What is the PIN code and PUK code of SIM and why is it needed (details)

We often hear words like pin code, pak code, etc. However, many mobile users have no idea what these things are actually used for. However, pin code and Pak code is a very important feature of mobile, which everyone should know about.

Let’s find out in detail about how pin code and pak code work, what can be useful for you.


The Personal Identification Number, abbreviated as PIN, is a 4 digit code (may be more). A PIN code is provided with the SIM when purchasing the SIM card. Initially there is no obligation to use the pin code. If you turn on this PIN usage feature, you will need a SIM PIN to use the SIM operator’s mobile network every time you turn on the phone after inserting the SIM into the phone.

It is important to know about the SIM card before understanding the SIM PIN well. A SIM card is basically a small chip that is used in a phone with a plastic support. Using this chip, the mobile operator identifies the phone number and provides voice and data plans. This PIN number of the SIM card ensures the security of the information contained in the SIM.

The pin code acts as the password of the SIM card in the mobile. This pin code ensures that no one else gets access to the SIM networked device without authorization. A pin code is a 4 digit code of a common number, which must be entered each time the phone is turned on. However, most phones have this feature turned off by default.

In GSM phones, the pin code is not attached to the phone, but to the SIM card. When you turn on the SIM PIN feature, you have to provide the PIN code every time you turn on the phone. And if the wrong PIN code is given three times in a row, the SIM card gets locked. This locked mobile can be opened using Pak code.

SIMs usually have two pin codes: PIN 1 and PIN 2, where PIN 1 is most needed to access the SIM. Pin 2, on the other hand, is used for some of the phone’s fixed dial, contact list features. SIM pin code can be four to eight digits.

Both the PIN code and the PUK code are provided by the SIM operator. A user can change the PIN code of the SIM, but it is not possible to change the Pak code.

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Is it necessary to use SIM’s pin code?

Each SIM card has a PIN code, but using a PIN code is not mandatory. This means that the user can use the pin code if he wants, but not again. The PIN code will ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal information contained in the SIM in case the phone is lost or stolen. So it is better to use SIM’s pin code if possible.

Is there a difference between the pin code of Android and iPhone?

The PIN code feature works on every device that supports SIM card. Android and iPhone are no exception. There is no difference in the pin code feature of both iPhone and Android smartphones. The SIM’s pin code feature works the same way on Android and iPhone.

The pin code is an additional step in the security of the phone, it was confirmed. Now let’s know what is Pak code and in what case it actually comes in handy.

SIM PIN Code and PUK Code What and Why (Details)


The Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) is used to reset the PIN code if the phone’s PIN code is forgotten or lost. If the PIN code of the SIM card is forgotten or lost, then the PIN code of the SIM card can be reset using Pak code.

Every mobile phone has a pin protection feature. If the PIN security feature is enabled, the phone needs to be unlocked by providing a 4 (or in some cases more) digit PIN code after turning on the phone, without which the phone is not connected to the mobile network. If you enter the wrong PIN code three times in a row, the SIM card gets locked.

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Pak code can be used to reset the pin code due to wrong PIN code given or forgotten. Basically you will find the Pak code in the packaging of the SIM card. If lost or forgotten, the pin code can be reset using Pak code.

In other words, if the PIN code is given three times in a row, the SIM is locked. Pak code is then used to open this lock and set new pin code. Again, if the PAC code is given incorrectly 10 times in a row, the SIM card will be permanently blocked. In such a situation, there is no other way to use the SIM number except to replace the SIM.

Pak code is a way to get rid of the problem if you forget the pin code. In other words, if you forget the pin code, it can be reset using the Pak code, but if you forget the Pak code, you can read a huge problem. So if possible, you can save the Pak code in a secret place.

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Pak Code is a weapon to rescue from SIM locked condition. If SIM is locked by giving wrong PIN three times in a row, SIM lock can be opened and PIN can be reset using Pak code. Each SIM card has these features, which ensure the security of the SIM card. Usually the Pak code can be 4 to 6 digit number, which can be used only if the phone is locked by giving wrong PIN.

The difference between PUK1 and PUK2 code

There are two codes available in SIM, one is PUK1, the other is PUK2 code. The job of these two PIN codes is to unlock two different pin codes. Here you have to use PUK1 to unlock PIN1 and PUK2 to unlock PIN2.

Failure to provide PIN1 will affect all SIM card activities. On the other hand, access to PIN1 as well as various features like phone number will be blocked if PIN2 is given incorrectly. The code PUK1 and PUK2 have to be used to reset PIN1 and PIN2 in case of forgetting or losing.

Have you used SIM pin code and Pak code? Let us know your experience in the comments!

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