What is e-SIM? What are the benefits of using eSIM?

“Subscriber Identity Module,” in short, SIM is a chipped plastic card used in mobile phones – this information is known to all. It also stores various information like mobile numbers. In addition, the facility of sending calls or messages on the phone and internet is also available through SIM. Simply put, a SIM card is a means of connecting to a mobile operator’s network.

Since the contact number is saved in the SIM, all the previous numbers can be retrieved by inserting the SIM in the new phone quite easily while changing the phone. SIM card is a very old technology, which has been providing services for a long time. But now it’s time for e-SIM.

Let us know what e-SIM is, what e-SIM works, details about the advantages and disadvantages of e-SIM.

What is a SIM card?

To better understand the functionality of e-SIM card, one must first know about the conventional SIM card. A SIM is usually inserted into a special tray of the phone. Basically any carrier or operator provides it. It stores information about a device’s unique serial number, IMEI, ICCID, authentication key, device PIN, SMS, etc.

A SIM card is usually a small plastic card with a notch in one corner. The SIM card also has a golden watch circuit which basically carries the SIM’s motherboard and all the important information. Each SIM has a number, which provides carriers like Robi, GP. SIM can be used from one device to another.

What is e-SIM?

We know the concept of what SIM is and how it works. Now the question is what is e-SIM? E-SIM is a new type of SIM technology, which is able to streamline the conventional SIM system. However, like SIM, e-SIM cannot be removed, or inserted into another phone. It is embedded directly in the phone.

The information contained in the e-SIM is rewritable. This means that the operator can be changed using e-SIM without changing the SIM or using a new SIM. As a result of such benefits of e-SIM, there will be no need for conventional SIM in the near future. E-SIM is now being used as a second SIM in many cases in dual-SIM phones.

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Advantages of e-SIM

The biggest advantage of e-SIM is that it makes it possible to change the network i.e. mobile operator quite easily. There is no need to buy a new SIM and insert it in the phone to change the operator. In case of e-SIM, you don’t have to use new SIM by removing SIM with SIM ejector tool.

E-SIM can be used to easily switch from one network to another. It is possible to store data of at least 5 virtual SIM cards simultaneously in one e-SIM. This means that if you go to an area where there is no network signal, the SIM that has network from all the SIMs can be used for the benefit of e-SIM.

E-SIM makes it easy to switch to the local network, especially when traveling. In this case the local SIM can be switched without changing the physical SIM.

In addition to using multiple SIMs in one slot, dual-SIM phones have the opportunity to use traditional SIMs with e-SIM. In other words, there is an advantage to use more than one phone number in the same phone even if you use e-SIM. If you want to use a phone number for personal communication and a separate number for business, e-SIM can be very useful in such situations.

E-SIMs are much smaller in size than ordinary SIMs, which adds extra physical space to the phone, and this space can be used by smartphone manufacturers to increase battery size or add new features. Also, the fewer holes in the phone, the more the phone will be protected from dust.

In addition to reducing the size of the smartphone, the use of e-SIM in small sized devices such as smartwatches can be quite convenient. Apple has already added e-SIM to various series of their smartwatches. Samsung has added e-SIM to their Samsung Gear S2 and Samsung Gear S3 smartwatches.

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Disadvantages of e-SIM

There are advantages as well as disadvantages in all subjects. E-SIM is no exception. E-SIM has some downsides, which is why this technology is not yet mainstream.

Although it may seem simple at first, switching devices using e-SIM is quite a complicated process. In the case of ordinary SIM, if the phone does not work for any reason, all the important information, such as phone number, can be recovered by removing the SIM and inserting it in another phone. But if there is any problem with the phone, retrieving information from e-SIM is not so easy.

If you suspect that your movements are being monitored with the help of SIM, it is quite easy to remove the normal SIM. But in the case of e-SIM there is no such advantage. However, if the phone is stolen, the hijackers will not be able to delete any information, this is a good thing.

Phones that have e-SIM

At present, e-SIM will be seen in certain smartphones and smartwatches. These devices are:

  • IPhone 13 Series, iPhone 12 Series, iPhone 10R, iPhone 10S and iPad Pro
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series, S20 series
  • Google’s Google Pixel 6 Series, Pixel 5 Series, Pixel 4 Series, Pixel 3 Series
  • Motorola Razr (no SIM tray, only e-SIM)
  • Samsung Gear devices
  • Apple Watch Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, Series 3
Do all networks support e-SIM?

No, not all networks currently support e-SIM. However, this technology will become standard in a few days.

Is there e-SIM facility in Bangladesh?

So far no telecom operator is giving ISIM in Bangladesh. Maybe in the near future.

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