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In today’s world of automation, computers and the Internet are intertwined with our lives. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” And computers and the Internet have completely changed the way we live. But computers and the internet have brought a lot of things into our lives, but they have often been the cause of our losses.

While the Internet makes people’s living standards much easier, it can also make people’s lives miserable. By looking at the title of today’s tune, you must have understood what relationship will be discussed in today’s tune. Hacking How terrible it can be, we will discuss this topic in today’s tune. Hopefully, you will see the tune in the end.

What is hacking?

What is hacking

Communication between one computer and another is always a legitimate way of doing things with the help of the Internet. One computer is another Server computer It sends a request for information and the server computer provides that information. But somehow if that On the server computer Information can be obtained by entering it illegally, but in the meantime we will call it theft in the normal sense. And Virtual Tell the world this Hacking

We all know what hacking is. So What is hacking, I do not need to discuss it in detail. Yet above I tried to explain to you a bit about hacking and you are in the middle of this tune Details about hacking You will know. But let’s move on to the main discussion.

How terrible can the consequences of hacking be?

How terrible can hacking be?

Of the world’s 700 million people, more than 4.5 billion are connected to the Internet. With the rapid development of technology, the risk has increased manifold. Scientists and hackers have discovered computer-based methods that can easily launch large-scale attacks from one end of the globe to the other. Which is a radical change in the current war strategy.

Some of the notable types of cyber attacks are: Phishing, Botnet, Virus, Spyware, Malware And Runswear Etc. These methods can be used to control any secure computer or digital device. With these, it is possible to do all kinds of damage digitally, starting from stealing someone’s password. This crime is not limited to seizing someone else’s computer.

Rather, it is possible for a cyber attack to paralyze any city or country in the world in just a few minutes. There are cases where cyber attacks are trying to restore normalcy in the country. In the modern world system, a city’s telecommunications, electricity bills, water supply, banks, mass media, public transport system are all interconnected in one way or another. Only one Malware Because of this, the whole system can be ruined at the moment.

Computer malware

Nowadays there is no need to drop a bomb to carry out a major attack. Only with the help of computer programs can enough damage be done. So what do you call this process of harming that country through hacking without dropping bombs? What is it in this case Throwing bombs Better for people to ask? In this case, the answer will not be.

Because hacking is only At the state level Is not managed from. Rather one Hacker Any person or organization entering the site illegally can harm them in their own way. In this case, the hacker may have illegally entered the server of an organization in his own country. In this case he is not harming any other country but he is harming any person or organization of his own country. So it’s not that hacking is better than throwing bombs.

Rather, Hacking There will always be damage. In this case, whether it is at the state level or at the individual level.

Some organizations are victims of cyber attacks or hacking

Cyber ​​attack

In today’s world, one country is constantly waging cyber war against another. Using electronic or cyber media to attack a country is basically a cyber war. Cyber ​​attack is a kind of unequal war. Here a wise man attacks another party, but the victim does not easily notice. Such an attack could wreak havoc on the lives of a very small number of people. Which could be a bigger loss than fighting a country.

Countries such as China, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, North Korea, and Pakistan specialize in conducting cyber attacks. Between 2000 and 2003, America’s defense infrastructure was the target of horrific cyber attacks. The name of this campaign was “Titan RainAmerican Space Research Organization Nasa, Nuclear safety organization Sandia National Laboratories And defense companies Lockheed Martin Institutions like this are the victims of this attack.

Titan RainThe bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. Titan Rain Through the project, NASA’s secret and very important information about the Mars mission and the US Air Force Flight planning software Chinese hackers steal. Which was a terrible cyber attack.


There have also been incidents of cyber attacks paralyzing the entire country. Russian hackers in 2006 Estonia Cyber ​​attacks are carried out on many important places, including government websites, parliaments, ministries, newspapers and television. Even the country is disconnected from the internet connection. In that attack Estonia All ATM booth Becomes obsolete. Until a certain period of time the economy of the country was partially ruined.

