OK Wallet Account Opening Rules – 40 Taka Bonus

You can get 40 taka bonus by opening OK wallet account. OK Wallet and a mobile banking service like bKash, Cash, Rocket. In this post you will learn more about OK Wallet, OK Wallet Account Features, OK Account Opening Rules.

OK, what’s the wallet?

OK Wallet is One Bank Limited’s mobile banking service. Money can be deposited using OK Wallet, which can be sent to other account users, withdrawn, and even paid and purchased.

Account opening facility

If you open OK Wallet account, you will get 40 taka bonus, we found out at the beginning of this post. However, it is completely foolish to open OK wallet account only to get 40 taka free by opening OK account. OK Wallet Account is a self-contained mobile banking system. Development, Cash Or Rocket Mobile banking services like this can be enjoyed using OK Wallet. Let us know about the features of OK Wallet.

  • Ad Money: Cash in, One Bank Account, Visa / MasterCard, Other Bank Account, or Transfer Money. Add Money or Balance to OK Wallet.
  • Send Money: Money can be sent to any other OK Wallet user using OK Wallet
  • Cash Out: Money deposited in OK Wallet balance can be withdrawn from any agent, ATM or One Bank service.
  • Mobile Recharge: Mobile can be recharged in all operators of the country using OK Wallet balance
  • Bill Pay: Utility bills for gas, water, internet, etc. can be paid using OK Wallet.
  • Shopping: Payments can be made at various shopping outlets using OK Wallet. Many shopping outlets also offer discounts and bonuses for payments using OK Wallet.

OK Wallet app download

OK wallet app can be used Android Oh IOS, On both platforms. Select your operating system to download OK Wallet app Android | IOS

For those who do not have a smartphone, they can enjoy the benefits of OK Wallet with the help of OK Wallet’s USSD menu. OK is the USSD code for the wallet account *269# Almost all the benefits of OK Wallet can be used without opening an account.

What does it take to open a wallet?

Age 18 years or older and National ID card Yes, anyone can open a wallet account. Accounts can be opened at home or using OK Wallet’s paper-based KYC form. You will need to open the OK Wallet account by self-registering through the OK Wallet app at home. Personal National ID Card i.e. NID. You will need to take a selfie as part of your identity verification when opening an account.

OK Wallet account can also be opened by filling the paper-based KYC form again. In that case, in addition to filling the KYC form, one copy of passport size photo and original and photocopied copy of National ID card, driving license and any one of the passport. OK Wallet Account can be opened from One Bank or OK Agent with the required documents mentioned.

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OK wallet account opening rules

OK, opening a wallet account is quite easy. OK to open a wallet account

  • First install the OK Wallet app on the phone
  • In this tutorial post, we will learn the rules for opening an account in the English language version of the app. If the language of the app is set to Bengali, you can change the language to English using the switch in the top right corner.
OK wallet account
  • OK, open the Wallet app and tap on Create Account
  • Enter the phone number with which you want to open OK Wallet, and tap Next.
  • If the SIM is on the same phone, the OTP code will be automatically inserted, press Next
  • Then first take a picture of the front of the NID / Passport / Driving License and tap on Submit
  • Then take a picture of the back of the paper and tap on Submit
  • You will then be asked to take a selfie for verification. Take a selfie and tap Submit. If the picture is not good, you can take it again by tapping on Retake
  • Then, when the verification process is completed successfully, tap Next
  • Then you will see all the information already given. Select the gender and press Next
  • Then name a nominee and select about you with him, then press Next
  • Then provide your digital signature by touching the screen, press Next
  • Once all the information has been provided correctly check again and tap on Submit
  • When you open the account, you will see the message “Congratulations”, press Next
  • Then your OK wallet PIN will be sent to SMS
  • If you provide the PIN and login to the OK Wallet app, you will get the option to set a new PIN. Set up a new PIN and tap Confirm
OK wallet account

Following the correct procedure will open your OK Wallet account and you will get the account opening bonus.

OK wallet fees and charges

Let’s take a brief look at the fees and charges for using the various features of OK Wallet. Note that the USSD code * 269 # for the use of various features of the OK account and the Fee for the use of the OK Wallet app vary.

There is no fee for opening OK Wallet account. In case of cash out from OK account or OK agent, no charge is deducted. Ad money can be made from any bank in OK Wallet, without any extra fee. However, credit card and debit card charges can be deducted from 0.5% to 1%. Add money can be made from One Bank’s debit card without any extra charge.

OK Wallet Account Opening Rules - 40 Taka Bonus

Now come on OK Wallet’s cash out charge. In case of cash out using USSD code 1.8% and in case of cash out from app 1.8% charge will be applicable in case of OK Wallet. Note that the minimum cash out charge can be 10 rupees.

In case of cash out from One Bank branch or One Bank ATM, 1% cash out charge will be deducted. In this case, the minimum cash out charge is 5 taka.

If you send money from one OK wallet to another OK wallet using USSD code, a fee of 5 taka will be applicable. However, if you send money using the OK Wallet app, you can send money for free. Mobile recharge or merchant payment can also be made using OK Wallet Balance without any additional fee.

OK wallet using gas, water, internet, etc .; That means 1% fee will be applicable in case of utility bill payment. This fee can be minimum 5 rupees and maximum 25 rupees.

Have you already opened OK Wallet account after reading this post? If you have opened an account and got a bonus of Tk 40, let us know in the comments section.

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