How to use Android app on Windows computer

Want to take advantage of the big screen in Android apps or use a specific feature of Android on a computer? There are multiple ways to use the Android app on a Windows computer. Microsoft also has a third party solution for using the Android app on Windows computers. Let’s find out more about the rules for using the Android app on Windows PC.

Mirror the phone

If you want to run the apps installed on the phone on the big screen, you can use the app using Microsoft’s Your Phone app, connect to the Android mobile Windows computer, use the app, see all media including notifications, pictures, send messages. You can also add your favorite app as Favorites. There is even the opportunity to pin directly to the Windows taskbar.

If you want to mirror the phone screen directly to the computer, enter the Your Phone desktop app and click on the phone screen image. Then give all the necessary permissions in the phone app, then you will see the screen of the phone on Windows computer. Then you can control the screen of the phone directly from the computer with the mouse.

With the help of Your Phone app, screens of almost all Android phones can be shared on computer. In particular, this feature works best on Samsung brand phones.

However, those who have Windows 10 May 2020 update or later update, 6 GB RAM and Android 11, your phone app can be used without any problem with the devices. However, this solution is not ideal for playing games.

Rules for setting up your phone app

  • From Android device If you enter the link, it will directly enter the Play Store, from there download the Your Phone app
  • After downloading, open the app and login with Microsoft account
  • Note that to use the Your Phone app, you need to be logged in to the same Microsoft account on your phone and computer.
  • Then enter the Your Phone app on the computer and select Android phone
  • Then the two devices are supposed to connect automatically. If it does not connect automatically, connect the two devices by scanning the QR code
  • Then allow the notification rather than the permission of the phone

If you follow the mentioned process correctly, you will see all the notifications, messages, photos, phone screens, calls, etc. of the phone on the computer screen.

Microsoft Your Phone app

Using the emulator

If you only want to use certain Android apps or games on the computer, you can use an Android emulator like Bluestack. Emulators are software that can run virtually different operating systems. Bluestack is a well-known emulator for using Android apps on computers or playing Android games.

BlueStack works just like the other ten apps on the computer. The latest version of this software BlueStacks 5 occupies 5 GB of storage on the computer. And the storage of apps installed in Bluestack app is also used from PC. This app provides the experience of using a separate phone in the computer.

You will see a custom home screen after fully installing the Bluestack app. Generally, you can download any Android app or game by logging in to your Google account. After downloading an app or game, you will see the icon of that app on Bluestack homescreen. You can also see the shortcut of the app on the desktop screen of the computer.

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Apps that do not have a desktop version, Bluestack is very useful in using those apps. However, this Android emulator is most useful for gaming. It has a built-in mapping system for mouse and keyboard that makes playing Android games much easier.

You can also set the resolution of the game, DPI, FPS, and even the amount of CPU and RAM allocated for the emulator. If you want to play Android games on the computer, there is no better option than Bluestack. Bluestack is also working on the feature of cloud gaming in the browser. 3 Download Bluestack

Using the Amazon Appstore

Windows 11 Microsoft has added built-in support for Android apps. This feature will continue to use the Windows subsystem for Windows and the Amazon Appstore. Let’s take a brief look at how the Android app can be used on Windows through Amazon Appstore.

Step 1 – Install Windows Subsystem for Android

Windows Subsystem for Android is the first to install the app from the Amazon Appstore and use it on a computer. Updated to Windows 11 Have to. Then enter the Microsoft Store and search by typing “Amazon Appstore” and find the Amazon Appstore, install it and then click on Set Up.

Then you will be asked to download Windows Subsystem for Android. Click Download and wait for the installation to complete. Restart the computer by clicking Restart after the download. At the end of the restart you will see the Amazon Appstore on the computer.

Step 2 – Install Amazon Appstore

Enter the Amazon Appstore from the Windows 11 app list. You will then need an Amazon account to access the app, login to the Amazon account. If you do not have an account Create new account Take it. After logging in to the Amazon account, you can install the Android app from the Amazon Appstore.

Windows Amazon Appstore

Step 3 – Install the app

Once you have downloaded and set up the Amazon App Store, you can easily install and use the Android app. If you enter the Amazon App Store and search by typing the name of the desired app, you can find the app and install it.

After installing, you will see any Android app directly in the app list of Windows 11. After entering any app, the window of that app can be minimized or taken to fullscreen like normal Windows app. In addition, any Android app can be multitasked by snaping to the grid.

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Using Android-X7

If you want to use full-featured Android on your computer, you can use the Android operating system directly on the computer using the Android-X7 project. Android-x86 is an open-source project that allows Android to be used on X7 platforms.

There are multiple ways to use Android-X7. First of all, Android can be used directly as an operating system for desktops. In that case, first you have to download the ISO disk image of Android X-8 and boot it on a USB drive. Then enter the USB computer and select the boot option from the USB drive from the boot menu.

When you boot from Android-X7 USB drive, you can run in Android Live environment without any effect on the computer. You can also install Android X-8 directly on your computer’s storage for better performance for permanent use.

If you want to use Android-X8 in addition to the operating system already installed, you can download the disk image and run it using VirtualBox. However, if you are not familiar with VirtualBox, then it is better not to follow this method. 3 Learn more about Android-X7

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