Learn the latest features and details of Realm UI 3.0

Realme’s phones are currently using Realme UI. Apo’s Color OS was initially used in Realm phones. The main reason for moving away from Color OS was to give Realm phones a distinct identity. Realmy can be said to be very successful in that goal.

Although Realmy’s smartphone line-up is huge, the smartphone maker is trying to provide regular updates. Following this, Realm UI 3 is going to come for Realm phones. Realmy UI 3.0 has new icons, interface and many more new features.

Let us know about the new features of Realm UI 3.0. You will also find out which devices will get the Realmy UI 3.0 update at the end of this post.

Realm UI 3.0 Features

In addition to some significant changes, new features have been added to Realmy UI 3.0. Let us know about the features of Realmy UI 3.0.

Fluid space design

Realm UI 3.0 Features

Realm UI 3.0 has Android 12 based customization options and features. Fluid space design has been added as part of this. It is part of Realm’s new UI design language, which consists of an organized layout, 3D design icons, vibrations and a variety of colors. Also better title size, text contrast and symbols than before will be seen throughout the new Realm UI 3.0. Realm UI 3.0 also has wallpaper based theming feature of Android 12.

Layout interface

Realm UI 3.0 has a global color theme and improved always-on display with more personalization. Realmy claims that they have a lot of customization opportunities in this new software. Realmy UI 3.0 offers customization of icons, backgrounds, fonts and other UI elements to the user’s liking.

really ui 3 AOD

RealMe UI 3’s Always-On Display has been greatly improved. Silhouettes can be created using their own photos and they can always be used on display. It can also be used in food, ghost, object, etc. omojis and always-on displays.

AI smooth engine

In addition to the user interface, personalization and always-on display, the AI ​​Smooth engine is used in Realm UI 3.0. It basically uses software based algorithms to enhance UI smoothness and reduce power consumption.

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Realmy claims that this AI Smooth Engine reduces memory consumption by up to 30 percent and increases app launching speed by 13 percent. The new software also uses Floating Window 2.0, which will improve the multitasking of the body by allowing users to use the floating window as they wish.


realme ui image remove personal info

Like all other UIs, Realm UI 3.0 also comes with a privacy upgrade. A privacy feature called Private Peak Share has been added to Realm UI 3.0. This feature can be used to hide EXIF ​​data of any photo, i.e. camera model, timestap, location, etc. and share it with other users. In addition to this new feature, more limitations have been added to the Realmy UI 3.0 in terms of app permissions.

Phones that get Realm UI 3.0 update

Realmy GT Series, Realmy X Series, Realmy Narzo and Realmy Series phones will get Realmy UU 3.0 update. Below is a list of the phones that will get the Realmy UI 3.0 update.

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Realmy X series

  • Realmy X7 Max
  • Realmy X7 5G
  • Realmy X7 Pro 5G
  • Realmy X7 Pro Extreme Edition
  • Realmy X50 Pro 5G
  • Realmy X50 5G
  • Realmy X50M5G
  • Realmy X50 Pro Player Edition
  • Realmy X3
  • Realm X3 Super Zoom

Realm number series

  • Realm 7
  • Realm৬s
  • Realm৬ Pro
  • Realm৬ i
  • Realm: Come on
  • Realm 7
  • Realm: 5G
  • Realm৭ Pro
  • Realm 7
  • Realm: 5G
  • Realm৮ Pro
  • RealMe 6S 5G
  • Realm৮ i

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Realmy C series

  • Realm C25 Y (Probably)
  • Realm C21Y
  • Realm C15
  • Realm C15 Qualcomm Edition
  • Realm C12
  • Realm C16
  • Realm C20
  • Realm C21
  • Realm C25
  • Realmy C25S

Realm Narzo Series

  • Realm Narjo 50
  • Realmy Narzo 50 Pro
  • Realm Narjo 50A
  • Realmy Narjo 50i
  • Realm Narjo 30A
  • Realmy Narjo 30 Pro 5G
  • Realmy Narjo 10
  • Realm Narjo 10A
  • Realmy Narjo 20
  • Realm Narjo 20A
  • Realmy Norjo 20 Pro

Realmy V series

  • Realm V5
  • Realm V3
  • Realm V13
  • Realm V11
  • Realm V15

Realmy GT Series

  • Realmy GT
  • Realmy GT Master Edition
  • Realm GT Master Explorer Edition
  • Realmy GT Neo
  • Realmy GT Neo 2
  • Realmy GT Neo 2

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Realmy Q Series

  • Realmy Q2 Pro
  • Realmy Q2
  • Realmy Q2i
  • Realmy Q3
  • Realmy Q3i
  • Realmy Q3 Pro
  • Realmy Q3S

Devices that may not receive the Realm UI 3.0 update

  • Realmy X2 Pro
  • Realmy X2
  • Realmy XT
  • Realmy X.
  • Realm C3
  • Realmy C3i

The Realmy GT 5G phone gets the first Android 12 based Realmy UI 3.0 update. The update rolled out from October this year. Realmy GT Master Edition, Realmy GT Neo 25G, Realmy X7 Max and Realmy 6 Pro phones will be updated in December 2021. Between the first and second quarters of 2022, all the devices mentioned will get the Realm UI 3.0 update.

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