you can control your phone via voice commands using Google Assistant on your mobile. Controlling the phone with the voice assistant with Google assistant on mobile seems to be a common thing nowadays. But once you think about it, what if you don’t have to say or do anything to control your phone?

What if your phone could connect to your will? At first glance this may seem like a lot more impossible to you. But the impossible has been studied for many years, and in some cases scientists have succeeded. You can see all these features in the future smartphones, where whatever your mind says, your phone will work accordingly.

Such devices work through Silent Speech. And it is possible to connect this type of device with your mind. Research is currently underway at a great pace.

So friends, today’s tune was up to now. If you like today’s tune, be sure to add a jos to the tune and share it with your friends. And if you are new to this tune of mine, follow me now.

And here’s another thing to keep in mind that these are not the features that will be discussed in future smartphones. On the contrary, future smartphones may have many more features than this or one of them may not come at that time. Which depends on the research of scientists. So don’t take today’s tune as a 100% guaranteed word. In case of my words, if you make a mistake, you will look at it with forgiveness.

Last word

The mobiles we used a few days ago, we had no idea that now we will get a smartphone like this. Where in just two decades, the features of mobile phones have changed drastically. And considering all that, in the future we are going to get all the technology-enabled mobiles, which will be much more advanced than our current mobiles.

So friends, what do you think? You must do the tuning to give your opinion about the tuning. If you like the tune, then you must do joss. Assalamu Alaikum. Thanks.

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