Ways to find a lost iPhone

Whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone, losing a phone is sad, but it’s not a new thing. And finding a lost phone is a very difficult process. However, due to the technology of the current phones, it is not necessary to get the speed to find the lost phone. A lost iPhone can be found quite easily, if certain things are adhered to.

Let’s take a look at how to find a lost iPhone and how to ensure the safety of the phone. Also, if you find your iPhone easily lost, you can find out about it.

Prerequisite for finding a lost iPhone

Find My is a tool for all Apple devices, using which lost or stolen Apple devices can be easily found. Only if you have this feature enabled on your lost iPhone can you find the lost or stolen iPhone.

The good thing is that the Find My feature is able to find the location of your iPhone even if it is lost. Because if this feature is turned on, Find My Tool pings the last location before the battery is low in the phone. As a result, even if the lost iPhone or any other Apple device is turned off, the idea of ​​its final location can be found.

So to find a lost iPhone, it is very important to have the “Find My iPhone” feature turned on. To turn on the Find My iPhone feature:

  • Enter the settings of the iPhone
  • Tap on your name
  • Tap Find My
  • Tap Find My iPhone
  • Turn on the inner options

If this feature is turned on, the phone will automatically save the location to the Apple account if the battery is low, so that the last location of the iPhone will be known even if it is not charged.

If you have an Apple Watch and you can set up the Find My feature, it will alert you about your iPhone. Apple Watch Alert can be set for any device or item besides phone.

Ways to find a lost iPhone

When the iPhone has a low battery before it runs out of charge, its location is pinged. Which gives an idea about the last location of the iPhone. Again, if the phone is turned on and connected to the Internet or not, it is still possible to find the current location of the iPhone with the help of nearby Apple devices.

Let’s find out how to find a lost iPhone using Find My App and iCloud.

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Using Apple devices

If you have an iPad or Mac, or already have the location sharing option enabled in the Family Sharing group, you will be able to easily find the lost iPhone of the group members using Apple Device. To find Harno iPhone using another Apple device:

  • Enter the Find My app on the iPhone
  • Tap the Devices tab
  • You will see a map with a list of devices with Find My service running
  • Find out the lost iPhone and find out its location
find my iphone

Using iCloud

You can find the lost iPhone by accessing iCloud.com from your computer or any browser. To find a lost iPhone using iCloud:

  • From any browser icloud.com Enter
  • Login to the lost device by providing the login Apple ID and password
  • Approve login after completing two-factor authorization
  • Click Find iPhone
  • Select All Devices at the top and find the lost iPhone from the list
  • On the map you will see the latest available location of your lost iPhone

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Using another iPhone

Is your Apple ID logged into multiple iPhones or Apple devices? In that case, it would be very easy to find a lost iPhone. You can easily find a lost iPhone if you have an Apple account login for a lost iPhone on another iPhone or Apple device. When you enter the Me tab from the Find My app, you will see the location of your lost phone.

Again, if your friend has an iPhone, you can still find the lost iPhone. Here’s how to find a lost iPhone

  • Enter the Find My app on the phone
  • Enter the Me tab
  • Scroll down and select Help A Friend
  • If you are asked to login to iCloud account then select Use Different Apple ID and login to the Apple account which is logged on the lost phone.
  • Find your device from the list of devices to find the lost iPhone
  • You will see a circle on the screen where your iPhone was last located.

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Finding a lost iPhone after finding the location

Note that losing or stealing a phone is not the same thing. If you believe your device has been stolen, be sure to contact the local authorities. In case the phone is stolen, it is better to seek legal help without trying to recover.

If the battery of your iPhone becomes empty after the loss or the phone is off, then the screen of the phone will appear black in Find My app. You will also see the last location of your phone saved in red in the sidebar.

If the lost iPhone is turned on, the Find My App’s map will show the phone with a colorful homescreen, as well as the phone’s battery charge. When the lost iPhone is turned on, you can go directly to the location where your iPhone is by tapping Directions from the map. If the phone is on again but offline, then tap on the Play Sound option when you reach around the phone which will play a beep sound on the phone which will help to find the phone.

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If there is no charge on the iPhone, then swipe to the sidebar and turn on the Notify When Found option. It will notify you every other Apple device when your lost iPhone is turned on and the location of the iPhone is updated.

Again, you can remotely lock your Apple device using Lost Mode. You can also add a custom message and your phone number to the lost phone which will help you to get it back if someone finds the lost phone.

If you have no hope of finding your iPhone, you can use the Erase iPhone feature. This will erase all data on your phone and your personal information will not go to anyone else.

Find My Find without iPhone

Unfortunately finding the lost iPhone can be quite a problem if the Find My iPhone feature is not enabled. If you regularly use Google Maps on your iPhone, you can view your iPhone’s location history using Google Maps’ timeline feature. If the Find My iPhone feature is not turned on, Google Maps will be able to provide a complete idea about the location of the phone. However, the Google Maps Location History feature must be turned on, which in most cases is turned on by default.

To find a lost iPhone using Google Maps’ Location History feature:

  • Enter the google.com/maps/timeline link
  • Login to Google Account
  • I will select the date of the day your iPhone was lost
  • Check the latest location of iPhone

If you have read this post before you lost your iPhone, now turn on the Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” So it is wise to take all necessary steps before losing your phone.

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