What is Apple ID? Why Apple ID?

You must have an “Apple ID” to use an Apple device or any of Apple’s services. Apple ID is your Apple account through which all Apple services from iCloud to Find My Service can be used. So download the app from the App Store, or Finding a lost iPhone, An Apple device requires an Apple account in almost all cases.

Creating an Apple ID is completely free. Signing in to Apple ID is mandatory for proper use of all Apple devices. Otherwise it is not possible to get full experience of using Apple device. Let’s find out in detail about how to open Apple ID, why you need Apple ID, etc.

What is Apple ID?  Why do you need an Apple ID?

Apple ID opening rules

Opening an Apple ID or Apple account is quite easy. To open an Apple account, open an Apple account Website Enter Also, when logging in to Apple ID on an iOS powered device, “Forgot password or don’t have an Apple ID?” You can open a new Apple account by tapping the option Create a free Apple ID.

To open an Apple account you will need an email address and a phone number. You can find out the details of opening Apple ID from Apple On the website

By selecting Bangladesh as a country or by providing the address of Bangladesh, the users of Bangladesh have seen a lot of problems in creating Apple ID. This is because Apple’s official activities have not started in Bangladesh yet. To get rid of this problem, many people create Apple ID using the address of another country.

Talking to the person from whom you bought the Apple device will help you unlock the correct Apple ID.

Is it possible to create multiple Apple IDs?

Yes, multiple Apple IDs can be created. But it is best to use the same Apple ID on all personal Apple devices to ensure that the services are properly synced across all Apple devices.

Why do you need an Apple ID?

Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, etc., or Apple’s services, such as the Apple TV +, ICloud, Etc. must have an Apple ID to use. Using Find My on Apple ID devices helps keep the phone secure and sync settings across devices.

Also, apps purchased from the App Store or other Apple services can be used in the same way on all devices. Suppose you have the same Apple ID login on your Mac computer and iPhone. In that case, if you write something in Mac’s Notes app, it will sync to iPhone’s Notes app. Images uploaded to iCloud can be accessed from all Apple devices.

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All in all, Apple ID brings all devices under the same shadow as the lifeblood of the Apple ecosystem. In other words, it is impossible to get real experience of using Apple devices without Apple ID.

What if I forgot my Apple ID password?

If you forget your Apple ID password, you can reset your password from any Apple device or web using the Forgotten Password feature. However, if you try to login incorrectly more often, the Apple account may be locked. In that case follow the instructions given by Apple.

Use of Apple ID

Apple ID serves as a bridge between Apple devices and services – we already know this. Now let’s find out what is the use of this Apple ID. Below are some common uses of Apple ID:

  • Sync contacts, photos, files, messages, backups, etc. while iCloud service is running
  • Find lost or stolen devices using Find My
  • Download or purchase apps from the App Store
  • Bought the product from the Apple Store
  • Using Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Orcade, etc. Apple Services
  • Lock the device to prevent the use of the lost device

Any Apple service purchased using Apple ID can be used on any Apple device with that account login. This means that if you have an Apple Music subscription, you can use Apple Music on any Apple device including iPhone, iPad. Again, if you have purchased an app from the App Store, it can be installed on every device with that account login.

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Things to do to increase the security of your Apple account

Apple ID stores a user’s personal information, such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc. Therefore, Apple’s two-step verification should be used as an additional step to ensure the security of these personal information in the Apple account.

Two-step verification verifies the user’s identity before making any changes to the account using any Apple device or phone number. For example, signing in to iCloud or purchasing from a new device through the App Store or iTunes will require verification.

Two-factor authentication will also come in handy to ensure that no one else can access the lost Apple device. Learn more about using two-factor authentication on Apple ID Click here Please.

2fa verification on ios

Note that Apple ID information is never requested from the user on behalf of Apple. So never give Apple ID information to anyone, including family and friends. Of any kind To avoid phishing scams Refrain from providing third party information such as Apple ID password, security question, verification code, etc.

IOS 15 Apple has added a feature called Account Recovery Contact, which will help in account recovery in case you forget your password and don’t have any secondary Apple device. From the Apple device, enter the Password & Security section from the Apple account settings, select Account Recovery, then tap the “+” button to add the recovery contact. This feature is currently only working on iOS 15 powered devices.

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Others use Apple ID

Many people share Apple ID in various forums or Facebook groups on the Internet. These Apple IDs contain a variety of paid games or apps, which any user can use to install free paid games or apps on their phone. While this fancy way of downloading paid games or apps from the Apple Store may seem plausible, it’s not.

Since you do not personally know the person sharing these Apple IDs, it is best not to add their Apple IDs to your iOS powered device. Again, the person whose account you have added, he can lock your device at any time if he wants. If he changes his Apple ID password, you will no longer be able to delete that ID from your iPhone. As a result you will face various problems. So if you want to protect the security of your device, refrain from adding other people’s accounts to your Apple device for the sake of paid apps or games.

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