What you need to know about bKash and Citibank loans

Launched Loan from development Opportunity to take. Eligible users can easily access Citibank through bKash app Development loan You can apply for it. Bangladesh has entered the era of digital loans with this small lending system of bKash and Citibank.

Let us know the details about Bikash and Citibank loan. In this post you will know:

  • Who is giving this loan?
  • How much is the loan amount?
  • Advantages of development loan
  • What is the interest rate of the loan?
  • How long does it take to repay the loan?
  • Can the installment be paid before the stipulated time?
  • Profit if you repay the loan before the due date
  • Users who get development loan
  • Why don’t you get bKash loan even after using bKash for a long time
  • What to do to get a loan from bKash?

Who is giving this loan?

Citibank and bKash are jointly providing this loan. Bikash has launched this digital small system with the help of Citibank. Citibank is providing loan without collateral. And this loan is being given through development. Using only bKash account, no Bank account Appropriate development users can easily take a loan without. The facility will be officially launched on 15 December 2021 after its pilot start in 2020 Is turned on

What is the amount of this development loan of Citibank?

There are limitations in taking a loan from bKash. That means only a certain amount of money can be taken as a loan. A user can take this digital nano loan from a minimum of Rs 500 to a maximum of Rs 20,000. This money taken as loan will be added to the balance of bKash account.

If a customer wants, he can send money or cash out this money. This means that a bKash loan recipient will have the full opportunity to use the money obtained through bKash like a normal bKash balance. Note that a customer can take only one loan at a time.

Why take a development loan?

Using the development app Digital nano loan Available instantly. No separate paperwork or banking fee is required to get this loan. Citibank does not require any bank account or security to get this loan. Bangladesh has taken a step forward on the path of digital microfinance with this service of bKash and Citibank.

Nominees and zamindars do not need to take loans in Gramegonj again. Appropriate bKash users in remote areas can take loan directly from bKash app. Customers will also benefit from the development loan repayment as there is no high interest rate.

What is the interest rate of the loan?

The loan provided by bKash is provided by Citibank, and the annual interest rate of 9% will be applicable for this digital loan in accordance with the rules prescribed by Bangladesh Bank. This interest rate will be applicable on daily basis. You will see loan installment and interest calculation in bKash app. So there is no need to worry too much about it.

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How long does it take to repay the loan?

The loan received in this loan system of Citibank and Bikash has to be repaid within 3 months of receiving the loan. Development account There is a facility to repay the loan in auto-installment from the balance. That is, if you have a balance in your bKash account, bKash will automatically deduct the loan installment.

Can I pay in installments before the due date?

Yes, you can pay the installment before the due date if you want.

Will I get any benefit if I repay the loan before the due date?

After taking the loan, the loan can be repaid before the specified time. And if you repay the loan before the specified time, the users will get the benefit of lower interest rate. This means that if you pay the loan installment before the due date, the interest amount will be less, so you will have to pay relatively less interest.

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What happens if I don’t repay the loan within the stipulated time?

It is very important to repay any loan on time. Because if you take a loan from any bank using your NID card information, that information will be stored in the server of Bangladesh Bank. This creates your credit rating. If you do not have a good credit rating, you will have trouble getting a loan later. Even if yours Credit card Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

So if you fail to repay this loan with Citibank on time then your credit rating may be damaged and in that case there may be problem in getting loan in future. At the same time, Bikash and Citibank will have to pay the delay fee.

If you do not have the required amount of money to pay the loan installment to your bKash account on the due date, or if you do not pay the installment before that due date, the delay fee will be applicable. The rate of this delay fee will be applicable at the rate of 2% per annum on the loan amount.

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Who will get this digital loan?

Certain customers will get the benefit of this loan provided through the development provided by Citibank. You can find out if a user gets a loan by entering the loan section of the bKash app.

Loan service is now available for a limited number of customers. To increase the chances of getting a loan in your bKash account, keep the account active and make regular transactions with the account. However, overuse of the account does not always guarantee a loan. That means only certain customers will get loan from Bikash.

Information you need to know about bKash and Citibank loans

I have been using bKash app for a long time, why don’t you give me a loan?

Many users have complained that their development app shows that they will not get this loan. First of all, Citibank and the bKash authority will decide whether a bKash customer will get this digital loan. Here the customers actually have nothing to say.

On the other hand, a report in Prothom Alo newspaper says that the development authorities are theirs Reported “Only those who are using bKash apps and do various transactions regularly are getting priority in getting loans. As a result, those who have become customers in the conventional way with national identity card, are not getting loan now. Besides, those who are not using apps will not get loan. ”

According to the report of the newspaper, those who have opened an account with bKash app will get priority for loan for the time being. Below are screenshots of some parts of that first light report.

bkash prothom alo report 1
The first light Report Partial screenshot from

But opening an account with the app means that you will get a loan is also uncertain. However, in order to get a bKash loan, a user must use bKash app.

You can easily open a bKash account at home using bKash app. In that case the information contained in the National ID Card (NID) is provided. If you use more and more development apps Development Rewards Available.

Prothom Alo further said that the authorities of bKash and Citibank will work to bring suitable customers under the loan from those who are not getting this digital loan from Citibank at present. Below are screenshots of some parts of that first light report.

bkash prothom alo report 1 2
The first light Report Partial screenshot from

In other words, if your bKash account has been opened by going to the agent in the old way, then you may not get digital loan now. However, in the future, bKash and Citibank will make arrangements to give this loan to eligible customers who have registered manually like you. That’s why they’re working, at least that’s what Prothom Alo’s report says. To learn more Development helpline You can talk or chat live.

What to do to get a loan from bKash?

From the above discussion we have already got a comprehensive idea about who will get the development loan. This digital loan will be available only to bKash and bKash customers selected by Citibank. However, opening / updating bKash account using e-KYC can increase the number of suitable customers. In addition, if you want to get a development loan, you must have a certain amount of regular transactions in the account. However, Bikash did not officially say anything about that.

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