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As the world prepares for self-driving or self-regulated Self Driving vehicles, the technology that acts as the driving force of these self-propelled or self-regulated Self Driving vehicles has developed rapidly in the last 10 years or so. What science once thought to be a myth is fast becoming a reality, as engineers are slowly finding ways to make smart cars faster, more efficient and safer for passengers.

And one of the driverless car technologies is the C-V2X technology, but what does the C-V2X mean and what are the innovations in future cars? Stay with me we will do autopsy of driverless car.

What does C-V2X mean?

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C-V2X stands for “Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything”. A technology that allows smart cars to communicate with the world around them.

Identifying what is around smart cars is one of the biggest challenges in creating smart cars. Moreover, simple tasks can be done very easily with the help of computer, but it is more difficult for the computer to see and understand the real world objects.

As a driver, it is easy for people to look at the road ahead and track the cars in front and see the pedestrians. However, identifying and distinguishing these images (looking at the road in front, tracking cars in front, and seeing pedestrians) through computer is a very difficult and time consuming task. And this is why when you visit different sites on the internet, you show some captcha images on the web site to check whether it is a human or a robot, and from these images you are asked to select all the bikes or buses. And just as our brain thinks this task is very easy, so a computer thinks this task is just as difficult.

So what will be the solution? Smart cars need to be built with technology that will help identify other cars, as well as gather information about what is around smart cars. Similarly, the car will try to quickly find out what is in front of it and then plan how to keep all the passengers safe. Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology is used to do all this work.

The “cellular” part of the term refers to how smart cars exchange data using 4G or 5G networks. And 5G networks work really fast and latency is very low, so 5G networks are the best technology for us to keep passengers safe and literally make the right decisions.

The “Vehicle-to-Everything” section then explains how it can communicate much better than other vehicles. And yes, it’s a little weird that the word “Everything” is represented by “X”, but “X” is a placeholder for a variety of characters that are used in technology.

Variety of “Everything” in C-V2X

Qualcomm Is working in support of the C-V2X, and what features it may have are explained by the term “X”.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) technology

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First, our smart car has to identify the common vehicles around it and communicate with other smart cars. And this Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication technology has been made possible easily through C-V2X technology.

Because cars can’t see each other as easily as humans do, V2V communication technology lets them know where each smart car is. In fact, one of the advantages of V2V technology is that the smart car can perform very fine checking and measurement which seems very difficult (though possible) to be done by a common man.

For example, your smart car can exchange data in a 360-degree radius around it. And there are no blind spots for smart cars, because you don’t have to rely on people to track where they are.

Also if there is another smart car besides your car then it can receive more data than usual. And by sharing this data, the car can add its current speed, destination and future plans to change lanes. As a result your car can make the right decisions while moving and collect information in advance about other cars around you so the smart car knows what other cars are going to do at the moment.

On top of that, a smart car can exchange this information 10 times per second. So, in a nutshell: your smart car can know the position, speed and destination of each car at a 360-degree angle and keep updating this information 10 times per second. This means that your smart car knows in advance everything that is going to happen in the future that you don’t even know about yourself.

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technology

But should this technology be used only in cars or elsewhere? We can use this technology in road based infrastructure to make life easier.

For example, engineers have had to work hard to identify the status of traffic lights on smart cars or they have to determine the status of smart cars instead of traffic lights. As a result, it helps your smart car make the best decision when it comes to the position of vehicles, current status and when the traffic lights are red or green.

You will also get live updates of your smart car having parking lot from anywhere. Plus you don’t have to drive to a new parking spot; All you have to do is call the car the location of the parking lot. Bess will drive your car himself and park the car there.

Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P)

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Of course, smart cars don’t just check the stator of other cars and traffic lights. Because pedestrians have to cross the road and if the smart car cannot detect it then any major accident can happen.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to put chips on people in V2P communication. So in this case the cars have to identify the pedestrians through human-like vision. And that’s why the C-V2X technology has become a very difficult challenge in making smart cars.

As a result, developers have had to properly develop the task of identifying people. And if human identification is very normal then it will be able to identify a person crossing the road and as a result there will be no car collision with people. And if people find it too difficult to identify, it can stop even for the smallest object crossing the road, which will annoy passengers.

However, if it is properly developed, you will find a car that can detect if someone is crossing the road long before your reaction starts and with really advanced technology the smart car can monitor pedestrians on the sidewalk and also predict if anyone is crossing the road. Can

Vehicle-to-Cloud (V2C) technology

Finally, we have Vehicle-to-Cloud (V2C) technology. And it connects your car to cloud-based services, just as you connect your phone to cloud services. Because Cloud Service can keep your car up to date and Cloud Service helps to further enhance the driving experience and is connected to an app to do so.

Last word

The C-V2X technology seems a bit complicated, isn’t it? But this is an essential part of making smart cars. This technology allows cars to communicate with the world around them, from road cars to traffic lights. And hopefully it won’t take long for a car with this technology to get within our reach if more and more companies join the competition to make smart cars.

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