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Those of us who use the Windows operating system often use text passwords to log in to Windows accounts, and no matter what the password is, the password must be long and complex so that no one else can easily guess the password. On the other hand, remembering a long and complicated password is not easy. This can cause headaches, especially when you are logging in and out of the computer. And if you forget the password, then if you put Windows again, all the data of C drive will be erased and installing all the software is also a matter of time.

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So no more headaches with passwords, rest assured and forget what password you gave. Yes, today I will share with you a software Rohos Logon Key, through which you can easily login to your computer without entering any password.

Rohos Logon Key What?

Rohos Logon Key is a great free tool that lets you turn your USB flash drive into a login key. That means you don’t have to login manually again and again. If you just insert the USB drive, the login will be done automatically. So you don’t have to worry about memorizing big passwords anymore. Now just enter the password and forget it.

Features of Rohos Logon Key

Rohos Logon Key software has many advanced features that cannot be found in other software. This helps to reuse the unused USB drive as a security key for your home and office computer and at the same time ensures the security of your computer. Its features are discussed in detail below.

Authentication key

I mentioned earlier that you can use your USB pen drive. You can also generate keys by your smartphone or modem / dongle, SMS / email authentication.

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Automatic login or unlock

If you have a USB pen drive inserted in your computer, your computer will be unlocked or logged in automatically, so you do not have to bother to enter the password.

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Login with regular password

If you login with a password most of the time while you have two-factor authentication, then two-factor authentication will be disabled automatically.

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Automatic desktop logoff

When you unplug the USB pen drive from your computer, your computer will automatically go into lock / logoff / slip mode.

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Unique protection

Even Rohos Logon Key If you login to Windows in Safe Mode but your computer is secure, no one will be able to login until the password is given. As a result, it is not possible to bypass the two-factor authentication password by logging into computer safe mode.

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Emergency logon

If you have lost or forgotten the PIN code of Rohos Logon Key, you will be able to access your system through the Emergency Logon feature.

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Flexible authentication key feature

With this feature of Rohos Logon Key you can unlock many computers with a security key or you can fix a security key without which the computer will not be unlocked.

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Remote desktop

Suppose someone wants to access your computer remotely but Rohos Logon Key This feature will not allow anyone to access your computer without the authentication key.

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All kinds of security

Rohos Logon Key software provides you with all types of protection such as two-factor authentication, Google Authenticator also provides all of the above security.

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How to download Rohos Logon Key

Rohos Logon Key is a paid software but you can check with your 15 day trial version if your needs and features of the software are working properly. The size of the software is very small and you can buy it at a very low price. The minimum price of the software is $ 27 which is only around 2260 Bangladeshi Taka. You Rohos Logon Key software Official site You can download and buy from

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How to use Rohos Logon Key

We hope you have already downloaded and installed the Rohos Logon Key software. Rohos Logon Key is very easy to use, and now I will show you how to use this software. The details are discussed below.

Step 1: Rohos Logon Key When you have finished installing the software, open it, a skin like the image below will open.

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Step 2: Then select the Setup authentication key option from the various options shown on the skin.

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Then you will see a skin like the picture below on your desktop.

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Now you select the USB flash drive option and insert the pen drive into your PC, then the software will automatically detect the USB drive. Take a look at the picture below, then you will understand better.

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Then, in the box below, if you have already given a password in Windows, you have to enter that password in this box, and if no password is given, leave the box blank. See the picture below to better understand.

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Now if you have done all the above work properly, 99% of your work is done, now it is just a matter of one click, yes now you just click on the Setup the key button below. See the picture below to understand more clearly.

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To make your PC more secure, sign out now and check if the software is working properly. I checked on my PC, the software is working properly, hopefully it will work properly on your PC too.

Rohos Logon Key Something about me

First of all, I really like the Rohos Logon Key software because it has some cool features that will catch everyone’s eye. Also this software, simple user interface, is easy to use, and works exactly as they said about the software on their web site, so in a word it is a great software for me. And hopefully you will like the software too.

Let us know what the tune was like today, and if you have any questions you can ask. Join, tune and share the tune and stay with Techtunes.

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