The bKash digital loan facility came

BKash, Rocket Digital banking services have come to the country with these services a long time ago. But so far digital banking users have not been able to enjoy the full range of banking services due to the lack of digital jhan feature. Eventually this situation is going to end with the help of bKash and Citibank. BKash and Citibank launched Digital Nano Loan.

This was launched experimentally last year Development loan Facilities, where loans could be obtained from bKash with the help of Citibank. No collateral will be required for this. And now this digital micro credit service is in full swing.

This instant digital mini-jhan system of bKash and Citibank will meet the urgent need for money as well as alleviate the hardships of many bKash users in rural areas. As there was no digital jhan system for so long, these customers had to take jhan from moneylenders and various NGOs at high interest rates.

This digital loan system of bKash will reach five and a half crore bKash customers at the same time. You do not have to go to any development branch, sub-branch or customer care to get this loan. You don’t even have to call customer care. This digital nano loan of bKash can be taken directly from bKash app.

Loan from development No separate file or document will be required to take. This bKash digital nano loan can be taken quite easily in a few steps from bKash app. Loans ranging from a minimum of Tk 500 to a maximum of Tk 20,000 can be taken at 9% interest through bKash Nano Loan. The maximum validity of bKash’s digital loan is three months, which means you have to repay the loan within three months.

Advantages of bKash Digital Loan

Bikash’s digital loan is more convenient than the traditional loan system. The advantages of bKash Digital Loan are:

  • Digital Loan Application: You can apply for loan directly from bKash app, you don’t have to go to bank or service center.
  • No collateral required: Conventional loans have collateral but no collateral is required for bKash digital loans.
  • 3 months easy installment: This loan provided by bKash can be repaid in 3 easy installments
  • Daily interest rate: There is daily interest rate in this digital loan system.

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Ways to get a development loan

You can take bKash digital loan using bKash app. The rules for taking digital loan for development are:

  • Enter the development app by providing PIN
  • Tap on Loan
  • If you can’t find the “Loan” option in the main menu, find the option by tapping More.
  • Proceed to the next step by allowing data sharing if your bKash account applies for a loan
  • Take a look at the loan limit and tap on “Take Loan”

👉 Ways to get a development loan

  • Proceed by selecting the loan amount and installment term
  • Then you will see how much money you can get loan from bank and how much money you have to pay, tap on go ahead button
  • Read the loan instructions and rules and tap “Agree”
  • Enter your bKash account PIN to confirm the loan and tap and hold on “Hold on to take loan”
  • Then the loan amount will be credited to your account.
BKash and Citibank launched Digital Nano Loan

Remember, even if everyone sees the loan option in the bKash app, but not everyone will get a loan. This is because the development and related authorities will decide whether you will get the loan after considering the use of your bKash account and the history of your transaction.

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