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Hello Techtunes folks, how are you all? Hope everybody is well. From now on, we regularly come to you with new tunes. And is there any other way to stay away from Techtunes’ new topics and services? And in order to keep up with this ever new topic and trend of service, today I came up with a brand new topic with you. And through this tune you will be able to know all the new information.

In this tune I will discuss with you in detail about reloaded games and repacked games and find out if those games are legal to play.

If you’ve been playing games for a long time, you’ll see many game versions on two labels in torrent; And that is “Reloaded” and “Repacked”. It seems to those who see these names for the first time that the new version of the game, in fact it is not, but this “reloaded” and “repacked” means something different.

In this tune I will discuss in detail what is meant by reloaded and repackaged games and whether they are legal.

What is a reloaded game?

When you see the word “reloaded” in the description of the online game, this “reloaded” can have two meanings. The “Reloaded” group may have cracked and uploaded this game, or the uploader may have re-uploaded this game.

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When “reloaded” means reloaded team

Sometimes a game is labeled “Reloaded” or “RLD”, and this level indicates that the reloaded piracy group has cracked the game. Crackers also write that they are responsible for cracking.

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Many of you will know the reloaded team. This reloaded team started their journey in 2004 and already has a lot of notoriety in their name. One of the notoriety was that they would upload the reloaded game four days before the original game was released, but they couldn’t. And since then, reloaded games have become popular with pirates who usually play paid games for free.

When “reloaded” means re-upload

Sometimes, the label “reloaded” refers to the uploader modifying the original files and re-uploading them to the Internet. This type of reloaded game is usually considered legal because the modifier re-uploads the modified files by mentioning the link to the original game so that you can enjoy the game in a better way. They also use the word “reloaded” instead of the word “recent update” on files.

What is a repacked game?

When a game is labeled “repacked”, it means that the uploader is compressing the files or using some other means to download the game faster. The descriptions of such games also indicate to the downloaders that the base files of the game are with the uploader, the “repacked” version has the file size reduced and then re-uploaded so that everyone can quickly download and play the game.

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When a cracking team first cracks a game, the size of the crack game may be larger than the original game. And the reason is that the main software has the whole game, no compression or unnecessary features, when cracking the main file, from extracting the main file, a lot of work is done, so the size is larger than the main game.

For example, after cracking a game and uploading it to the Internet, it may take a long time for downloaders to download it due to the large file size. Although crackers can keep the download size of the game to the size of the original game, it will take up a lot of space on your hard drive after installing the game.

How do crackers reduce the file size of a game?

While reducing the size of huge size games, crackers usually compress the files to reduce the size of the file. First they compress the files that take up the most space (such as sound and texture files) then the size of other files.

Also, it will delete all the files in the games that are not needed. For example, a game has different language options. Again, there is a separate sound file for each language that gamers can change to their own language as they wish.

And that’s why those who create “repacked” versions of the game reduce the file size by removing all language files except their local language. They will then upload the files specifying which languages ​​are in the game, so that you can be sure of the language before you download. For example, most of the games do not have Bangla language, but there are many other languages ​​including English. If we delete all other languages ​​leaving English language, then you can save a lot of space from hard disk.

And repackaged games can also be cracked. And you know, cracking is a tool that can be used to remove the copy protection of any program and use that program for free. Moreover, after downloading the crack games, the users can install the crack of the game themselves so that they can play the games without any problem.

Are repack and reloaded games invalid?

If you read the terms on pirating law and torrent game sites, you will know whether downloading them is legal or illegal. Cracking group tags in each crack game, and the size of the game will be much smaller than the original game. You can easily identify the crack game through these two.

You see any one of the cracking group tagged or compressed games but you are piracy by downloading that game. Even if you download a crack game that is too old or no longer played, it is illegal and unethical.

In this case, if you have seen all such crack games, you should refrain from downloading them and look for any legal way to download the game. Modern games are easy to find Steam And the Epic Store You can find two web sites and download old games Good Old Games (GOG) You can find out.

You have to spend money to buy or buy games from the above two web sites, but many of us want to play games for free. However, crack games contain viruses and malware, and downloading these cracking games is illegal. There are many more problems with cracking games. So it is much better to play games at a lower price than Steam than to run and download bad files at risk.

How do I get legally free games?

Even if you don’t have the money, you don’t have to resort to piracy to play a new game. There are currently many games that you do not have to pay for. There are two reasons why the game can be played for free: first, the game uses a free-to-play model or a store offering the game for free.

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For example, Steam On the online game site you will find many free games that you do not have to spend any money to play. Steam like PS Now, and Epic Store The game gives away at various times for free, and Epic gives away new games every week. And so, if you want to play games for free and legally, you can visit their web site every week. PS Now and Xbox Game Pass are also referred to as the Netflix of video games. You can play many different categories of games for a small fee on this platform. And yes, remember, it’s not a free service, it’s a great medium for those who want to play their favorite game on a low budget.

Beware of piracy

Reloaded and Repacked are two terms that you will often see in pirate games. Cracker groups use this term to give you an idea of ​​the uploaded file, and sometimes the cracking group indicates a crack game by reducing their signature or file size.

Last word

Piracy is a form of theft, but it is also digital theft. Most of the time we piracy or steal without informing its owner and as a result the inventors who are going to create something new will suffer just as much as they are being harmed. So I would urge all of you not to tell piracy, cooperate with the developers.

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