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Mac is now making a huge change to their CPU, meaning they’ve decided to use the more powerful CPU they’ve built instead of using Intel’s CPU. On November 12, Apple used “Apple Silicon” on their Macs like iPads and iPhones. And this means that Apple will no longer use Intel’s CPU on any new device for Mac, but that does not mean that they will update and stop their old Mac?

I tune in to the new macOS 11.0 Big Sur version of what features will be new, and this is the first version of macOS that will support the CPU of Apple’s own new architecture.

Why Apple is switching, and what’s the use of it?

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Apple has switched to their own CPU “to give Mac a new level of performance”. In addition, Macs like the iPad and iPhone will use their own silicon CPUs, resulting in much better performance and battery backup than Intel.

It also consumes a lot more power in Intel’s CPUs and gets a lot more heat. And this can have a negative effect on the performance of the MacBook device, such as: battery backup and much more heat or heat will be generated.

Apple has its own SoCs (systems on a chip), which they call “Apple Silicon”, and technically it’s ARM CPU. As you may know, ARM is just an architecture – using this architecture Apple designs and builds its own CPUs. Moreover, before Apple built its own CPU, they relied on Intel, but now they are no longer dependent on Intel, Apple itself is now able to design and build custom silicon. And Apple has had to pursue this skill for years, and finally they have mastered it.

Don’t get me wrong – Apple will never use the iPhone or iPad’s CPU, as Mac and iPhone and iPad devices are completely different. Again, Apple is making a new chip for their Mac device, the Mac’s Silicon will be more powerful than the Silicon inside their iPad Pro. And you know that Apple is far ahead of its competitors in the market – where Microsoft builds Windows 10 operating system laptops using ARM processors, but Microsoft is not building its own custom ARM processors for Windows PCs.

And Apple has improved battery life with their new architecture, Silicon, will consume less power, and Apple has proven its worth. Apple also claims that their use of the new architecture “guarantees longer performance than ever before with longer battery backups”.

Use iPhone and iPad apps on Mac

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The chip architecture of the technology used in the iPhone and iPad is the same chip used in the Mac, so you can easily use the iPhone and iPad applications on your Mac effortlessly.

And for that you can just open the App Store from the ARM-powered Mac device and install the iPhone or iPad application of your choice. And the application you install will have a shortcut icon on the Mac’s desktop, so you don’t have to do anything extra.

Developers can easily port applications

Moreover, the applications on the Mac are not excluded. This means that developers will be able to make their developed applications compatible in two ways on the new Mac ঃ making it much easier for developers to port their previous applications to the new architecture, and there are some apps that have not been ported before.

Developers will be able to open Mac apps of their previous Intel architecture in Xcode and recompile to ARM architecture. And Apple says that in this way, developers can easily run or port their previous application for ARM-powered Mac in a day or two.

All of Apple’s MacOS 11.0 Big Sur applications will run on their new architecture. Other companies are also working to port their apps – Apple has introduced Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop CC in their presentations in the new ARM architecture. Developers can also create universal binary if they want, allowing their developed applications to run on Intel and ARM based Mac systems.

Developers created Apple’s app to port their developed applications.Developer Transition KitYou can take rent from them.

You can run Intel Mac apps with Rosetta 2

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One question remains, can I run apps that have not been ported to the new ARM Mac? Yes, Apple has announced Rosetta 2 in this case. Using Rosetta 2, users can easily translate Intel Mac apps to ARM Mac and use Intel Mac apps to ARM Mac effortlessly. And this translation process is just like installing a new app on your Mac device.

Apple in their presentation Tomb Raider The game was played with the help of Rosetta 2 which gave a very good performance. And this game seems to have opened much faster than usual in Windows 10.

In other words, newer ARM Macs will be able to run applications that have not been ported to previous Mac applications. And of course you get the highest performance on ARM Mac just like any other local application.

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Virtualization support on full hardware

ARM based Mac supports full hardware virtualization. Because Apple has shown parallel virtual machines running on new ARM based Macs in their presentations, and this has been possible only through developers as they run Linux on Intel based Macs.

What’s going to happen to Intel Mac?

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Apple’s ARM based Mac is already available in the market, as always it will take some time to come to our country.

But switching from Apple’s Intel was not possible overnight. Apple says it took about two years to implement the plan, and has already begun to hit the market.

If you have an Intel based Mac device you will also get support from Apple. Because Apple says that in the next few years you will get macOS on Intel based Mac devices.

However, just as Apple has stopped using Intel’s processors at some point, it will also stop supporting Apple on Intel-based Mac devices at some point, not too far away.

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