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All our smartphones have voice command feature and this voice command feature of smartphones is really a very useful and useful tool and it responds automatically, but with this feature your privacy is at risk. Because Google can always hear you through your phone’s microphone and follow you if you give voice commands.

Also, if the confidential conversation in your home or office is passed on to another company via the Internet, there will be no end to your privacy concerns, as there are many other issues involved. The hope is, however, that you have not completely lost control of your device, but that you still have full control over your Google Account and the device, and that you have the settings to keep Google from listening to you.

1. How is Google listening to you?

If you’re surprised to learn that Google is constantly listening to you, here are some of the reasons Google can keep your mobile device’s microphone open:

1. The OK Google feature on your phone needs to recognize the word “okay Google” when you say it.

2. Google Assistant should detect any help you need.

3. Whenever you say “Hey Google” you need to activate the voice recognition of Google Maps.

4. Android Auto will activate voice recognition when you say “Hey Google”.

For these reasons, there is no legal impediment to Google constantly listening to you, but to many it is unacceptable. And when you install these apps, Google does it with your approval. Moreover, very few people pay much attention to the permissions that most people give when they install these apps.

2. Where does Google store my voice recordings?

You can see which of your voice commands access Google Recordings by visiting your Google Account.

1. Go to the Google My Activity option from your web browser and make sure you’re logged in to your Google Account. Now Web & App Activity Scroll to the section and Manage activity Select the option. After that, Filter by date & product Select the option.

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2. Now the filter box with a list will open. Now scroll down and Voice and Audio Click on the check box next to it and Apply Click on the button.

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As a result, it will only filter the history of your activity in the voice and audio recordings that Google has collected from you.

3. How to stop Google from listening to you

There are several ways to keep Google from listening to you. One of these is to completely disable Active Listing from your Google Account. So whatever it is, and for that Google has to make you believe that all Google apps have stopped listening to you.

Another way is to forcefully turn off active listening and remove all permissions from the Google app. In this tune, we will discuss each method in detail so that you can choose any one method that best protects your privacy.

3.1 Disable Google Voice History

The easiest way to stop Google from listening to you is to disable saving audio recordings from your Google Account.

1. First, visit Google My Activity from your web browser, and from the panel on the right Web & App Activity Select the option.

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2. Now the Web & App Activity page will open. Include audio recordings Uncheck the check box next to the option.

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Once this is disabled, all voice commands issued on Google Assistant, Google Search, or Google Maps will not log into your Google Account.

Note: This means that only incoming recordings will not be saved by Google. And that doesn’t mean Google isn’t always listening to you. You will need to take strict action to disable all of your content from the edge of Google, discussed in more detail below.

3.2 Prevent Google Assistant from listening to you

Google Assistant is the main app that listens to you most often. And this app is always ready to respond to your “OK ​​Google” statement.

You can turn off this app’s microphone permissions so that you can’t hear them.

To do this

1. Open your Android phone’s settings menu and tap on Google.

2. Now Settings for Google apps Select the option.

3. Now Search, Assistant & Voice Select the option.

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4. Now, Voice Select the option.

5. From the voice menu Voice Match Select the option.

. Now from the voice match screen Hey Google Disable the toggle switch to its right.

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This will disable the Google Assistant app from hearing the phrase “Hey Google”. But remember that if you want to give voice commands, you have to manually tap on the microphone icon in your Google Assistant app. However, if privacy is your only concern then you must be careful here.

3.4 Prevent Android Auto from listening to you

Another Google app that listens to you is called Android Auto. And fortunately, this app has a setting that allows you to turn off this feature so that the app will not always listen to you.

১. Android Auto Launch the app and tap on the menu icon.

2. From the Android Auto menu, Settings Select the option.

3. Select the “Hey Google” detection option from the Settings menu.

4. On the next settings screen, disable the toggle switch to the right of Hey Google.

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As a result, when you say “Hey Google” it will disable the Android Auto app from being monitored continuously. And remember, you have to manually command the Android Auto app again because you can no longer launch the app with your voice command.

3.5 Prevent Google Maps from listening to you

If you haven’t checked the Google Assistant settings in your phone’s Google Maps app, Google Maps can still hear your voice commands. However, you can turn off this feature from within the Google Maps app.

1. First open the Google Maps app from your phone and tap on your profile picture in the top right to open your profile menu.

2. Now open the Google Maps settings menu Settings Select the option.

৩. Navigation settings Tap on, and from the next screen Google Assistant settings Select the option.

4. Now on the Driving Mode screen, Driving Mode Make sure the toggle on the right is disabled.

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This will disable Google Assistant, which is active inside Google Maps. And if you want to give voice commands, Google Maps will not listen to you unless you manually tap the microphone icon from the home screen of Google Maps.

3.6 Prevent Google App from listening to you

To prevent Google Apps from listening to you, you can follow this final procedure: Disable your phone’s Google Apps microphone permission.

1. Open the settings menu of your Android phone and Apps Select the option.

2. Scroll through the app list Google Go to the app and Google Tap on the app.

3. Now Google App info page will open, Permissions Select the option.

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Next, you’re going to disable microphone access to your Google App so it can’t hear you through your phone’s microphone.

4. Now from the list of App permissions menu Microphone Select the option.

5. Now, from the microphone’s permission screen Deny Enable the Reddit button.

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As a result, your phone’s microphone will have no access to the Google Apps. You can be sure that Google Apps will not listen to you at any time.

Last word

Keep your conversations private so that Google doesn’t listen to you. Google may have no ill intentions behind saving all audio recordings collected from their thousands of users. But if you don’t really want to be part of a huge library of audio information in your own conversations, you still have some options to turn it off.

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