What to do if the development pin is locked

In case of any work of bKash app or bKash account, typing wrong PIN three times in a row will lock bKash account which is also called bKash PIN lock. This means that if you ask for a PIN while doing something on a bKash account, if you make a mistake in providing the PIN several times in a row, the account will be temporarily locked. Basically, such measures have been taken to ensure the security of the bKash account.

Once the bKash account is locked, no bKash feature can be used. So when bKash is locked, you need to unlock bKash account to use bKash facility again. Any transaction can be done only by unlocking when the development pin is locked.

If you make a mistake three times in a row in providing PIN for any transaction in bKash account, bKash gets locked, which is not possible to use bKash normally till it is unlocked. Anyone who forgets can have their development account locked. So find out what to do if the development pin is locked. In this post you will know what to do if bKash PIN lock, details on how to unlock bKash PIN if bKash PIN is locked.

The reason for the development pin lock

The development pin is locked for only one specific reason, that is, if the development pin is entered incorrectly three times in a row. If the bKash PIN is entered incorrectly three times in a row during any transaction by dialing the app or * 246 #, the bKash account gets locked.

If you forget your bKash PIN or enter the wrong PIN three times in a row, your bKash account gets locked. This can happen if you forget the bKash PIN, again if the phone is stolen or someone rogue can give the wrong PIN by trying to withdraw money from your phone.

The account is locked if the bKash PIN is entered incorrectly three times to provide security of the money kept in the bKash account.

If you forget the development pin or if it is wrong twice then refrain from providing wrong pin again. If the PIN is wrong twice in a row, stop immediately and reset the development pin. Or try to remember. If you want you can reset the PIN by dialing * 246 #.
To reset the PIN of your Active Development account, dial * 246 # and type 9 and send.

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Then select the photo ID number, year of birth and type of outgoing transaction used during bKash account registration and enter the amount. If you have not done any outgoing transaction then write ৭ and send. If your information is correct, you will get a temporary PIN through message.

Within 72 hours of receiving the temporary PIN, dial * 246 # or set the PIN from the bKash app. In this case, you need to set a random 5 PIN that has not been used the last 3 times and does not start with “0”. 3 Rules for resetting if you forget the development pin

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Rules for unlocking development pins

Now let’s find out how to unlock the development pin if it is locked. Once the bKash PIN is locked, you can easily unlock the locked bKash account by following the steps below.

Once the bKash account is locked, the PIN can be unlocked in multiple ways. First BKash customer care number Call. After calling that number, contact the bKash customer agent and let them know that your bKash PIN is locked.

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Note that the bKash account number, that is, the phone number Development account Locked, you have to call bKash Customer Care from that number. After informing the development customer care agent that National ID card Opened bKash account with, his information will be asked.

If you can provide the requested information properly, then the bKash PIN will be unlocked and bKash will have to give. BKash account security To protect you will be asked for your latest transaction, account balance etc. If you provide the requested information correctly, you will get the option to set a new PIN from the bKash app or bKash menu. Then you develop the feature again Development offer You can use from the account.

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Note that if you do not know or forget any of the information asked, do not remember it. There is no need to tell a lie or a mistake if you do not know.

In addition to the bKash customer care number, you can also unlock the bKash PIN from the nearest agent or bKash customer care center. Before going to these places, do not forget to take the National ID Card (NID Card) and the number with which you have opened the bKash account.

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