What is Skito SIM? What are the advantages of Skitto SIM? (Update)

That’s great Internet offer You may have already heard the name of Skito SIM. Let’s find out what Skito SIM is, Skito SIM offer, Skito SIM price, etc.

What is Skito SIM?

Skito is a Grameenphone mobile package. Skito SIM can be considered as a digital product for the new generation of the country. Earlier Grameenphone’s Djuice SIM was designed for the younger generation. Gradually the djuice closes. And now Skito is GP’s mobile subscription package for the new generation. Basically for those who need a lot of data, Skito SIM may be the ideal solution.

All the features of Skito SIM can be easily controlled through Skito app. Whether looking for new offers or checking data, balance and SMS, everything is possible using the Skito app.


Skito SIM has numerous benefits. Some of the notable benefits of Skito SIM are:

  • The price of Skito SIM’s internet pack, minute pack, etc. can be said to be less than other SIMs
  • Fast as it is affiliated with Grameenphone network GP Internet There are facilities and nationwide network
  • Very good offers are available at low prices due to ready packs and promo deals
  • All the features of SIM can be easily controlled through Skito app


The most common complaint about Skito SIM is that the SIM is not readily available. Grameenphone is the only one to provide Skito SIM. In many cases, if you want to buy a Skito SIM, you have to find the nearest Grameenphone Customer Care Center. But yes, from time to time you will also find mobile Skito SIM vendors.

There are some issues with recharging Skito SIM. Many mobile load shopkeepers do not know about this SIM. Skito SIM cannot be recharged in the store. In that case mobile banking services like bKash, cash, rocket, etc. can be used to recharge in Skito SIM.

Offer new Skito SIM

There are many offers in the new Skito SIM. You can buy a new SIM and sign up using the Skito app New SIM offer. The new Skito SIM offers are:

  • After signing up for the app and updating the profile, you will get 3 GB free internet for 7 days
  • 30 free 100 SMS to any number
  • 10 rupees mobile balance
  • 50 MB internet bonus for 30 days

In addition to the mentioned offer, if you purchase Skito SIM using promo code, you will get extra 1 GB internet bonus for a period of 7 days. Note that this promo code can only be used once. Click here to get promo code

How to take Skito SIM

Now the main question is how to actually take Skito SIM. Skito SIM can be obtained from any GP Customer Care Office. Skito SIM can also be obtained from Grameenphone SIM dealer.

Original National ID Card (NID) will be required to buy Skito SIM like other SIMs. Even if you have a photocopy of NID card, you can easily buy Skito SIM by verifying it by fingerprint.

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After collecting Skito SIM from the nearest Grameenphone Customer Care Center, download the Skito app on the phone and provide your Skito SIM number. After entering the number you will get a code on the phone, it will be verified automatically.

After completing the phone number verification process of the app, you need to sign-up the app. Accounts can be signed up using Facebook or Google Account. Again, the account can be opened by providing the password directly.

Then fill in the Skito profile completely and save the given information. In the Skito app you will get data offers starting from balance, and even recharge options. The Skito app is a lot like the life of a Skito SIM.

What is Skito SIM?  What are the advantages of Skitto SIM?

Price of SIM

The specific price of Skito SIM is 200 rupees. However, depending on the offer and time, the price of Skito SIM may be more or less.

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Skito SIM offer

Skito SIM’s call rate is quite easy to understand. In case of calls VAT is applicable on Skito SIM, which Skito directly acknowledges. Here is a chart of call rate of Skito SIM (in VAT)

Call Cost
Skito to skito ০.৬৭
Skito to Grameenphone ০.৬৭
Skito to any local number ০.৬৭
3G video call ০.৭৭

Most of the SKITO users use the SITO SIM by looking at the internet offers. Skito’s data packs are remarkable in terms of price and duration. Especially not to mention the promo deals with funny names. E.g.

  • Ludur Guti: 50 MB for 2 taka, valid for 3 days
  • Cut cut: 1 GB for 24 rupees, 3 days validity
  • Stealth: 3 GB for 50 rupees, 3 days validity
  • Ice water: 1 GB for 31 rupees, 7 days validity
  • Biscuit race: 1.5 GB for 36 rupees, validity 7 days
  • Bicycle race: 1 GB for 50 rupees, 30 days validity
  • Street cricket: 5 GB 30 days validity at 150 rupees
  • Rotate in the sky: 6 GBs for 30 rupees valid for 30 days
  • Test match: 25 GB for 399 rupees, validity 30 days

Skito helpline

The Skito team can be contacted for any additional information about Skito SIM. The Skito support team can be called and emailed.

👉 Skito Android App

👉 Skito iPhone App

Helpline 121 can be called from Skito SIM. Customer care support is also available by calling 01701000121. Also [email protected] Problems can be reported to the Skito team by mail to the address. You can also find out more about Skitto.com.

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