What to do to protect the phone from overheating

Phone heating is a daily occurrence. However, if the phone is too hot, it can cause mishap. In this post you will know the reasons for overheating of phone. Learn more about what to do to protect your phone from overheating.

Causes of phone overheating

The temperature inside the phone depends on the usage of the phone and the ambient temperature. Excessive battery drain, slow, force shutdown, etc. can cause problems due to overheating of the phone. While this may sound ridiculous, it can also make it seem as if the phone’s CPU is melting due to overheating.

If the phone shuts down due to overheating, the phone may not turn on. However, any phone can be overheated for various reasons besides battery or temperature. If you leave too many apps in the background, you could be the victim of a deadly battery drain. Not just the battery drain, the innumerable apps left in the background for a long time can be the main culprit behind the overheating of the phone.

Prolonged use of the phone can also cause the phone to overheat. It is normal for the phone to get hot as the battery of the phone is used more than usual due to the constant use of the phone.

Keeping the phone charged after the phone is 100% charged can also be another reason behind the smartphone getting overheated. However, due to the safe charging technology in the current smartphones, the power transfer is stopped after the phone is fully charged.

The phone may overheat or overheat for one or more of the reasons mentioned. Here’s how to protect your favorite smartphone from overheating.

What to do to protect the phone from overheating

You can take various steps to protect your phone from overheating. Even if your phone is not overheated, you can still know these things to avoid the problem of overheating the phone.

Optimize screen brightness

Although the peak brightness of the phone has now become a selling feature of the phone, the brightness of the phone should not be kept full without the need. If the brightness of the phone is always maxed out, the phone may overheat, which can lead to battery drain. This means that always keeping the brightness of the phone high can cause the phone to overheat.

Do not keep the brightness of the phone unnecessarily. You can increase or decrease the brightness of the phone as required from the Quick Settings panel. It is better to turn on the “Auto Brightness” feature which automatically adjusts the brightness of the phone based on the lighting of the surroundings.

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Close or uninstall unused apps

If your phone is unused and hot, there are several reasons for this, such as extra background processes, spy apps, heavy bandwidth usage, and so on. However, clearing the unused app from the task manager can also prevent the phone from overheating. You can uninstall unused apps unless absolutely necessary.

If there is not enough RAM in the phone, leaving unused and unnecessary apps in the background, the phone overheats while running active apps. So clear the apps in the background from the task manager when not in use.

You can easily clear unused apps from Task Manager by opening the recent app menu of the phone and tapping the cross (X) button. You can also close each app separately by swiping. In addition to closing unused apps, it is best to uninstall unnecessary and unused apps on the phone.

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Reduce heavy gaming

Gaming currently plays an important role in buying new smartphones. Even with extra features Gaming phone He is in the market. However, no matter what phone gaming is done, it is normal for the phone to get hot after playing games for a long time.

Nowadays most of the mobile games are made with high graphics so these need to get quite high. Since both CPU and GPU are used when playing games like Free Fire, Pubji, etc., playing games for a long time can cause the phone to get hot.

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This means that if you have been playing graphics-intensive games like Pubji, Call of Duty for a long time, it is normal for your phone to get hot. This doesn’t mean that you can’t play games on your phone at all or that you have to stop gaming altogether. You can pause between gaming sessions to reduce the pressure on the phone. Note that the temperature around the phone while playing games also affects the temperature of the phone.

Properly charge the phone

It is normal for the phone to overheat while charging. However, if the phone is too hot during charging, you have to understand that there is a problem.

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Always use the high-quality charger that comes with the phone’s box to ensure that no untoward incidents occur while charging the phone. If you lose this original charger, get a branded charger. Also, it is better to keep the temperature of the room under control in the room where you are charging.

Note that any faults in the charger can cause both the phone and the charger to overheat. When faced with such a situation, take the help of an experienced technician without taking any risk.

Check the battery

But also due to faulty hardware, a smartphone is likely to overheat. The battery can also be responsible for overheating a phone. If the background of the phone is overheated while using or not using, then it must be understood that there is something wrong with the battery of the phone.

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If you realize that the back of the phone is getting hot most of the time, it is best to replace the battery with the help of an experienced technician. Damaged or defective batteries can cause a variety of problems, so this should not be ignored.

Keep apps and systems updated

Apps and systems installed on phones have a variety of problems that app and smartphone makers solve by keeping them updated. Bugs or erroneous apps or problematic system software can also be responsible for overheating the phone. So do not hesitate to update the apps and phone system.

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Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures

If you prefer to take pictures under direct sunlight, you may have already noticed the extra temperature of the phone. Since the sun provides a warm glow and almost all the hardware is active when using the smartphone’s camera, the phone overheats when taking pictures in the sunlight.

Direct sunlight can be one of the reasons for phone overheating. For this reason, if the phone gets too hot, refrain from using or charging the phone. Also try to keep the phone in a relatively cool place, this will keep the temperature of the phone in good condition.

In this post we have learned about the causes of overheating of the phone as well as its solution. However, if you find that your phone gets too hot after following all the above mentioned solutions, it is better to go to the phone service center for professional assistance.

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