Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Almost everyone knows about affiliate marketing. It is also possible to earn income from affiliate marketing from Daraj, a popular e-commerce website in Bangladesh. Anyone can earn money by promoting the products listed in Daraj through Daraj Affiliate Program. Let’s find out how from the drawer Affiliate Marketing Make money through it.

What is affiliate marketing?

It is very important to have a general idea about affiliate marketing before making money from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically the promotion of another company’s product on its own website, social media, YouTube channel, etc. and getting commission on the product sold from it.

Simply put, you will try to promote and sell products of other organizations. You will receive a certain portion of the revenue from the products that will be sold through you as commission.

What is Daraj Affiliate Program?

Daraj is the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh with a collection of over 50,000 products. Among all these products, you can get commission for the products sold by promoting the products listed in the drawers. And this affiliate marketing program of Daraj is called Daraj Affiliate Program.

How Much Money Does a Daraj Affiliate Program Make?

The amount of revenue from affiliate marketing through Daraj depends on the category of product you are selling through reference. It is possible to get up to 12% commission on fashion products, which is the highest in the case of Daraj Affiliate Program.

For example, if you can sell a fashion product worth ten thousand rupees through affiliate marketing and the commission amount is 9%, then your commission amount for selling that ten thousand rupees product will be 900 rupees.

What do you need to earn from the drawer?

It is important to have some essentials to make money from affiliate marketing. Everything you need to earn from the drawer

  • Own website / Facebook page / YouTube channel to promote the product
  • Bank account for withdrawing money earned through Daraj Affiliate
  • General knowledge about affiliate marketing

In other words, in order to earn money through Daraj Affiliate, you will need a proper platform to promote the product. If you have enough followers on your social media, website or YouTube channel, you can easily earn money from the drawer.

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Rules for opening a Daraj Affiliate Account

If you want to earn money from Daraj through affiliate program, you need Daraj affiliate account. Opening a Daraj Affiliate Account is quite easy. To open Daraj Affiliate Account:

  • To enter the Daraj Affiliate Account Creation page Click on this link
  • Click on SIGN UP NOW button, click on Next button
  • The next step will be to ask for all the necessary information and see a form
  • Enter your email ID, business type, month-long traffic, etc. correctly in this form
  • Provide your bank account information properly and carefully
  • Provide accurate tax and VAT information
  • Then you will be asked for the required information for Daraj Buyer Account
  • Please provide correct information such as Daraj Buyer Account Type, Business Name, Phone Number, National Registration Number or Government Issued ID Number, Postal Address, etc.
  • Click Yes to go to the next step to agree to the Daraj Affiliate Program Terms
  • Submit the Daraj Affiliate Account Opening Form by clicking Submit

Properly following the procedure mentioned above will open your drawer affiliate account.

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How much time do you have to spend in this case?

How much time you have to spend to earn money through Daraj affiliate marketing depends on the status of your promotion media i.e. social media / website / channel. For example, if your channel / page or website has enough followers, you can generate sales only by providing links. Again, if you have few followers, then you have to invest a separate time on the content to generate cells.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

According to Daraj, expert marketers will need a maximum of one to two hours for Daraj Affiliate Marketing. It may take three to five hours for new marketers to achieve the same goal in the beginning. If you can give time and be able to promote the product properly, then you can earn 10 thousand to 20 thousand rupees or more per month.

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Rules for making income from drawers

Let us know step by step the rules of income from Daraj. Follow the procedure below to make income from the drawer.

  • To make money from Daraj, you must first be a Daraj Affiliate Partner, which will require a Daraj Affiliate Account. We already know the rules for opening a Daraj Affiliate Account. First, open a drawer affiliate account.
  • Once the Daraj Affiliate Account is opened Enter the link and enter the Daraj Affiliate Partner Dashboard, login with your email address and password if required.
  • Click on AD MEDIA, select TYPE and click on ADJUST.
  • Then after clicking on the search tab you will see a link, click on the CLICK URL and copy the link. Promote this URL and run an affiliate campaign.
  • If you click on the link you received, the person who clicked on it will enter the Daraj app directly if there is a Daraj app on the phone. And if there is no Daraj app, then that person will enter the Playstore after clicking on the link. After entering the link, you will get commission for purchasing from the app.
  • In other words, to earn money from the drawer, your job is to promote the received URL or link on your social media, website or YouTube channel. If someone buys something from Daraj by clicking this link, the money will be credited to your Daraj affiliate account.
  • Also, if the person who clicked on the link does not have Daraj app on his phone and that person installs Daraj app by clicking on your link, then you can get 20 taka commission for installing the app conditionally.

Banglatech has a separate post about affiliate marketing, from which you can get a complete idea about affiliate marketing.

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Note that Daraj Authority may change the terms and commission rate of Daraj Affiliate at any time. So after registering as an affiliate, you will be able to know the latest updates from joining the Daraj team.

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