What to do if you forget the CIN account PIN

Forgot Cash Account PIN? No worries. Very easily sitting at home on its own Cash account You can reset the PIN. Cash account PIN can be easily reset by dialing * 16 # or using cash app.

Let us know the details about the rules for resetting cash account PIN in case of forgetting cash account PIN.

Cash PIN reset by dialing * 167 #

Cash account PIN can be reset by dialing cash USSD code * 16 #. If you have forgotten the Cash Account PIN, use this menu to reset Cash PIN:

  • Dial * 167 #
  • Reply by typing “8” to reset the cash PIN
  • Then reply by typing “1” to make sure the PIN is forgotten
  • Then reply by entering the NID number of the NID card that you opened the cash account using NID card.
  • Then write and reply the date of birth that you gave while opening the cash account
  • Select YES if you have transacted in that cash account in last 90 days and NO if not.
  • If you have made a transaction, select the type of any one of the last 10 transactions.
  • Enter the amount of the transaction and reply
  • All the information provided will be sent via SMS to a temporary pin code which can be used to reset cash PIN by entering * 167 #

To change or reset the PIN of a cash account, you need to use the Pin Reset option in the Cash USSD menu.

If you forget the CIN account PIN, first collect the temporary PIN code as mentioned above. Then to reset the cash pin

  • Enter the cash menu by dialing * 167 #
  • To enter the PIN reset menu, type “8” and reply
  • Then type “2” to reset the PIN and reply
  • Provide the temporary pin code received via SMS
  • Then provide your new cash PIN
  • Return the new PIN to confirm the PIN reset

If you follow the mentioned rules correctly, you can easily reset the PIN if you forget your cash account PIN.

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Reset PIN from Cash app

Cash’s PIN can be reset quite easily from the Cash app. If you forget the cash PIN using the app, you have to verify your identity by calling the cash helpline number to reset. To reset cash PIN from Cash app:

  • Log in to the Cash app
  • “Forgot PIN Number?” Tap on Options
  • Confirm your identity by calling Cash Helpline 16167 or 09609616167
  • You will receive an 8-digit OTP code via SMS, enter it in the cash app and tap on “Verify”
  • Provide a new four digit PIN
  • Tap Submit to complete the cash pin reset process

If you forget the PIN of the cash account by following the mentioned rules correctly, you can easily reset the PIN of the cash account using the app.

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Terms of Cash Pin Reset

What to do if you forget the CIN account PIN
  • If you forget the cash PIN, you can manually reset the PIN using the app or USSD code.
  • In order to reset the PIN, you need to provide the information provided while creating the account
  • In case of self reset pin resin can be tried up to 5 times maximum
  • If you fail to reset the PIN successfully after 5 consecutive attempts, you will not be able to reset the PIN for 4 hours.
  • Only Customer Care Agents can reset cash PIN with PIN reset option locked
  • Used for last 90 days transaction history verification

Have you ever forgotten the cash account PIN? How did you reset? You can share in the comments.

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