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Hello Techtunes folks, how are you all? Hope everybody is well. From now on, we regularly come to you with new tunes. And is there any other way to stay away from Techtunes’ new topics and services? And in order to keep up with this ever new topic and trend of service, today I came up with a brand new topic with you. And through this tune you will be able to know all the new information.

There are many of us who write the password on a sticky note and put it on the screen of the device!

Writing hard passwords on a piece of paper is no longer necessary to remember them, but it often creates security risks for your account. Since every password is a gateway to sensitive information, compromising its security can cause you major problems.

So why are people still following the old-fashioned way of writing passwords? So what could be the alternative to remember the password? And how can we make our passwords more secure? Today’s tune is arranged with the answers to these questions.

1. Why do people write down passwords?

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The simplest answer to this question is that it is very convenient! Other factors such as lack of security awareness and our ignorance of alternative methods of password management also play a special role.

With multiple email addresses, dozens of apps and social media accounts, most people have to remember a lot of passwords that are difficult for us. Moreover, it is more difficult to remember passwords when the passwords for each account are e

Unique and complex, and especially passwords are given in a combination of letters and symbols.

And believe it or not, if you search the internet by typing “password notebook”, thousands of results come in seconds. In these notebooks you can buy all your valuable login information to record there. But have you ever imagined what would happen if those notebooks were stolen?

2. Secure way to remember passwords

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Fortunately, password management services are evolving rapidly and we now have new, easier and more secure ways to remember passwords.

The following can help you to remember passwords without writing them down on a piece of paper:

Using encrypted notes on PC

One of the best ways to save and protect your passwords is to use encrypted note software on your computer.

And to get into this encrypted note software you need a master password, so set up a long and hard guessing password but remember that otherwise you will not be able to access the saved password.

You can encrypt text using Evernote for Mac or Windows, follow the steps below:

  • Open a note and highlight the text you want to encrypt.
  • Right click on the highlighted text and Encrypt Selected Text Select the option.
  • Write a passphrase on the form. This passphrase will be needed whenever you decrypt this text.
  • Once you set the passphrase and press the confirm button, your selected text will be encrypted.

Password Manager

Most users need central management to manage passwords in order to remember different accounts and their different passwords. And this problem can be solved through password manager software.

Most password managers help you create random and unique passwords of any length you need. After all, you only need to remember one password to access the password manager. Once logged in to Password Manager, you can automatically log in to any of your saved accounts without having to input any account passwords.

Personal Password Manager: Personal Password Manager, like LastPass Manage Password, manages passwords for users or employees to access applications and services through password management.

Note: LastPass offers their services for free on all types of devices but they have added restrictions to this free service where users can only use it for free on one device, smartphone or computer and view and manage passwords.

Privileged Password Manager: Specialized password managers like BeyondTrust are designed to solve enterprise or company problems and are developed to secure and manage entirely enterprise-wide privileged and credentials. Moreover, privileged credentials allow access to the most confidential systems, accounts and the most sensitive assets of any company.


There are various gadgets on the market today that you can use to save and secure your passwords at the same time.

One such gadget is called Password Safe, a small hand-held device that can store up to 400 account data and use 3 AAA batteries on this device.

Another popular alternative is the encrypted USB flash drive, also known as the Keypad Secure FIPS Certified Memory Stick. This will allow you to secure your important files and also your passwords. Each flash drive has a unique ID and if you ever forget your password, the flash drive company will send you a 10-bit dynamic password.

Internet browser

Almost all popular browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome) provide password protection, so the saved passwords are automatically input when logging in to that web site, so we have to input account information every time we access the same web site or account. No.

However, this method is not the safest option on paper, as Internet browsers can be attacked by browser fingerprinting and malware.

3. Tips for keeping passwords secure

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Here are some tips to help you keep your password secure:

Turn on multi-factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is when logging in to multiple devices, the user has to login by presenting two or more proofs. This gives the user an additional one-time password code instead of just the general password of the account, thus making his account extra secure.

We strongly recommend using the Time Restricted One Time Password (OTP) from an MFA app like Google Authenticator.

Create strong passwords

Strong passwords usually have long passphrase which is easy to remember but hard to guess. The length of this password should be at least 8 to 13 characters and the password should be given by combining upper and lower case letters with symbols.

Also, remember that passwords should not be so complicated that users have to type them down everywhere.

The best practice for creating a password is to create a password based on a story or to use the term Person-Action-Object (PAO). For example, take the first letter of each word from the sentence “a crazy white fox is jumping over a fence” and create a unique and memorable password with different numbers or symbols.

Check your credentials regularly

Many online databases and agencies such as can check if your passwords and account data are likely to be hacked.

Also, I think your credentials in this database should be checked regularly to protect yourself from password hacking or data theft.

4. Rethink password security

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The current world is a data-centric world, and passwords are vital to keeping your data secure. Remembering the passwords of the web sites and accounts we log in to every day can be a daunting task for us, forcing us to write our passwords on a piece of paper from time to time.

On the other hand, internal threats and cyber attacks are also growing at an alarming rate, and simple passwords are the biggest source for cyber attacks and hacking. It is important that both individuals and organizations reconsider password protection and learn and use new ways to protect passwords as well as break all old habits.

So, the next time you think of writing down your password on a sticky note, stop and think about how you can create more unique passwords and securely save passwords using the login management options.

Last word

Today everyone has technology products and we are all becoming more and more aware of the various threats posed by technology. And in this age of technology hacking a password means hacking everything you have, because most of us use the same password on all accounts just to remember. However, the above tools for remembering passwords will allow you to manage different passwords in a smarter way in an instant.

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