What is keyword density? How to Calculate (Advanced SEO)

What is keyword density?  It is very important in the SEO of a blog or website, to use the targeted keyword correctly. By targeting keywords, we can make the main point of any article easier to explain to the Google search engine.

And, if we talk about “off-page SEO” or “on-page SEO”, in each case “use of targeted keywords” is more important. However, a few years ago Google Search Engine was not as advanced as it is today. At that time, a lot of bloggers used to do “Keyword Stuffing” for the purpose of getting traffic by ranking their blog articles on Google. Keyword stuffing or keyword over-optimization are both the same process.

In the process, bloggers are used more and more keywords targeted in their articles. As a result, their articles would be ranked in the Google search engine for the targeted keyword. Thus, the process of unlimited use of the same keyword in an article is called “keyword stuffing“.

By the end of 2011, maybe a lot of people using this process got a lot of traffic from Google. But today everything has changed and it does not work as before. Now search engines have become much smarter. And, in diversity to the excessive use of keywords in this way, Google can penalize your website completely. And once your blog is “penalized” by Google, the consequences can be devastating.

Your entire blog or some special pages of the blog where the keyword stuffing you have done will be completely deleted from Google search. As a result, the amount of traffic or visitors to your blog from Google can be reduced by up to 90%.

And remember, Every year Google Updates various “Algorithm” to determine the ranking of the website. And, through these core algorithm updates Google make to find different websites those use keyword stuffing and penalize them.

Now let us know below what is “Keyword Density” and what it has to do with the above.

What does keyword density mean?

keyword density

Keyword density means “density of keywords”. The number of times a keyword or sentence targeted is used throughout the article is called “keyword density”.

As I told you before that, excessive uses of targeted keywords in blog articles, Google may penalize your website. And as a result, you’ll lose a lot of traffic from Google. In some cases, in conrtarst to this keyword over optimization, Google has the opportunity to penalize your entire website.

But, We all know that “proper use of keywords in an article is more important for blog SEO”. If you do not use the right amount of targeted keywords in an article, that article will not rank well in Google.

So what can you do now?

What we understand is that using more keywords in the article will harm the website rank and even if we use less keywords, the ranking of the website in Google search will not be good.

So the question is,

  • How to understand how many keywords to use in the article?
  • How many keywords can be used in an article?
  • How much use of keyword in the article is important and safe for SEO?
  • How many keywords we use to avoid keyword stuffing?

The answer to each of these questions is the same. And, that is “Keyword Density“.

Keyword density is a modern search engine optimization (SEO) process that we can use to define the density of targeted keywords used in our blog articles.

And we can get this density of keyword as percentage (%) using a keyword density formula. In this way we can easily know that our target keywords have been used correctly and safely in the entire article.

For example, Suppose you wrote a 3000 word article. Now, in that article, you used your target keyword 10 times. Now, how do you say that your target keyword usage in a 2000 word article is accurate? If the use of keywords is more, then Google will penalize. And, if less, Google will not rank your article in search engine.

The answer is that you can calculate the density of the keywords used in the article. And, the process of calculating the amount of targeted keyword usage in the article is called “SEO keyword density”.

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How to calculate keyword density?

If you want to find out the keyword density of the content or article written in your blog, then these things will be required: –

  • How many words are in your targeted keyword?
  • What is the total number of words in the article?
  • The correct formula for finding keyword density.

The formula for a keyword density calculator is:

 (Number of times keyword used / total number of words in article) * 100

For example,

If I write an article “within 1500 words” and I use my targeted keyword “15 times”, what is the keyword density?Keyword density formula we found,

Number of times keyword used = 15
Total number of words in article = 1500
So if you calculate it as a formula,

(15/1500) * 100

15/1500 = 0.01

0.01 * 100 = 1

That is, the keyword density is “1%”.

This way, you can see if the right amount of targeted keyword is being used in your entire article or not. And, in the case of SEO, it is very important.

However, in addition to this formula, we can check the keyword density of the content through some online SEO tools / websites.

The best website to check keyword density

There are many free SEO tools or websites on the Internet, which can be used to check the keywords density used in the content. However, here are just a few of the popular and free tools.

In addition, if you are a WordPress user, you can use the “Yoast SEO plugin” to keep the on-page SEO of the article correct as well as check the density of the targeted keyword.

When writing an article, enter your “focused keyword” in the Yoast SEO option, you will see keyword density along with various other seo optimization steps.

What is the Percentage of keyword density we should use?

Remember, at the present time we need to write each article focusing on user experience. Because, Google pays the most attention to how much users like the articles you write.  If you have used targeted keywords in articles according to the correct keyword density, but users do not like your article, then Google will know through different UX.

As a result, your articles will not rank well in Google search and you will not get traffic to the blog. So, first of all you have to improve the quality of your article and write the article in such a way that the users get to read it better.

In a word, use the keyword in the article keeping “user experience” in mind.

And with that, you must use some “semantic keywords“. Semantic keywords are keywords that are related to your target keyword and some other keywords.

Where to use keywords?

You see, it is bad to use too many keywords in an article. So, check the keyword density and use targeted keyword in any article keeping it etween 1% to 2%. But, remember, in order to get more traffic from Google, you need to do a lot of good SEO optimization of the article.

And, in this case, it is important to use targeted keywords in certain places of the article.

Which part of the article is important to use the keyword?

  • Use keywords in the permalink (URL) of the article.
  • Use targeted keyword in post title.
  • Use H1, H2, H3 tags at least once.
  • In the first paragraph of the article.
  • In the last paragraph of the article.
  • Use as ALT Tag in image.
  • Use keywords in the meta description of the article.

Remember, you have to use your target keywords in the these places so that the keyword density does not go above 2% at any way.

Otherwise, your article page may be in trouble for keyword stuffing. Also, I would recommend using some long tail keywords and related keywords related to the main keywords of the article as much as possible. This will be an opportunity to get more traffic from Google.

So friends, I hope you have got a clear idea about “keyword density” and “how to check keyword density”. I have talked about your keyword density based on my own experiences and feelings.  This is what I always try to do so that I can provide you with complete and accurate information.

If you use targeted keywords in the blog article according to the correct keyword density, then you will not have a problem to get traffic and visitors from Google.

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