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Hello Techtunes folks, how are you all? Hope everybody is well. From now on, we regularly come to you with new tunes. And is there any other way to stay away from Techtunes’ new topics and services? And in order to keep up with this ever new topic and trend of service, today I came up with a brand new topic with you. And through this tune you will be able to know all the new information.

The tune of change is blowing in the air. And in its wake macOS 11.0 Big Sur has brought a lot of changes, Apple has completely redesigned the macOS user interface in the upcoming CPU architecture of the Mac and is guaranteeing a refined interface as always. So in this tune you will see the newly released (November 12, 2020) Big Sur What’s new?

Enter macOS 11: Say goodbye to macOS 10.x.

In 2001 Mac OS X 10.0 Since the release of Apple, Apple has updated about 18 major versions of 10.0 and 10.15 based on 10x. Even when Apple decided to name only “macOS” from “Mac OS X” in 2016, they followed this (10.x) version numbering system. And with Big Sur, MacOS jumped straight from 10.x to version 11.0, let’s see what changes they’ve made in this new version.

macOS: A refreshed interface and control center

At Big Sur, Apple has added macOS fils to all of their applications, including Finder, and is further simplifying their various features, such as toolbars, buttons, and menus. And they have a new feature called translucent menu bar, which you can see from the refreshed dock and also redesigned the app icons.

And all the macOS application icons are now redesigned in the same shape and size as iOS. Apple has added a scissor icon for the “cut” command used on buttons and toolbars from iOS and iPadOS to keep them the same across all platforms.

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At Big Sur, the visual interface has changed a lot, and the sound system is no exception. Apple has said it will add both new and “remastered” words to macOS 11.0 to give it a different feel after its release.

Significantly, the Notification Center has also undergone a major overhaul, as when you click on the menu bar in the upper right corner of the screen, notifications will now appear on a widget as well as a unified screen.

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Also, the Mac operating system has the necessary tools like Control Center. And so you can quickly change frequently used tasks like iOS and iPadOS through shortcuts, such as increasing or decreasing the volume, enabling Bluetooth or AirPlay. You can also drag the control center to the menu bar.

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Safari: Now more fast, more private

Major updates to macOS 11.0 include major upgrades to Safari’s speed, privacy features, and extensions. During the keynote speech at WWDC 2020, Apple claimed that Safari would load almost 50% faster than Google Chrome, the web site you visit frequently. And the latest Safari will have a customizable start page and the wallpaper will be set as soon as users drag the wallpaper to the start page and it will have industry standards for extensions. WebExtensions API Will support. You can also set which extension will or will not run on any web site.

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The overhauled tab system feature in the Safari browser has also been added to the browser tab, the option to manage new tabs and the useful features like viewing a preview of the web pages in those tabs by hovering the mouse cursor over any tab.

And in the case of privacy, Safari has added a new Privacy Report button to the browser’s toolbar, allowing you to view a scorecard on top of any website’s privacy policy.

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The Big Sur version adds a built-in translation feature to the Safari browser that allows you to translate web sites in different languages, so you don’t have to use the Google Chrome browser when visiting international web sites.

Messages: Memoji, Effects

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In Big Sur, Messages app has added new search feature, redesigned photo picker and now you can create and use Memoji on Mac. And iOS and iPadOS also support effects in Mac version (like animated confetti, balloons) like Messages. You can also pin conversations and better manage group messages – and these features of Messages will be added to upcoming updates on iOS and iPadOS.


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Like the Messages app, the Maps app is getting major updates on macOS 11.0, so it will have all the features of iOS 14 in this Maps app, so that each of their devices will have unity. And next to these Maps apps you can add your favorite locations, you can also add how to get to any location in advance in the “My Guides” option and there are features like indoor maps, for example: you can navigate by looking at the map inside the airport. Easily.

Apple’s Maps app Mac has a feature called Look Around, which is similar to Google’s Street View app – anyone can include their photos in the map. Also, if a friend of yours shares their ETA with you, you can see where they are through the live location at home.

Mac Catalyst

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Catalyst is a developer framework that allows you to convert iPad apps to Mac apps. And this Big Sur update also introduces a number of important improvements to the Catalyst app, including Mac’s native screen resolution, new menus and keyboard APIs, and some features like checkboxes and date pickers that allow you to have full control over the app’s interface.

Apple has announced that Maps and Messages will now use Catalyst (in addition to other Mac applications, there are more apps currently using Catalyst, such as Stocks, Voice Memos, and Podcasts). In this way, Catalyst will also find parallels between the app versions of Mac and iPad.

Compatibility and Availability

The new MacOS 11 will run on both their Mac-based Apple chips and Intel-based Mac chips, and Apple’s new Mac-based chip will now be slowly available in the market. Apple says it expects it to take about two years to transition from Intel CPU to “Apple Silicon”, so expect a MacOS 11 update on the Intel processor at least in the long run, though not year after year.

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