The best means to send money to Bangladesh from abroad

There are several solutions that can be used to bring or send money to Bangladesh from abroad. Popular mobile banking services, Development There is a facility to bring money from abroad using. But Cash out cost in development It costs a good amount of money.

So many people send money from abroad to Bangladesh using Wise, Western Union, etc. international services. Let’s find out about some notable services for bringing money to Bangladesh from abroad.

Development – bKash

BKash’s services are so wide that bKash is offering remittance facility to Bangladesh from abroad. Money can be easily sent to Bangladesh from abroad through approved and listed Foreign Banks, Money Transfer Organizations and Money Exchange Houses using bKash.

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Wise – Wise

Wise, a UK based money transfer company, is one of the most popular services for bringing money to Bangladesh from abroad. Launched in 2019, the company currently serves more than 20 million customers. Money can be transferred from any local bank using Wise at the lowest rate. The service was originally called “Transferwise”, later renamed “Wise”.

Using Wise, money can be sent to Bangladesh from more than 60 countries in a way approved by the government. Wise using Mutual Trust Bank and bKash as local agents. The Government of Bangladesh is also providing 2.5% incentive for remittances sent using Wise.

Money can be brought to Bangladesh from different countries of the world including Europe, America, UAE using Wise. It is very easy to manage all activities using Wise mobile app. Expatriate Bangladeshis can open Wise account using their passport. Personal information like mobile number, birth, date, email, etc. are required to open Wise account.

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Western Union – Western Union

One of the most popular services for bringing money to Bangladesh from abroad is Western Union. Money can be easily sent to Bangladesh from abroad using Western Union’s app. The rules for sending money from abroad using Western Union are quite simple.

The currency of the country from which it will be sent has to be converted into money. Money can be transferred to most banks in Bangladesh using Western Union. The person to whom the money has been sent provides the appropriate information Western Union Can withdraw money from a given location.

A user can send money automatically using a Western Union account. Again, there is an opportunity to send money to the Western Union agent.

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Remitly – Remitly

Remittance is a digital remittance service that simplifies the complex process of sending remittances. Since it is not driven from any physical location, the cost of remittance is quite low, which benefits the users. Remittance promises money transfer through exceptional exchange rates and low fees.

There are two ways to send money from abroad using express and economy using remittance. Remittances are delivered faster by using Express, while lower transfer fees apply to the economy. In both cases there is a complete remittance of remittances within a very short period of time

Several Bangladeshi banks including Sonali Bank, Islami Bank, Dutch-Bangla Bank, Mutual Trust Bank Remittance Its partner. Money transfer can be processed by creating a free remittance account by providing the name and address of the money receiver and the required information of the payment. You will be able to know the remittance transfer update via text and email.

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Skrill – Skrill

The name of the trust of Bangladeshi freelancers is Skrill. Why are you talking about this? Because of the lack of PayPal in Bangladesh, Skrill has been able to alleviate the suffering of freelancers with payment. Also the claimant of the highest receiving amount and but Skrill. In general, Skrill is a lucrative medium for any type of money transfer.

From abroad Skrill Money can be sent anywhere globally directly from mobile wallet or bank account. Remittances are deposited directly into the bank account. There are no security issues with Skrill payments as industry-leading secure payment systems are used. Skrill symbolizes the trust of millions of customers worldwide.

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MoneyGram – MoneyGram

MoneyGram’s name is probably heard by almost everyone. MoneyGram is a well-known name for sending money from abroad. Money can be easily brought to Bangladesh from abroad using MoneyGram. With the help of more than three and a half lakh MoneyGram agents worldwide, money can be sent to Bangladesh from other countries using MoneyGram.

The best means to send money to Bangladesh from abroad

To send money to Bangladesh from abroad using MoneyGram, you have to go to MoneyGram agent with proper ID and money. In bank or mobile wallet MoneyGram Money can be transferred using Receiver’s bank name and account number will be required for sending money to the bank. Once the money transfer is completed, the money will be deposited in the bank or mobile wallet.

Zoom – Xoom

Although there is no PayPal service in Bangladesh, there is PayPal-powered International Money Transfer Service, Zoom. Being “powered by PayPal”, Zoom is a very secure money transfer service. Again in a very short time Xoom Money sent using reaches the recipient. Users also get money transfer updates. However, Zoom’s fee is a bit higher than other money transfer services.

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