Learn about the best features of Facebook Messenger

With over 1.3 billion monthly users, Facebook has become one of the most popular messaging channels in the world Messenger App. Messenger is a messaging app owned by Meta, which is full of great features. It is not only for messaging, but also for many other wonderful features.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of Messenger that all users should know.

Using Messenger on the computer

Annoyed to use messenger on smartphone? You can try using Messenger Desktop version, On any computer. Many people enter Facebook.com on their computer and chat. However, messaging can be done easily from the computer using the desktop version of Messenger. The desktop version of Messenger works exactly like the Messenger app on the phone.

The desktop version of Messenger can be used on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, any type of computer. To use the desktop web version of Messenger, access Messenger.com in any browser from your computer. You can login to Messenger using Facebook account.

Cross-platform messaging

Messenger came as a Facebook chat in 2006. Exactly a few years later Instagram He bought WhatsApp from Facebook, which means the current meta. Since the three messaging apps are owned by the same company, Instagram has a chat feature using Messenger.

Facebook plans to bring WhatsApp to Chat Messenger, which we’ll see soon. To view Instagram chats from Messenger:

  • Enter Messenger settings
  • Enter the Privacy section
  • If you enter Message Privacy, you will see the option to view the message in Messenger on Instagram. Similarly, you can also decide not to come to Instagram’s messenger.
Facebook Instagram cross-platform messaging

Encrypted conversations

Encrypted messages provide maximum privacy and security for any conversation. Messenger has a feature called Secret Conversation for sending encrypted messages. This Encryption All messages and calls are protected using this feature.

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Encrypted conversations can be started by entering the Go to Secret Conversation option by entering any chat settings. There is also the option to delete the message of that conversation after a certain period of time.


Facebook Messenger Story

Stories can be posted on messengers like Instagram. Any type of text, picture and video story can be posted on Messenger, which is automatically deleted after 24 hours. The story can be posted directly to the story by recording or taking pictures, and can also be posted as a picture or video story from the gallery of the phone.

By entering Messenger, you will see the stories posted by Messenger contacts in the Stories tab of the People section. You can post any picture or video like yourself by tapping Add to Story. Who can see the story posted on Messenger can be controlled by entering the Story menu in Messenger settings.

Vanish mode

Currently, the three apps of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook have the Vanish Mode feature. Messages sent with this feature are deleted after a certain period of time. That’s a lot Snapchat It can be compared to the default chatting system.

Vanishing mode can be turned on easily in Messenger. If you swipe up from below in any chat, disappearing message i.e. vanish mode will be turned on. Closing the app will delete all chats in vanish mode.

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Group poll

Facebook Messenger Poll

The Poll feature is very helpful for making simple comments or decisions on any topic with family or group of friends. With this feature, if someone posts a poll, group members can vote on it.

You can see the Poll feature by entering any chat in Android Messenger and tapping on the four-dot menu. To create a poll, tap on Poll, write the question, enter the options, then tap Create Poll and post the poll in the group. And on the iPhone, by clicking on the plus icon on the left side of a chat box, you will find the poll option on the far right.

Learn about the best features of Facebook Messenger

Use Messenger as SMS app

There is a feature to access all the SMS messengers coming in the SIM of the mobile. In this case Messenger can act as the default SMS app. In other words, SMS can be viewed directly and can be replied from Messenger. To turn on the feature of SMS in Messenger, enter the settings of the app, enter the SMS section and turn on the displayed option. You can then use Messenger as an SMS app by selecting Messenger and tapping Set as default.

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Location Sharing

You can share your live location with family or friends on Messenger. Messenger app for both Android and iOS platforms has location sharing feature. You can share your own live location using this feature, again you can share location of any specific place. To share live location in Messenger:

  • Enter any chat
  • Enter the four-dot menu and tap on Location
  • You will then see your live location on the map, select that location or any other location.
  • Then select the time for which you want to share the location and send the location
Facebook Messenger Location Sharing

Messenger app will get access to your phone’s location if you share live location. Turn on live location sharing by providing phone location access.

Unsend message

One of the best features of Messenger is the unsend message feature. After sending any message, now there is an opportunity to unsent in messenger. To send a message after sending any message:

  • Press and hold the message you want to unsend
  • You will see a menu, from there select Remove
  • Select Unsend to delete the message from you or the person you sent the message to.
  • Just tap on Remove for You to delete the message from your side. (Android)
  • In case of iPhone, if you press and hold the message, some options will come up. From there you have to select More. Then the unsend option will come. If you select Unsend for everyone from there, the message will be deleted for everyone. Unsend for you will only delete the message from you, leaving the message in the inbox of others.

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Multiple accounts

Messenger has access to multiple accounts. To use more than one Facebook account in Messenger:

  • Enter Messenger settings
  • Tap on Switch Account
  • Then tap on Add Account and login to your account
  • You can also create a new account by tapping Create a new account.

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Messenger Kids

Kids might use TickTock, Snapchat or Instagram on your phone. For example, Messenger can use your phone to chat or call with friends or family members. Facebook has Messenger Kids app for kids, designed for kids to use. Older family members will also be able to see the insights used by the children.

👉 Download the Messenger Kids app

Which of the following features of Messenger do you like? Let us know in the comments section.

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