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TickTock was the most visited website in 2021. Search giant Google has been overtaken by this popular short video sharing platform. TickTock has played a huge role in the popularity of short length content worldwide.

With the rate at which TickTock is becoming more popular day by day, it does not seem that the popularity of this app is going to decrease anytime soon. Many people use the TickTock app but can’t post videos on it because they don’t have an account. In this post we will learn how to open a TickTock account.

TickTock’s features

The TickTock app is packed with countless fun features. Before opening a TickTock account, let us know about the basic features of TickTock.

  • Video uploading: Video tickets saved in the phone’s storage can be posted.
  • Video Editing: Already recorded videos, or instant recorded videos can be edited directly from the TickTock app. Tic Tac Toe filled with music library and all sorts of awesome effects.
  • Filters and effects: Video editor has numerous filters and effects. From beauty filters, a variety of stickers and animations can be used from the in-built ticktack video library. There are a variety of AR effects that can be used to create great videos.
  • Social Sharing: Tickets can be used to post videos as well as share videos on any social media platform using the share option. There is also the opportunity to link other accounts to the TickTock account.
  • Likes and Comments: Like all other social media, Ticket also has a Like and Comment feature.
  • Notification: There is an opportunity to set your own notifications on the TickTock account.
  • Hashtag: The use of hashtags in TickTock videos is quite useful to bring videos of different challenges under the same roof.
  • Video preview without signing up One of the best reasons for the popularity of TickTock is that you can explore the TickTock platform by installing the TickTock app without any account.

Learn about the general features of TikTok. Now let’s know how to open a ticktack account.

TickTock account opening rules

TickTock account opening rules

There are two types of ticktack accounts – personal or personal, and professional or business. However, the rules for opening both accounts are the same. First you can open a general account and then convert it into a business account.

How to open a TickTock account

It is very easy to open a ticktack account. TickTock accounts can be opened using email, Facebook, Twitter, or even phone numbers. To open a ticktack account:

  • If you want to open a ticktack account from mobile first Play Store Or App Store Install the TickTock app from If you want to open an account from the computer, tick tock On the website Enter.
  • When you first enter the TickTock app, tap Agree & Continue to accept the terms and conditions.
  • You will then be asked what type of video you are interested in. From here, you can select the video category of your choice, press Next or tap the Skip option.
  • Then select your gender from Male and Female.
  • Then swipe up to enter the TickTock app directly.
  • Now tap on Profile tab and select Sign Up.
  • Then select the Use phone or email option to open a ticktack account with a phone number or email.
  • You can also open a TickTock account using Facebook or Google account.
  • Select your date of birth and press Next.
  • Enter the phone number or email and tap on Send Code.
  • Providing the phone number of the current (which you are using) set will automatically verify.
  • If you have provided an email, complete the verification process by providing the code in the email.

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If you follow the above procedure properly, your TickTock account will be created. This process may require you to fill out the “I’m not a robot” captcha. This way you can easily open a ticktack account in the mentioned way.

TickTock Business Account Opening Rules

Tick ​​tock app

There are several significant benefits to turning a TickTock account into a business account. For example, the website URL can be added to the profile of the business account. There are no rules for opening a separate business account. A simple ticktack account can be easily converted into a business account. To turn a ticktack account into a business account

  • Enter the TickTock app and tap on Profile
  • Then select the hamburger menu and from there tap on Settings & Privacy option
  • Tap on Manage Account
  • Tap Siwtch to Business Account, then click Next
  • Selecting the profile category and tapping Next will turn your TickTock account into a business account.
  • Then you can add website, email, etc. to the profile by tapping Edit Profile.

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Basic TickTock Settings

Let’s learn how to set some basic or general settings after opening a TickTock account.

Tick ​​tock app

Adding profile photos or videos

To upload or modify TickTock account profile photos or videos

  • Select the Profile tab from the bottom menu
  • Tap Edit Profile
  • Select Change Photo or Change Video
  • Select the desired image or video and upload it

Change the username

TickTock username is a tag by which the account can be found very easily. @username is a username. To change the tick username:

  • Select the Profile tab
  • Tap Edit Profile
  • Tap on Username
  • Enter the desired username and tap Save

Adding other social media

TickTock account can be linked to Instagram account or YouTube channel. To add these social media:

  • Select the Profile tab from the bottom menu
  • Tap Edit Profile
  • At the bottom you will see two options called Add Instagram to your profile and Add YouTube to your profile
  • If you tap on the mentioned options, you have to login to YouTube or Instagram and authenticate the account.
  • After authenticating the account, the Instagram or YouTube button will be displayed directly on the TickTock account, so that by clicking, you can access the Instagram account or YouTube channel.

Do you use TickTock regularly? Share your experience in the comments section.

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