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People who have smartphones but haven’t heard of WhatsApp may not be found. WhatsApp is seen on almost everyone’s phone. WhatsApp is used by almost all smartphone users due to its high rate.

But many new users have little idea about the rules of running WhatsApp. Let’s find out in detail about the rules of using WhatsApp.

What’s WhatsApp – What’s WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free chat app launched in 2009. In 2015, it became the most popular communication app in the world. The main reason for the popularity of WhatsApp is that it does not have any kind of ads. WhatsApp chats are also much more secure and confidential, thanks to the use of end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp download

WhatsApp for all supported platforms can be downloaded from the official website. WhatsApp can be used on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows computers. Click to install WhatsApp

Account setup

Opening a WhatsApp account is quite easy. WhatsApp account can be opened using phone number on any device with internet connection. 3 Learn the rules for opening a WhatsApp account. Allow access to the contacts and photos on the phone after opening the account. Once the account is opened, you can chat with other WhatsApp users.

By entering the settings from the menu, you can edit the name, picture and about section displayed in WhatsApp by tapping on the part with your name and picture set in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp phone number change

Changing the phone number does not require deleting the previous WhatsApp account and opening a WhatsApp account with the new number. If you change the phone number, you can change the number in WhatsApp keeping the chats and contacts the same.

To change the WhatsApp number, enter the settings and tap on Account. Then tap on Change number and you will see the option to change the number, press Next. First provide the current mobile number and then the new WhatsApp number and save it by clicking Next.

WhatsApp Change Phone Number

Changing the WhatsApp number in the mentioned way will shift all the information, group and settings of the previous account to the new number. All previous messages will remain the same. Contacts will also receive a notification to change your WhatsApp number.

Privacy settings

WhatsApp users have every right to choose who can see the last scene, profile photo, about, status, etc. information. By entering the Account> Privacy section from WhatsApp settings, the privacy settings of the information displayed in WhatsApp can be fixed.

Rules for using WhatsApp

Adding new contacts

All contacts on mobile and SIM are automatically added to WhatsApp. Again, the rules for adding someone new to WhatsApp are quite simple. New WhatsApp contacts can also be added by scanning the QR code or saving the phone number. To add a new WhatsApp contact:

  • Log in to WhatsApp and tap on the chats icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Then save the contact by tapping on New Contact and entering the details of the new contact

Also, if a contact does not use WhatsApp, they can be invited to WhatsApp by tapping on the chat icon next to the contact’s name and by tapping on the INVITE button.


Chatting on WhatsApp is very easy, this is why WhatsApp has so many users. After entering the app, tap on the chat icon and select the contact. Chat can be accompanied by text as well as pictures, videos, files, locations, etc.

Is it possible to send high quality pictures on WhatsApp?

Yes, original images can be sent in high resolution on WhatsApp. After entering the settings, enter the Storage and data menu, tap on Photo upload quality, select “Best quality” and any image can be sent as high-quality.

Does it cost money to make a call on WhatsApp?

If you make a call from a normal mobile number, you will not get any money if you make a call from WhatsApp. But you need internet data to talk on WhatsApp. This will require an MB or WiFi connection on your phone.

Group chat

Group chat with up to 256 people can be created on WhatsApp, where messages, photos and videos can be sent to everyone. WhatsApp group names can be given, notifications can be muted or customized, group photos can be set, etc. To open WhatsApp group:

  • Log in to WhatsApp and tap on the message icon
  • Tap on New Group
  • Up to 256 participants can be added in a group
  • Set the name of the group chat and the group photo

WhatsApp call

WhatsApp call

WhatsApp offers free audio and video calls. With the facility of free calling, calls can be made in WhatsApp chat and group chat. Free calls can be made by tapping the audio and video call icon from the topbar by entering any chat on WhatsApp.

Broadcast list

Want to send the same message to multiple contacts? There is no need to write and send each message separately. The same message can be sent to multiple contacts using the Broadcast List feature. Check out the post on WhatsApp’s Beneficial Features for details on many more awesome WhatsApp features, including the Broadcast List.

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Chat backup

To Backup WhatsApp Chat: Enter Settings and tap Chats. Then tap on Back Up Now. Make a backup video backup from the Include Videos option.


Status is a 24 hour post. After 24 hours, these posted statuses are automatically deleted. Photos, videos or text can be posted as status. To post status on WhatsApp:

  • Log in to WhatsApp and select the Status tab
  • You can post any text content by tapping the pencil icon
  • You can post pictures or videos on the phone by tapping on the camera icon, or capturing pictures or videos directly

WhatsApp desktop

Rules for using WhatsApp

WhatsApp desktop can be used from any computer or web browser. This means that the WhatsApp account on the phone can be used on the computer.

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Can multiple WhatsApp accounts be used on the same device?

Officially, multiple WhatsApp accounts cannot be used on one phone. However, by cloning WhatsApp through App Cloner, multiple WhatsApp accounts can be used on the same phone.

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