Ways to identify fake clients in Upwork

Upwork is a popular Freelancing Platform. Innumerable Freelancer Working on this platform, as well as numerous customers receive services offered by freelancers from this website. However, in this public flow, there are fake clients or fake clients to deceive the freelancers. These clients do not pay for the work, that is, they cheat.

Let’s find out how Upwork Details about how you can protect yourself from fraud as a freelancer. Below are some “red flags” that should be seen to understand that working with the client can be a victim of fraud.

Payment method is not verified

Before applying for a job at Upwork, check that the client’s payment method is verified. If the payment method is not verified then it is better to take precaution. In most cases, fraudulent clients do not verify their payment method to facilitate fraud.

If you have joined Upwork as a new freelancer and do not know how to recognize the verified payment method, you can recognize the verified payment method in the following ways:

  • Click on Job Post
  • After the job page appears, you will see some information about the client on the right hand side
  • You will see “Payment method verified” written in green on the top of the bio of the client who has verified payment method.
  • If a client’s payment method is not verified, you will see a notice of payment unverified in black text.
upwork job by unverified payment client

However, if the payment method is not verified, the client will be a fraud, there is no such thing. The client may have recently joined Upwork. The good thing is that Upwork has the opportunity to identify new clients. Where “payment method not verified” is written, you can find out from the same place whether a client is new to Upwork.

There is also an opportunity to see if the client’s payment method is verified from the job feed. If a client’s payment method is verified then the dollar sign ($) in the job post will show green. For those who have recently joined Upwork, you will find the text ‘NEW’ below the job post.

Unnecessary company promotion

Another effective way to identify fake clients is for most fake clients to unnecessarily promote their company name. A fraudulent client may adopt a variety of disguises. For example, you will be told that the client is a representative of a big company and they have come to Upwork only to conduct tests in search of talent, such unnecessary and unnecessary talk.

The job of a client is to get you started on the job and get the job done right. Unless a client needs to be informed about their company, it may mean that they are trying to impress you by using the name of that company. So be careful about such clients.

Again, many fraudulent clients verify their payment method. This type of client will leave you frustrated with problems like refund request after getting you hired at work.

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Additional interviews as needed

It takes some foresight to spot fraudulent clients by following these tips. In some cases, a client may take extra time to find specific skills. However, suppose for a simple job posted 1 week ago, but the client has not hired a freelancer yet, in this case it is better to walk the other way to save your time and stay safe.

Call Skype or Hangout right away

Surprising as it may sound, if a client schedules a hangout or a meeting on Skype, it can be a red flag. You may ask, what is the reason for saying that?

The reason to be careful about this is because of the in-built message page of Upwork. Upwork message page has all kinds of communication facilities including audio call, video call, messaging.

Isn’t it weird that a client wants to contact a separate service without all the benefits of an upwork message page? Upwork messages can be used as proof of communication in case of any conflict between the client and the freelancer. So use only upwork message when communicating with client.

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When applying for a job post you may have more questions than email, hangout id or skype id. Try to complete the conversation directly in the upwork message without answering these questions. If you are cheated by talking about the job via Skype or any other means other than upwork message, upwork will not help in any way later.

Unverified payment method, but promising long term work

Fraudulent clients will be tempted to promise you long-term employment even if their payment method is not verified. These scams happen in a few steps.

The first is to change the communication from upwork to Skype or any other means. Then you will be given a lot of work with many excuses. Suppose you are a freelance content writer. In this case you will be allowed to write 10 contents and at the end of the work will be promised payment.

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At the end of the work when you submit the work to the client, then you will see that the client has cut off all means of communication with you. This type of thing happens in most cases of cheating. This type of cheating client returns to Upwork after cheating with one of the freelancers and seeks out new victims.

Free sample requested

New freelancers at Upwork are heavily deceived in their quest for money. If a client finds a free sample of the job in order to hire you, then it must be understood that the client is trapping you in the first step of cheating.

Since you have already submitted your job example before applying for any job, why would any client ask you for free job sample again? Such clients often cheat with freelancers.

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