How to write an amazon affiliate article : Complete Guideline

Amazon is the world’s largest multi-vendor e-commerce website, we all know that. They offer an affiliate program for the marketers who drive the customer to amazon and get a commission for every single sale. There is a lot of ways to earn as an affiliate marketer. Niche Blogging is one of them. But you need to create a lot of articles to rank on Google to get organic traffic. In this post, I will talk about how to how to generate a lot of content. How can you write your Amazon affiliate article in a very comfortable way? Besides, you can also order articles from us. We are providing quality articles since 2018.

Writing a profitable Amazon affiliate article or blog post Isn’t a very tough thing! But as a newbie, it can feel completely confusing and downright impossible for every new marketer.


So the first thing you want to get an idea of is 

What you’re going to write about?

So it’s usually a keyword phrase or likes the main keyword that will define the topic of your article and for this article, I will take as an example how to feed puppies. So it will be our topic for the article and as an example then you want to put on a sheet of paper let’s say subheadings over the article. They usually are the secondary keyword phrases that can be included. Then subheadings of this article could be,” the type of food for feeding puppies” “accessories for feeding puppies“, the best time to feed puppies” and so on.

 These subheadings are usually the secondary keyword phrases that you come up with during your keyword research. So yeah after you prepare this whole plan that’s it. This is the whole preparation that I usually do to start writing an article.

And the second thing is You have to

 Do the Product research

You have to decide what you’re gonna write, which product you’re reviewing, and also think about how profitable this product will be. Is it possible to rank on the SERP page through this product? What’s the competition for that specific product??

To check all these things you have to do in-depth product research or keyword research. With this in mind, You can do the keyword research following these three free tools.

  1. Google keyword planner
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Google trends

Follow these steps or criteria while researching a product  as a newbie

  1. Product prices between the range of $15 to $50.
  2.  Sells around 10 times a day.
  3. Similar products that have a best seller rank of at least 5,000 or less in the main category
  4. Don’t choose seasonal products. They sold year-round
  5. 2-3 products with less than 50 reviews on page one
  6. Average search value on Google Trend

As a newbie marketer, I suggest you start with a low competition keyword which might not so profitable as your expectation but that will best for you.

Write Unique Article

So Your research part closed. Here comes the actual part, write the article. We all know that for many beginners and even advanced marketers, it’s a big problem to generate content and not just generate one Or two articles a month but you actually have to generate a lot of content for your websites in order to have a good chance to succeed. And these days it’s even more complicated than it was a few years ago because a few years ago you were able to generate content using software basically automatically just copy-paste someone else’s article and the software would spit out another alternative version of the article sort of unique but quite low quality and low readability.

However, Google could not define whether it’s manual written or generated by the software and Google still was ranking quite well. But at present days, you have to aim for at least 2,000 words per article in order to have a better chance to rank in Google. So in this post, I want to share a few tricks on how to generate these massive articles for your blog of high-quality and manually written so you’d have a better chance to rank in Google and keep your visitors happy with the quality of your content.

Write your own personal truth.

Almost every marketer in the world writes about a product that they haven’t tried yet or have no personal experience with that specific product. Ya, we can write a 2k-3k words review article about the product easily gathering information from that product page with an eye-catchy intro. But that specific article can’t help you with enough sales or leads that you might expect.

To generate more sales, specify to your readers what you exactly like about that specific product and tell them also how it improved your lifestyle, provided you something very special which they’ll show interest in. And also includes any side effects or something else which may be irritating to them to gain your trustworthiness.

 Attractive Call to Action

At the beginning of your article, give an interesting introduction of 200 to 250 words so that your readers will be motivated to complete the article as soon as they read it. Usually, after the introduction, a user decides whether he will read the whole article or stay on this website. That means the bounce rate of your site depends on the intro. Although the experts say that the bounce rate of a niche site is not an important issue, still it is better to keep it low.

Add related Data and Statistics 

You should include enough useful data and statistics while writing an affiliate blog post. And of course, you have to make sure the audience should be interested in the statistics you have provided. 

You can collect those data from Wikipedia, Research websites, and also from that specific product’s official website. 

An eye-catchy statistics table can catch the sight of an audience, and this can make him read the entire article and increase the conversion rate.

Insert Informative table

An audience can see the total information of the product from An Information table. It is a suggested and tested strategy suggested by top marketers.

You can give the table before or after the product review. It depends on the formatting of your content. However, you can place this table anywhere depend on your motive. Remember that your table must be very informative. By looking at the table, a user gets a complete idea about the product. Many times, a user decides to buy a product from this table as well.

With this in mind, create the table in such a way that the conversion rate increases. It is wise to write the product table yourself to make a very good quality informative table.

Use The Anchor Phrases

If You’re to the other content of your site from that specific blogpost you should use interesting phrases for anchors that will attract the attention of the readers. 

Words like “Click Here” or “Read more” aren’t a good practice while anchoring, and they Don’t give you a good SEO score, Try to use interesting and relevant text for making anchor text.

Add Buying Guide

Buying Guide is very important for an affiliate article so you need research before writing this section.

The more information the buying guide has, the more authority Google will give to your site. Once your website starts getting authority from Google, Bingo! you have no more worries. Before writing a buying guide, look at your competitors. What’s the lacking in their content. Insert that information into your article. By doing this your website will start to get a lot more authority.

 Product Review + (pros & Cons)

While writing a product review, give a brief introduction about the product. Then describe the pros & cons of the product you are writing about. Write about an excellent summary or conclusion of that product.  If you can write a product review in this way, your article will be very standard and can easily rank Google SERPs.

Summary & Verdict

At this stage, the summary is the conclusion of your entire article. You can write this section as beautiful as you want. In this case, you can write up to a maximum of 150 words However, it is recommended to keep the summary short and relevant. It is not good to write too much. In this case, everyone advises for the sake of brevity. Summary or verdict Never ask or advice to buy the product but explain the importance of the product to the ordinance.

You can also use some other things to standardize your article such as audio, video, infographic, Pinterest PIN, etc.

Although audio is not very important in any article, video plays a very important role. In this case, you can use the video of YouTube, but it must be relevant to the product. And if you want to use images from any source other than Amazon, then you can use images from free sites like (,,,, etc.

How many words will the Affiliate article have?

A very simple answer is that you have to write an article depending on your competitor. In other words, if your competitor writes a 3000 word affiliate article, you must write more than that added article. In this case, I am talking about a personal experience that you should never write an article in less than your competitor. You should always try to write more interesting articles with more information.

Some more important things before creating an article or content

01: If you write any content yourself, first do thorough keyword research on that topic

02: If you write an article with a writer, provide the writer with the format of the whole article.

03: When writing an article, always think about the audience to see if he/she is getting any value from the article.

04: Before publishing an article, read the article yourself

05: Check if your targeted keyword or focus keyword appears in the article correctly. There is no need to force any keyword placement.

06: Before publishing any article, you must check whether the article is unique or not. In this case, you can use tools like Copyscape or Grammarly.

Hope you understand how to write an Article for the Amazon Affiliate Website. This is important for Amazon affiliates. I have tried to give you a complete guideline. It will be useful for newcomers, so be sure to share it on your Facebook timeline. Thank you all.


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