Meta is examining ways to earn money from Facebook profile

Facebook has introduced the professional mode feature for personal profiles. Qualified creators through this experimental feature Facebook page Without making Money income from Facebook You can. It’s part of a ১ 1 billion investment in Facebook’s parent company Meta for Creators. As well as Facebook Instagram Influencers are also going to get this bonus.

Let’s find out what the new Facebook Professional Mode is and how Meta plans to give users bonuses through their profiles.

What is Facebook Professional Mode?

The new addition to the Facebook profile is Professional mode. Basically this Professional mode Using any different Facebook page You can earn money by monetizing your Facebook account i.e. personal profile without creating. Bonus for professional mode creators will be given by a separate fund created for creators.

If you turn on Facebook Professional Mode, you will see how many people saw a post on a profile, what kind of post is getting more engagement, this information can be seen on a separate dashboard. You will find the same information on the professional profile as the various analytics data available on the Facebook page.

How does Facebook Professional Mode work?

Professional mode is a new feature for Facebook profiles. The purpose of the Professional Mode feature of the Facebook profile is to provide important insights along with income by giving importance to the creators. This information will help you better understand your community. Eligible creators can get revenue through professional mode and use powerful tools to increase their audience.

One of the main sources of revenue for Facebook profiles through professional mode is the Reels Play bonus program. Reels are short videos, much like tick videos. Facebook launches Reals feature to capture the tick market. Now Facebook has announced bonuses for making reels in order to encourage users to make reels.

Creators under the Reels Play Bonus program can earn up to মার্কিন 35,000 depending on their monthly views. The Reels feature is not yet available in all countries. As a result, even if the professional mode feature for Facebook profiles is removed, it may take some time for the revenue stream to be created through the Reels Play program.

The goal of professional mode

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that he would invest ১ 1 billion behind Creators by 2022. Part of this investment will be various fund programs, creator funds and other monetization programs. Basically, Facebook wants to narrow the competition by creating creators on its own platform.

Although Facebook has numerous creators, so far Facebook has not done anything extra to give bonuses to the creators. In that case other platforms are well ahead. Although there is an influencer community on Instagram, many are losing interest in this market due to competition. Even the founder of Instagram himself has expressed negative views about this influencer market.

An algorithmic feed system has recently been added to Instagram, allowing Instagram users to see more family and friend posts than brand and business posts. Many are also angry about this sudden change in Instagram.

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YouTube has been sharing money with creators’ content monetization for over a decade. Also a few days ago a short video feature on YouTube YouTube announces bonuses for short creators. However, the feature of generating revenue was added to Instagram only last year. In addition to these problems, Facebook is in an awkward position considering the recent scandal in the name of Facebook as a company.

Creators are the lifeblood of the platform, a fact that Facebook has finally realized. Finally, creators will get bonuses with the help of Facebook page as well as professional mode of Facebook profile. Facebook aims to attract creators to the platform by offering bonuses, much like revenue sharing.

What is the difference between a Facebook page and a professional profile?

Almost everyone knows how the Facebook page works. Facebook pages are different from normal profiles. It is possible to open multiple pages using one Facebook profile. However, many people want to use their profile as a page. Professional mode for profiles is going to solve this problem.

Profiles for profiles include general posting in general, as well as advanced post features like pages and important statistics about audiences and profiles. Basically, all the features of the Facebook page are going to be added to the Facebook professional profile. For example, the total reactions, comments and shares in a post, as well as the growth and review of the follower can be done over time.

In other words, there is no difference between the page and the professional profile. After turning on the professional mode for Facebook profile, anyone can follow the profile and see the public content in their feed. However, the interesting thing is that even after turning on the professional mode for the profile, the privacy of the post can be kept public or private just like before. Where it is not possible to keep any post private from Facebook page.

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In other words, there is no need to manage a separate profile or page in the name of a person. Private posts can be shared with friends and public posts for all followers. This means that even after turning on professional mode, the user will have complete control over the privacy of the content.

This new mode is currently being tested on only a few Facebook profiles in the United States. According to Facebook’s commentary, the results of this test, which has already been run, are quite as expected. If all goes well, Meta will launch the Facebook Professional Mode feature for all Facebook users.

Facebook Professional Profile

Why run professional mode instead of pages?

Many people may ask why I should use professional mode without using Facebook page. But the answer is very simple. Let’s try to understand the subject through an example.

Suppose you are a singer and you have a Facebook account. You may share the update on your profile, but the same update has to be shared on your Facebook page again. That means you have to do the same post twice. Again, if your friends follow your page, they will see the same post twice. In that case, if you use the professional mode of the Facebook page, then you can communicate with friends as well as share updates with the fans under the same roof.

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The bottom line is that Meta, or Facebook, has taken this initiative to get everyone interested in creating content. And using professional profile mode will also get rid of the hassle of managing separate pages.

Facebook lags far behind platforms that have a strong creator community like TickTock. With more than 3 billion downloads and more engagement than Facebook, Tiktuk is currently gaining traction in the social media industry. And Facebook is trying to attract creators by paying for their labor.

What will be the amount of income from Facebook Professional mode?

What will be the amount of income from Facebook Professional mode?

Many may be worried about what kind of income is possible for the profile through this professional mode. Eligible creators can earn up to মার্কিন 35,000 a month, depending on the monthly views of their selected reels, according to Facebook. It is going to be the main source of income in professional mode. However, to participate in this “Reels Play” program, you have to get an invitation from Facebook.

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