Rules for hiding pictures or files on Xiaomi phone

Nobody likes to let anyone else tamper with their phone without permission. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. In that case, you can hide files or pictures to protect the privacy and security of gallery and file storage.

Xiaomi phone Of Miui (MIUI) operating system has built-in file and media hiding feature. Shaomi, Redmi Oh PokoMedia or files can be hidden in phones of three sub-brands of Xiaomi powered by MIUI.

Let us know the details about the rules for hiding any file or picture on Xiaomi phone.

Hide pictures and videos on Xiaomi phone

Redmi, Xiaomi and Poco brand phones can hide pictures and videos in the same way. To hide pictures or videos on Xiaomi phone powered by MIUI12

  • Access the Gallery app that is pre-installed on the phone
  • Enter any album and select one or more photos or videos
  • Tap the “Add to Album” button
  • Select the “Private Album” option
  • If you select this option for the first time, you will see the details about the work of this option
  • Xiaomi will then be asked to activate the cloud
  • Then login to your existing Xiaomi account, M account If not, create a new account
  • Automatically selected images or videos will be hidden if the Mi account is active
Xiaomi Hide Photos

The lock of hidden pictures or videos depends on the lock on the phone. The fingerprint, pattern, or pincode set on the phone will be used as the code to access the hidden image or video.

Hidden photos or videos are stored in the gallery’s private folder. To access the private folder, enter the Gallery app and tap on Album. After touching the middle of the screen and sliding from top to bottom, the password, pattern or pincode will be asked according to the security method to enter the private folder.

Note that the given rules for hiding pictures or videos work best in MIUI12. If your Xiaomi phone runs on another version, you will get the same settings if you explore a little.

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Hide files on Xiaomi phone

Files need to be hidden on mobile phones to ensure the security and privacy of photos and videos as well as various important files. Using the Files app on the phone, any file can be hidden on the Xiaomi phone. To hide files on Xiaomi phone:

  • Open the Files app
  • Tap on the hamburger menu on the left
  • Select the “Private files” option
  • The security method used in the first Photos app will be used as a security method, which can be changed later.
  • Xiaomi account Connect if you need to
  • Then select the Make Files Private option and select the files you want to hide
Xiaomi Hide Files

Hidden files can be seen by entering the Private Files section from the Files app’s menu.

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There are also ways to view other files hidden in the Xiaomi phone. To display hidden files in the file manager, you need to first turn on the Hidden file display option. You can follow this method to find out which hidden files occupy the phone’s storage. To view hidden files:

  • Access the File Manager app from the homescreen or app drawer of Redmi or Xiaomi phones
  • Select Settings from the Hamburger menu
  • Turn on the slider next to Show hidden files and turn on the option

If you follow the mentioned instructions correctly, you will see various folders and files that are hidden in the Files app.

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