Officially Russia Has the capability to wage a very effective cyber war. Russia is huge for such attacks Hacker Group Who is officially patronized. Not just Russia. Rather, in almost every country in the world, government sponsorship or government support Hacker group There are.

Cyber ​​attack on Iran’s nuclear plant

Cyber ​​attack on Iran's nuclear plant

The world has witnessed more horrific cyber attacks in 2010. The attack was carried out against Iran’s nuclear program. The name of this attack is in the case of Iran Stuxnet Is given. To damage Iran’s nuclear plant Israel, America And Western Europe A few countries this Malware Made t. In this case, they succeeded in inserting the malware into the desired server in Iran.

Stuxnet As the virus enters the operating system of Iran’s nuclear plant, it starts sending fake warnings to computers. In this case the computer operator finds that their machine is running very slowly. But in reality the machine was working properly. Here is basically staying inside the computer Of malware Due Wrong signal Was giving. As the operator speeds up the machine, the computer displays false warnings.

Computer operator

At one stage of increasing the speed in this way Nuclear plant Severe explosions occur in important parts of it. Imagine the process of malware entering a computer’s operating system and controlling the entire system. In this case, the US or Israel did not have to go to that country and drop a bomb to destroy that Iranian nuclear plant. Instead, they inserted malware into their computers, causing them to inadvertently damage their installations.

In addition to government sponsorship, there are numerous other examples of such cyber attacks. For example, the incident of taking huge amount of money from Bangladesh Bank by carrying out cyber attack is well known. েWhere a huge amount of money was snatched from the bank of Bangladesh in 2016. Those hackers Of Bangladesh Bank He was able to enter the computer and steal 100 million dollars. However, later it was possible to find those hackers.

Hacking has resulted in a change in current war strategy

The current war situation as a result of hacking

The more our society relies on technology, the greater the risk of potential cyber attacks. A cyber attack is an act of damaging the assets of an individual or an organization online or offline using computer and internet media. From hacking into someone’s personal Facebook account, to attacking a government website or digital infrastructure, everything is subject to a cyber attack. It can be said that hacking is an illegal entry into a server somewhere on an online platform. In this case, the hacker did not take any information from the server computer, but it is hacking.

A successful cyber attack is capable of wreaking havoc more than any large army. So the superpowers are preparing to add advanced weapons to their defenses as well as launch powerful cyber attacks. People used to fight with bows and arrows, but now they don’t. The process of fighting with bows and arrows we can only see in movies nowadays. Thousands of warriors were killed in the battle of that time.

Cyber war

But now there is a war like this? The answer will not be. At present, the army does not have to go to any country to fight. It is possible to attack an enemy country from one’s own country with missiles and drones. At present this technology of fighting has become like a normal thing for us. But if these missiles and drones can be attacked in a more different way, then what is the point?

What if a country’s huge amount of resources could be damaged without being hit by a missile? In that case the war will be less expensive and much more harmful for the opposing country. And in this case, if hacking can be chosen with the help of the Internet, then this matter can be dealt with. In this case, the emphasis is on intelligence. Only by hacking can it be possible to damage a huge amount of resources in one’s own country by attacking the important computers of the opposing country.

Security analysts fear that the world will witness more horrific cyber attacks in the future.

Last word

Although the Internet has changed the way people communicate, it has also caused a lot of harm to humans. The amount of damage here has been huge. You may have understood from the above discussion what kind of situation a person, organization or country can be as a result of hacking. As a result of hacking, the economic condition of a country can be completely destroyed and another person or organization can become destitute.

Hacking is not desirable to us in any way. Digital theft hacking in the online world is like stealing in real life. However, if you steal in the real world, you can’t catch him, but in the virtual world, he can be caught. You’ve probably heard of digital footprint. Investigative agencies will catch hackers at some point by looking at digital footprints.

Anyway, I am finishing today’s tune by saying so far. Assalamu Alaikum.

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