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Hello Techtunes folks, how are you all? Hope everybody is well. From now on we come to you regularly with new tunes. And is there any other way to stay good with the new topics and services of Techtunes? And in order to keep up with this ever new topic and trend of service, today I came up with a brand new topic with you. And through this tune you will be able to know all the new information.

Slow computers can turn you into a detective. Trying to figure out what happened to your computer. You may even search on Google for “How do I know if my computer has a virus” or “What are the warnings or symptoms of a virus infection on your computer”!

However, with Google search, you can be a victim of the virus again. And that’s why I have arranged this tune for you in such a way that you can unravel the mystery of your computer being slow. One of the secrets of slowing down the computer is that whenever you turn on the laptop, the screen will pop up like a pop-up and so on.

But you should be aware of the more subtle symptoms of the virus. Not all viruses will show up on your display but some viruses may be hiding in your system. Also, there are certain signs that your computer is infected with a virus.

1. Overheating

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When you accidentally download and install malware, you start working overtime to manage this malware on your computer’s internal components. And these extra tasks are not supposed to be done by the computer under normal conditions, and so your computer gets hotter than usual.

Your computer’s system fan is spinning too much to cool your computer, and this can damage your computer’s system fans.

2. No strange sound heard

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May issue notifications to alert you of any problems with your computer system. While malware can hide these warning messages, they cannot block or block sound box sound. If it sounds like a notification sound is coming but the notification is not showing or the bell is ringing then take this as a warning sign.

3. System crash

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Desktop apps that worked nicely a while ago but suddenly stopped working. This could be due to a mistake in the coding of the developers, so be sure to check the information directly from the official source without any hassle.

You can find out from the official web site that your software or hardware does not support it, which may be due to the use of older devices. And if no other user has complained about your problem then the problem may be in your device or system.

Moreover, if you can’t open antivirus software then you should be especially careful. Viruses like ransomware are very dangerous, they destroy the files on your computer and prevent them from opening. Even if your system is not attacked by a ransomware virus, your computer may contain a malicious virus that has spread to your system.

4. Device restarts alone

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Of course, your computer may restart repeatedly when installing system updates. But also think if your computer restarts. Also, check if you have set a specific time to restart from the system settings.

However, if your computer is infected with a virus, it will restart alone. It will not ask you for permission or display a warning message.

A sudden restart is a sign that a hacker is installing malware on your device. This is because the system usually needs to be restarted to install malicious software. If someone enters your system remotely, they may restart your system for whatever reason you do not work on your device.

5. Video takes a long time to load and consumes a lot of data

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Tune in. As far as you know, viruses can overheat your device because it forces your internal circuits to do more work than usual. But it’s not the only thing that’s damaging your hardware. It also does a great deal of damage to your storage space.

Although occasional buffering is normal, this buffering should not be all the time. This is because malware slows down your internet traffic through DND hijacking. And malware redirects your Internet traffic to insecure servers, resulting in more data consumption than usual and slowing down your online streaming.

And you can compare this situation with VPN service, with VPN service you can redirect your traffic to secure server. And when VPNs do this, they protect your privacy so that advertisers can’t collect your activity. Moreover, when hackers redirect your traffic, they try to hack your personal data from you. As a result, you run a huge security risk.

Last word

How to protect your system from virus attacks? Such a question is revolving in our minds. Currently cyber attacks are on the rise, and in the future we will be more vulnerable to cyber attacks as we become more dependent on the device in our school work, office work, various personal life activities. Whether it’s your personal data, such as a bank account, personal data, photos or conversations, there are many things you can do to protect and protect yourself. You can use a good quality antivirus software, check before downloading any file from the internet, check if you are downloading from the official site, if someone shares a link with you, do not browse without checking, etc.

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