How To Write A Best Article – (Content Writing Tips)

First of all, writing an article is not an easy task. Many people think that one can write an article only if he knows good grammar and good English vocabulary. In fact, Article writing is like a kind of art. When we sit down to write an article, we do not understand what to write and what not! We do not understand where to start and where to end!  So you should know how to do Article Writing and Article Writing Format.

We all know that when we speak we have no control over it and we can say anything but when it comes to writing we have to write the things that are very important as well as the correct use of words Have to do. So you have to keep such an Article Writing Format which you stick with it to the end of your readers or listening to that article.

As a matter of fact, writing articles means using words properly so that you can narrate your words in the least amount of words and with as much related information as possible.

Today we are going to give you complete information on how to do Article Writing as well as Article Writing Format.

What is Article Writing?

Article writing is a way by which we provide information about a subject by writing it in an interesting way, we can do article writing on any subject.

Article Writing is directly related to information, so we should know about the subject on which we want to write. It is very important to have writing skills for article writing, but it is also right that anyone can do article writing, but for this, you must know the right way to write the article.

If you want to learn how to do article writing on any subject, then I’m going to tell you about those things, which you can write your best article.

Write The Best Article – (Article Writing Format)

You should write your article in an interesting way so that your audience should read it till the end and at the same time the article you have written should be beneficial for the reader and the answers to all his questions should be fulfilled in a very easy way.

Therefore, before writing an article, you should know your Article Writing Format, how to start writing, where to tell something and how to complete the article, etc.

When it comes to improving the quality of your articles, “reading books” will help you a lot.

In the case of 75% of people, it has been found that those who read a lot of books, their written content is very interesting and high quality.

And so, blogging, freelancing, or whatever, the idea of writing the best article by reading more books.

how to write a blog post

Article Writing Topic Selection

Of course, I know that it is normal to choose a topic when writing an article. However, always keep the topic of your article in a way that you have a lot of experience. Because, in the case of writing articles, you have to give a lot of information about that whole thing.  So, if you do not have much knowledge related to that particular topic, then it will be difficult to write a good article.

In this way, you can write the topic as simple and confident as you like. And, if you are “self-confident”, your article has a chance to be good.

Address your audience needs

To write a good article, you first need to think about your audience. Because you are just writing the article for them. And so, you have to keep in mind what your audience wants to know through your article. Write down exactly what your audience wants to know.

Otherwise, people will not be interested while reading the article. So, keep the whole article connected with the topic for which you are writing the article.

Remember, visitors want to know more information, but any kind of irrelevant information is of no use to them. So, whether your article is 500 words or 5000 words, it does not matter. You have to answer and solve all the questions related to that topic. And that is the real thing.

Research is important

You might be a professional blogger or professional freelancer, but that doesn’t mean “you know everything”. Sometimes we only have some general knowledge about many things, but we do not know detailed information. And, with just a little bit of common sense, you can’t write a great article that people like.

In this case, you need to do “research”. Yes, it is very important to do research before writing an article on any subject. This will allow you to find new information on that topic. And, you will be able to publish the new information in your own article.

In this way, the audience will have a lot of interest in your article. Because they are getting the complete information related to the subject of the article together.

There are many good and reliable websites on the internet today, from which you can get accurate and complete information on any subject. And, Wikipedia is the best of these trusted websites. You can also use Google Scholars to gather more information.

Topical Relevance

One of the most important article writing tips is to make points related to the topic that you will talk about in the whole article. This is called topical relevance. This will help You to what information you will need to publish in detail about some of the issues. As a result, you can write good quality content.

Moreover, by talking about different topics, the listeners will be able to receive information in a better and convenient way.

For example, If you are thinking of writing an article on the topic of “SEO tutorial”, first you have to think about the relevant points on which you will publish information.

For example, in my case, what points can I talk about –

  • What does SEO mean?
  • Why do SEO?
  • How many types of SEO and what are they?
  • What is on-page SEO optimization?
  • What is off-page SEO?

Thus, you can write down various information related to the topic of the article and write in detail. And that’s how you can write a high-quality article about it. In this way, your readers can easily and conveniently understand the information and topics of the article.

Keep Simplicity

Keep the article as simple as possible. Don’t use difficult words, write articles with the regular words we use in our daily life. Not a single sentences need to be too long. Try to use more simple sentences. Use Complex sentences as little as possible.

Try not to use long paragraphs. No one wants to read a block of huge text, because they can’t concentrate. So write the article in short paragraphs. When a paragraph becomes too big, break it down and write it in 2 or 3 paragraphs.

Use Catchy Article Introduction

Of course, it is important to write an “intro” for each article. Intro or introduction is written in an article in 200-300 words. And, within those words, you need to explain the subject matter to your audience. Remember, an interesting “introduction” of the article, you can make your audience interested in reading the whole article.

And, if your article intro is interesting, then the audience will definitely interested in reading the whole article. So, in the introduction part of your article, you have to write these things: The experience related to the subject of the article, the story, the important information, what the audience can learn, and what they will receive by reading that article.

Write Compelling Headlines

Headlines, or headings, are used more or less in almost every article. However, many people do not know the benefits of using headlines. It is very important to use different H tags like “H1, H2, H3, H4, H5” when writing a clear, beautiful, and interesting article.

The headline is normally larger in size than ordinary writing and, through it, you can attract the audience.  The audience will understand which topics you are writing content in the article. This allows readers to read the entire content very easily and clearly.

And so, be sure to use interesting headings (H1, H2, H3, H4 …….) In different parts of the article. Also, write the headings like this, As you read my blog articles, you can see how I use a heading after writing some content.

Use Short Paragraphs

Remember, when you’re writing an article with the best quality, interesting and handy, you have to pay attention to a particular subject. That is, to write an article in short paragraphs. You can visit all the best blogs. They write their articles in short paragraphs.

You must use this rule of article writing. Because everyone is using this process among their article. This will allow your audience to read your article clearly.

But, when you write an article in big paragraphs, the readers will be annoyed and as a result, they leave your website without reading the whole article. So make sure you have written your in short paragraphs to make it more simple to the users.

Add related images to the article

Now, to make an article interesting and interesting, you must add related pictures to it. Through the pictures to the article, you can easily explain the different points to the audience.

There is a famous saying that “a picture is worth 1000 words”. Therefore, it is very important to add necessary and related images to different parts of the content. Through images, readers can easily and clearly understand the content.

Use Bullet Points & Numbers

You must use “bullet points” and “numbered list” in different parts of your article. Through this, you can let your audience easier to understand the special points of the article and increase the attraction towards the article.

The success of high-quality content depends on how easily the audience of your blog can understand the content of your article and how much it is helpful to them. So, if you are writing an article on a blog, you make sure to use “bullet points” and “numbered list” to mean special points.


Remember, you have to practice every content writing tips mentioned above. Write as much as possible and try to write as I said. In this way, your content writing strategy will continue to improve. Moreover, if you have any questions or problems with content writing, don’t forget to comment below.

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